McKinney Awning Repair

Retractable awnings are a nice touch to provide shade to a patio, deck or outdoor space for afternoon siestas and evening dinners, whether on a house or an RV. They give you the option to decide if you want shade or sun with the simple push of a button—in theory. If your retractable awning is in rough shape or has a damaged component that requires McKinney awning repair, it may be stuck in a closed or open position, and that’s certainly a lot less convenient and desirable.

Whether you have a retractable house or RV awning that no longer retracts or there’s some other problem like ripped fabric that requires awning repair, rely on an experienced McKinney handyman to get it fixed up. The team at Mr. Handyman of Midwest Collin County has the skill and expertise to get your current awning back in like-new condition.

Our Reliable McKinney Awning Repair Services

Many people assume that if there’s a problem with their awning, the whole thing needs to be tossed out and replaced, but that’s often not the case. In most situations, our expert team of handyman professionals can repair or replace individual components to get them back in excellent working condition, and typically repairs are a lot more cost-effective than a total replacement. Some of the most common repairs our team can handle are:

  • Awning Fabric Replacement or Repair: Regardless of what it’s made of, awning material is somewhat vulnerable to rips, tears and holes from factors like falling tree branches, wildlife attacks, flying pebbles or accidental impacts. Sometimes the problem can be rectified with fabric repair tape or even a few stitches to close up a small rip, but if the damage is large or there are multiple issues across the entire awning, your handyman will likely choose to replace the fabric so there won’t be unsightly spots or weak points.
  • Sensor Repair: Motorized retractable awnings have electric sensors that can become damaged and fail to do their job properly, leaving you with an awning that is stuck open, closed or halfway between. The sensors themselves may need recalibration or to be removed and reinstalled, or your McKinney handyman may need to replace them to restore function to the mechanism.
  • Clogged or Warped Tracks: Retractable awning arms usually run along a track at the outer edge of the awning, and being outdoors, that track is susceptible to being clogged with dirt or other debris that can interfere with the function of the arms and prevent the awning from making it all the way out. If that’s the case, the track may just need cleaning. But if it’s warped or broken, it should be replaced.
  • Motor Replacement: As the name suggests, motorized awnings are powered by small motors—and like any other type of motor, they can deteriorate or suffer damage that requires McKinney awning repair. The movement of the awning might be jerky, or it may not move at all. Sometimes a certain part of the motor can be tweaked or replaced to get it back in good shape, though it’s often less costly and time-consuming to replace the motor entirely.

Choose Mr. Handyman for Experienced Awning Repair in McKinney, TX

Are you looking for capable, experienced McKinney awning repair combined with exceptional customer service? That’s exactly what you get when you call the trusted team at Mr. Handyman of Midwest Collin County. Every service technician has passed their background checks and drug screens, bringing an average of ten years of extensive experience in the home service sector.

Our team shows up on time for your scheduled appointment, investigates the problem and gets it repaired in no time. This way, you can have peace of mind knowing we’ve provided a long-lasting solution. Need more exterior maintenance and repair besides awning repair in McKinney? No problem—count on us to also tackle gutter repairfence installation, and pressure washing services!

Frequently Asked Questions About McKinney Awning Repair

What Are the Benefits of McKinney Awning Repair?

Homeowners don’t always see the point of awning repair—as long as it sort of works or is at least stuck in a preferred position; it’s not always considered a problem that’s worthy of being addressed. But there are actually some big advantages to skilled McKinney awning repair, including:

  • Restores and enhances the curb appeal of your home
  • Reduces the risk of UV exposure for both your household members and your furniture
  • May improve the energy efficiency of your home

Can an Awning Really Improve Energy Efficiency?

Potentially, yes. Whether it actually makes a difference or not depends on the awning location and other factors. If you have a large awning shading an exterior wall of your house that normally gets a lot of direct sunlight, it can actually make a difference. The awning keeps the sun from directly beating down on the wall of your house all day long, which means there won’t be as much heat transfer taking place. When heat from the sun transfers into your house, it compromises the efforts of your air conditioner by raising the temperature indoors and forcing your AC to operate for longer periods of time to make up for it.

That extra operation time naturally causes the air conditioner to need a lot more energy than it would otherwise, and that extra energy consumption is reflected on your utility bill. It may seem surprising that a simple awning could help with that, but it can help to increase your energy savings under the right circumstances.

Do You Repair Vinyl Awnings?

Yes, we do! Regardless of the type of material your awning is made out of, from vinyl sheeting to simple cotton canvas, our experienced handyman team can deliver the right McKinney awning repair strategy to get it back in great shape and restore your shady place to relax outdoors.

When You Need McKinney Awning Repair, Turn to the Experts at Mr. Handyman!

Are you searching high and low for the right service professional to deal with patio awning repair? McKinney residents and those in nearby communities such as Blue RidgeLucas and Allen can rely on the professional service team at Mr. Handyman of Midwest Collin County. Contact our friendly customer service representatives today to find out more! With quality service, we strive for customer satisfaction every time, whether you’re a residential property owner or a business owner.

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