What You Need to Know About Dog Door Installation in Midwest Collin County

An interior view of a black flap installed as a pet door at the bottom of a door in a residential entryway.
If you have a pet, naturally, you want to give your furry friend the best quality of life possible. You likely have a collection of Spot or Jellybean's favorite toys and treats; you buy only the healthiest pet food and spend every free moment you can cuddling and walking your four-legged friends. But have you updated your home in Midwest Collin County with dog door installation service?

Naturally, you can't be home all the time or devote every moment of the day to your pet (as much as you may want to). So wouldn't it be nice if there was a way Camilla could let herself out when she needed to?

There is! At Mr. Handyman of Midwest Collin County, we're pros at putting together all types of doors for installation, including dog door installation. Access to the outdoors is a huge quality of life booster for both cats and dogs. When you're not home, your furry friend can let themselves out to do their business, prowl through your property or simply be able to enjoy a beautiful day in the yard.

Even when you're home, installing a pet entrance has major benefits. Say you work from home, for instance. A pet entrance ensures your furry friend can do their business and be preoccupied while you're attending Zoom meetings. Or, even if you have your hands full helping children with homework and cooking dinner, you can ensure Spot or Mr. Fluffy don't have their needs neglected.

We will add the paw-fectly sized entrance to your porch so all your creatures, great and small, can enjoy time spent outside. If you think dog door installation sounds perfect for you and your pet, then you've come to the right place. Our Midwest Collin County handyman experts will help you choose and install the ideal dog door. To help you narrow down your options and learn more about what dog door installation entails, we've put together the following blog.

1. Spoiled for Choice

Pet doors have come a long way over the years. Gone are the days when a traditional rectangle hole cut-out with a plastic flap was the only option available. Now they are available in a wide range of sizes and colors in Midwest Collin County. And, different models offer different benefits. For instance, you could invest in:

  • Wall-entry models that can be installed in an exterior wall rather than an exterior door
  • Interior models that connect to different rooms
  • Lightweight, inexpensive entryways that install in screen doors
  • Units that fit into an open window (perfect for your feline friends!)
  • Energy efficient models that reduce drafts and are insulating
  • Designs made for installation in sliding glass doors
  • Secure models that only open if your four-legged friend is wearing a microchipped collar

2. Think About What Size You Need

A common dog door installation issue we encounter is when homeowners in Midwest Collin County buy the wrong-sized frame. Whether you're browsing online or shopping in-store, it can be hard to judge the size of your car or dog. Often, pet parents will guess the size they need and wind up with a frame that is far too big or too small. This usually means the pet can't successfully use the entrance, and you've put a hole in your entrance and spent money for nothing. To avoid buyers regret, follow these tips:

  • If your pet isn't fully grown, research the maximum size they will eventually be. Yes, you might only need a small entryway now, but your Labradoodle will likely need a medium-size dog door once fully grown. This logic also follows for kittens compared to adult cats.
  • Take measurements of your little critter to know how much space they really need. It's important to measure both width and height. If you have multiple pets, the frame needs to accommodate all of them.

Pro Tip:

If your pets are strikingly different in size, for example, you have a Chihuahua and a Shepherd; you might need two different sized frames. The little Chihuahua will not be able to push open a heavy model made for a larger animal.

3. Adjustment Period

Your furry friend will likely not inherently know how to use their new entrance. They may need a little encouragement before they start using the entrance regularly. If you've noticed Rufus isn't using it as much as you thought he would, try these tips:

  • If your cat or dog is small enough, gently pass them to a friend or family member through the hole so they understand what it does
  • Have a loved one stand outside and call your pet; once they get through, reward them with a treat
  • Be patient, as it might take a while for your pet to get used to the entrance

4. Understand the Potential Drawbacks

Dog door installation in Midwest Collin County has many benefits. It gives you peace of mind while you're away because your cat or dog can get out on their own; it reduces the risk of accidents and increases their quality of life, but you should know the possible disadvantages before investing in this project.

  • Toddlers and small children might crawl through medium to large holes
  • If it's mucky out, your feline or canine friend might track in dirt, mud and other debris before you have a chance to clean them off
  • Your front or porch entryway's warranty will be voided if you install a pet door
  • Large holes could cause problems; your house's exterior will be vulnerable to intruders and other animals like raccoons

Have Questions About Dog Door Installation in Midwest Collin County? We Have Answers!

If you still have a few questions about our dog door installation services in Midwest Collin County, keep scrolling to see if we answer them below. If you'd prefer to talk to someone, you're welcome to give our friendly customer service representatives a call. We love talking to our clients throughout Midwest Collin County and providing the outstanding service our Mr. Handyman location is known for!

Are Dog Doors Safe for My Pet?

Absolutely! As long as the entrance is the right size for your furry friends, it's completely safe for both cats and dogs to use. However, if the hole isn't the right size, then there is a chance your pet could get hurt. Dogs can injure themselves by trying to squeeze through too-small doors. It's possible they might even get stuck. While cats can usually squeeze into even the tightest spaces, it would still be uncomfortable for your feline friend to have to squeeze through an uncomfortably small opening. That's why it's so important to measure your pet properly and do your research if they are still growing.

Do Burglars Use Dog Doors in Midwest Collin County?

It's not common for burglars to use dog doors in Midwest Collin County—especially if the door is much smaller than an adult human. However, it is possible. If you have a very large dog, like a Great Dane, a small person could slip into your home through the pet entrance. However, what's more likely is your toddler, neighbor's puppy or a raccoon would be tempted to use the entrance.

However, your home should always have maximum security to give you the ultimate peace of mind, which is why there are pet doors that use technology to keep your home safe and secure. For instance, some models have microchips that lock automatically after your pet has entered or exited your home. Your pet wears a small chip on their collar that opens the entry when they get close to it.

If you're worried about burglars getting into your home while both you and your pet are gone—such as while taking Sparky on a walk—then you can always purchase a cover that fits over the door. The cover goes on the entrance's exterior and prevents anything—or anyone—from getting in or out.

Will Dog Door Installation Increase My Energy Bill?

Granted, most Midwest Collin County homeowners know that gaps and improperly sealed areas—particularly around windows and doors—can negatively impact your home's energy efficiency. In particular, drafts for your HVAC system will work too hard to keep your home at a comfortable temperature, which will increase your energy costs. This is why proper caulking is so important.

So, you may be wondering if a dog door, which usually isn't sealed, will negatively affect your home's energy efficiency. If this is a top concern, there are energy efficient pet doors available that offer protection against drafts. Some of these models use magnets to hold the flap closed, whereas others use double flaps as insulation. The aforementioned microchip designs are also energy efficient.

Will Dog Door Installation Decrease My Home Value in Midwest Collin County?

It's possible that not every homeowner in Midwest Collin County will be interested in having a dog door installed on their property. However, for others, this may be a bonus. Besides, this can actually be beneficial if you need door replacement to get rid of the hole, this can actually be beneficial. New doors are key selling points and boost curb appeal—helping prospective buyers form a positive opinion of your home.

It's important to note that any fire-rated entries, such as that between the garage and inside of your home, will likely need to be replaced if there is a pet entry as this is a safety issue.

Can You Install a Dog Door in My Siding?

Yes, we can. In fact, some homeowners prefer to give Bojangles his own entrance in an exterior wall instead of a door. These entrances can even be installed in a brick wall—although this project requires special tools and a mason.

It should also be noted that installing an entrance for your pet on the side of your house requires expertise to avoid damaging electrical work or plumbing. Thus, it's best to always hire a qualified handyman for any work that involves cutting open your walls.

Can You Repair Pet-Related Damage?

Of course we can! Pets, especially dogs, love to chew on all kinds of things—including furniture, baseboards, stair treads, door frames, window sills and curtains. When you need help repairing damaged stairs or baseboards, installing new curtains or assembling furniture, our helpful Midwest Collin County handyman team is happy to help.

Can You Install a Cat Flap Indoors?

Certainly! In fact, adding cat flaps to interior entrances is a great way to enable your feline friend to get around without needing to rely on you to open and close doors at all hours of the day—or night. Waking up to hearing your cat meowing at the top of their little lungs to be let out of the bedroom, for instance, can really disturb your sleep. Plus, indoor cat entrances help promote independence—which can be important if you have a cat that likes to march to the beat of their own drum.

Can I DIY Dog Door Installation in Midwest Collin County?

While there are pet door kits that you're able to purchase for DIY installation, you may want to think twice about tackling this project on your own. For starters, you will need certain tools to complete the job—namely a handsaw and drill—to which not all homeowners have access. Buying these tools for one job doesn't make a lot of sense. Secondly, this seemingly simple task isn't something you want to mess up. If you're not confident in your DIY abilities, we suggest hiring a pro handyman to take care of the job for you.

Hire the Experts at Mr. Handyman of Midwest Collin County for Dog Door Installation!

Are you ready to hire the pros at Mr. Handyman of Midwest Collin County for your next pet door installation project? Help your four-legged friend have the freedom they need, and make your own life a little easier in the process with the help of our expert team. Not only do each of our service technicians possess years of home improvement experience, but we're animal lovers too. The same excellent customer service we provide to clients throughout Altoga and Denison, we'll also show to you.

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