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McKinney, TX is not graded with an A+ for no reason. Deemed one of the best places to raise a family in Texas, locals enjoy a dense suburban vibe with close access to parks, amenities, and schools. At least 70 percent of McKinney’s residents happily own their homes and probably have more than enough work on their plates. Although busy routines mark a healthy household dynamic, a lot of necessary home maintenance work falls through the cracks. When this happens, your home’s curb appeal, stability, and safety can all be compromised.

Certain home maintenance warning signs tend to go unnoticed, especially when you have other priorities. It could be a crack in your door frame or squeaky stairs that connect to your deck. Or maybe your fence is leaning or there are noticeable gaps and holes in your fencing to jeopardize your privacy and safety. In any event, you don’t have to fix everything by yourself! For example, if you’re looking for professional fence repair in McKinney, TX, then you’ll surely find helping hands—such as, yours truly, i.e., the reputable professionals of Mr. Handyman.

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Most wood materials require regular maintenance to stay in shape, whether it’s pressure washing, sanding, or resealing. The same applies to your fencing system. You probably built your fence to mark your property and to protect your pets from running away. They also offer safety and privacy—along with potential curb appeal. While interior wood materials may be more sensitive, exterior ones are exposed to the elements and require appropriate surface protection. Over time, that coating wears off and needs to be cleaned and resealed. Trust your local McKinney handyman at Mr. Handyman of Midwest Collin County to take over that long-awaited fence repair. McKinney, TX service providers will work their way through your seasonal maintenance, so you can save valuable time and effort. Our expert handyman team is fully trained, bonded, and insured, bringing a high level of expertise to get the job done efficiently.

Types of Fences We Repair

Choosing your ideal fence type and material is crucial if you have high expectations of its functions. You might encounter some properties that have outdated systems or terrible damage where fence sections are either leaning or already consumed by rot. They are standing at present—but not for much longer. While such sad cases are likely beyond repair, we don’t want your wood fence to ever reach that stage, nor do we want your wrought iron fencing to rust from the inside out. Since preventive maintenance is our top priority, Mr. Handyman is dedicated to efficient and professional fence repair McKinney, TX homeowners will be proud of. Excellent service is just around the corner! And for now, we invite you to read about the common types of fence materials we work with to help you make an informed decision for your fence project.

Cedar Wood

As a natural wood choice, cedar material is very popular for outdoor spaces, from decks to fences. As a type of softwood, cedar fences are unique and resilient, naturally moisture-resistant, and an ideal bug repellent. It’s also biodegradable and great for our environment. Since Western Texas grows a bunch of cedar, it’s very convenient to source the material.

When first installed, cedar emits a natural, aromatic wood smell that takes people straight to the forest. Although resilient to moisture, our McKinney fence repair technician still recommends sealing it to get more out of your cedar fence. Otherwise, the colors will fade early, and the deterioration process will catch up. Unsealed cedar can last up to 15 years, whereas sealed could make it up to 25.

Pro Tip: Texas is known to have high humidity levels in summer during which it’s uncomfortable indoors and outdoors. Taking your materials into consideration, your cedar should not be installed in soil that is exposed to a lot of moisture. This could lead the protective paint or sealant to wear off sooner.

McKinney is known to have clay soil, which can experience moisture fluctuation. Many McKinney fence repair requests are based on soil issues compromising their fence system. Therefore, we recommend installing cedar fences on a concrete base for increased stability and longevity.

Pinewood (Pressure-treated)

As an alternative to cedar, pine is another softwood material suited for fence installation, but at a cheaper price. Texas has over seven pine species, so it’s easy to take your pick. Generally, pine fences are more resilient to high humidity and resistant to wet soil, unlike cedar. The reason for that is that pine wood needs to be pressure-treated. It’s what you will conveniently find in your local hardware store.

Since pressure-treated means injecting the timber with preservatives and chemicals to make it resilient to the elements, some homeowners prefer to steer clear and opt for something natural. That said, pressure-treated is still highly preferred by those who want low maintenance. Treated pine may not look as natural, but when maintained well, it can last up to 25 years. Especially knowing McKinney’s soil type, you want something as weather-resistant and durable as possible to save yourself work you don’t have time for. Besides, you won’t have to worry too much about fence repair. McKinney, TX homeowners typically hire their local handyman for some pressure-washing and repainting—which is better than structural repairs and new fence installation on account of improper maintenance.


While property owners love having natural materials on their properties, they may not like the idea of maintaining them regularly. When you put away a retrospective budget for annual home maintenance, you want to keep it to a minimum wherever possible because you’ll never know if any unexpected emergencies will arise. To get more peace of mind, some McKinney homeowners have opted for composite material for their fence system. It’s referred to as synthetic wood because it contains natural wood fibers and plastic film combined with bonding agents. Thanks to its strong and primarily synthetic core, the surface area mimics real timber. The surface also has built-in UV inhibitors and basically protects from all sorts of weather conditions.

The only downside is that composite materials are expensive. Our McKinney fence repair professionals recommend that you research your composite fence thoroughly and compare rates. Anything that strikes you as cheap may not be high-quality and probably doesn’t come from a trusted source. Learn more about composite by calling Mr. Handyman and asking us what to do in order to avoid needing a future fence repair. McKinney, TX property owners who are “on the fence” between real timber and synthetic materials can easily weigh out the pros and cons with our expert McKinney fence repair and installation team.

Wrought Iron

Wrought iron fencing is more common in public settings and can typically express a traditional, sometimes even institutional, vibe. The most essential components include the horizontal and vertical parts that make up the whole structure. However, the most eye-catching features are usually the vertical spires that contribute to the fence post system.

Wrought iron fencing is probably the most durable and long-lasting, although it does not always provide you with the preferred privacy and safety like wood panels (and it may not always match the style of your neighborhood and assist with curb appeal). Metal is not indestructible and can suffer from rust if not maintained. The key is to keep it free from dirt and grime, and, ideally, high moisture levels. If you are partial to wrought iron fencing materials but don't want to deal with annoying or complex fence repairs, McKinney, TX service technicians are happy to help you maintain them with rust-inhibiting primer. We’ll also brush and sand off small rust spots, so they won’t get worse.

When Do I Need Professional Fence Repair in McKinney, TX?

We might have already alluded to the warning signs by explaining the materials’ characteristics, but it requires a different approach and perspective when you inspect exterior materials for damage. Your wood fence might appear fine at first glance until you look closely.

Some common issues our McKinney fence repair team deals with include:


Unless your current fence was poorly installed, it’s likely that the soil is causing problems to your system. If your plants look overwatered and are dying, then this may indicate that the soil is too wet. Depending on where you live, this may mean that your entire fence may be at risk of instability issues caused by the soil.

That said, McKinney, TX gets 40 inches of rain on average every year. While it rains the most in May, unexpected thunderstorms and torrential rains can happen throughout the summer, accompanied by strong winds. Harsh weather conditions affect your soil, and therefore, have a huge impact on materials on your property.

When hiring our expert team for professional fence repair, in McKinney, TX homeowners can rest assured that we will check for soil erosion and help you take appropriate measures such as erosion and sediment control.

Wood Rot:

All types of timber are in danger of wood rot, even more so in a humid climate like McKinney, TX where the moisture levels are above 50 percent during the wet season. Although cedar is fairly moisture-resistant, fence posts can rot in wet clay soil, especially when not sealed. Check your wood panels for isolated discoloration or softened texture and do the screwdriver test by poking into the affected area to see if it breaks through. If you detect rotted wood at the right time, your McKinney fence repair technician will help you determine the condition of the other panels. Chances are we can save the whole system by replacing a couple of boards and by resealing the rest.

Termite Damage:

Sometimes, homeowners can’t tell termite damage from wood rot because both emit a moldy, musty smell. But some visual warning signs for termite damage include maze-like mud tunnels on the surface and tiny holes. The main reason you experience this issue is that these hungry insects found a way to access the wood’s interior. It could have been a crack or a hole that wasn’t sealed (or the sealant wore off). Termite droppings look like a pile of sawdust or dirt, depending on the wood type you have. They typically start swarming from February through May. For this reason, your Mr. Handyman team recommends McKinney fence repair services right after winter.

Cracks And Holes:

Anything that’s exposed to the elements requires some form of sealing to serve its functions. It’s how it is when we borrow materials from nature to manufacture something that serves our needs. Basically, that material is no longer “alive,” but needs to be preserved as much as possible. UV light can dry out wood and cause issues like fading, splintering, and cracking. When that happens, and you detect it in time, it’s important to seek out fence repair solutions with haste. McKinney, TX homeowners can count on us to carefully sand and seal the crack with wood filler.

Corroded Fasteners And Connectors:

During your fence installation, it’s crucial to use non-corrosive materials, such as high-quality ring-shank nails. It happens that corroded fasteners or nails corrode and fall out. This is when the entire steel is more prone to rust. Also, check the affected areas to see if decay might be at play.


Any type of metal fence, whether wrought iron fencing, steel, or chain link, will eventually start to rust. They are more sensitive in humid climates where exterior moisture levels are hardly bearable for people. Some people have aluminum instead as it can be easier to maintain and offer more weather resistance as long as it’s protected with the right coating. Rust is easy to detect and a minor repair should solve things. Don’t delay, call us in to restore your metal posts and chain link fencing right away. A beautiful fence is waiting to be uncovered from all of that oxidation!

Need McKinney Fence Repair Near Me? Choose The Local Pros at Mr. Handyman!

Many property owners want to keep maintenance and fence restoration to a minimum—and sadly, this is at times all too evident when you see some McKinney fences. But the good news is that help is within reach. There are professionals who specialize in fence makeovers. The courteous team at Mr. Handyman of Midwest Collin County is here to offer durable fence solutions and a variety of fence repairs to local property owners throughout Collin County and the surrounding areas, including Melissa, Lucas, and Whitewright. With our professional fence repair team, you can expect quality work paired with excellent customer service.

Whether you need to fix your rotting wood fence, a leaning metal fence post, or rusting iron fencing, or it’s simply time to spruce up your picket fence with professional pressure-washing, you can count on Mr. Handyman’s fence service to get things done right! We look forward to providing you with our reliable service!

Simply call us to speak with our friendly customer service team about your McKinney fence repair solutions and schedule a convenient appointment!

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