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Trim is the finishing touch to the interior of your home—the icing on the cake that serves a dual purpose by acting as a design feature and a way to cover flaws and gaps. Today, trim is an easy way to add elegance to a room, installed in the form of crown molding, wainscoting, and baseboards. The problem? As a stand-out feature that literally stands out from the wall, local residents often seek McKinney trim repair to fix their scratches, dents, and discoloration.

McKinney TX locals take pride in their homes, and ignoring dinged-up molding isn’t part of their character. But taking on DIY repairs can lead to further issues, whether that’s uneven sanding, shoddy touch-ups, or the wrong color of wood putty. At the end of the day, homeowners shoot for a flawless, cohesive look in their favorite spaces, something your expert McKinney handyman is more than capable of. 

Get in touch with Mr. Handyman of Midwest Collin County for efficient fixes and larger replacement jobs for your interior and exterior trim. Furthermore, we invite you to make use of our wide variety of handyman services for home maintenance and repair to give your home major curb appeal. Get in touch with our reliable customer service team by calling (214) 387-3474 to schedule an appointment.

About Our Efficient McKinney Trim Repair Services

McKinney is a flourishing suburban city with many local parks. It’s the ideal place to raise children and have pets, but homeowners know the toll they both take on their interior trim. From furniture to rogue toy trucks, molding takes a beating, chipping, cracking, and fading throughout the years. If your home has been exposed to water damage or if you notice wood rot on baseboards or molding, choosing McKinney trim repair is key to preventing further damage.

Our trusted team of technicians is highly skilled in all things trim repair. McKinney, TX residents can expect us to solve issues efficiently on their service day by using the following techniques: 

  • Refinishing: Sometimes, all it takes for your home to shine again is a quick refinishing. We’ll strip and sand your current molding before restaining, painting, or varnishing to have it look as good as new.
  • Painting: It isn’t uncommon for the paint to fade or discolor in a home—especially if your rooms receive a lot of sunlight. Whether you’re looking to repaint the same color or would like to go for something different, our expert team is here to help.
  • Filling holes, gaps, and dents: We’ll use wood putty or caulking to fill holes in your trim before sealing it. The end result is so smooth and flawless no one will ever suspect you have damage.
  • Replace the entire section: If one section of your molding has excessive damage, we’ll simply pop it off and replace it. This process takes carpentry skills and is best left to the pros. Molding is often installed in singular pieces from corner to corner or wall to wall, so it isn’t always necessary for a complete re-installation. This option is ideal for any trim affected by water damage or wood rot.

Why Choose Mr. Handyman for Trim Repair, McKinney, TX?

You might be surprised to see the difference pristine molding has on the overall appearance of your home. It’s tempting to do quick repair jobs yourself, but the truth of the matter is, when done incorrectly, or with little care, you (and your guests) will likely be staring at the flaw for years to come. Hiring our professional team won’t just solve your issue now; it will help prevent further issues from happening in the future. With us, your problem is done and dusted, handled with proper care to ensure you’re happy before we leave.

Along with McKinney trim repair, if your home is in need of additional services such as ceiling repair, when possible, we’ll handle them all on the same day to prevent your home and life from being interrupted. Proud to serve McKinney, Texas and the surrounding cities, we’re the experts you can count on for efficient, courteous service. Our passion for what we do translates to a job done right the first time. We’re so confident in what we do that we back every job with our Done Right Guarantee®.

FAQs About McKinney Trim Repair

What is Trim?

There are two types of trim: interior and exterior. The two are both used for aesthetic and practical purposes. Interior trim is there to provide an appealing look around your windows, doors, and walls while covering the gaps between your walls and your carpet. You may choose from many different styles of interior trim, including: 

  • Baseboard
  • Chair Rail
  • Panel
  • Picture Rail
  • Wainscoting
  • Picture Frame
  • Crown Molding 

Normally at the top and bottom of walls in your home, it protects your walls, can help you hang photos, and if thick enough, can even act as a shelf. The options are really endless here. As for exterior trim, this type serves a more practical purpose. Different types include:

  • Gutters
  • Soffit
  • Fascia board
  • Corner board
  • Window frames
  • J-corner and F-corner
  • Frieze boards

The materials that exterior trim is made from differ slightly from the interior, but there is some overlap when it comes to wood and engineered wood.

What is the Difference Between Trim and Molding?

Many McKinney residents consider trim and molding to be the same thing—and they’re not wrong. When we get down to brass tax, there are some important differences between the two, and we’ll suss them out here.


Trim is the material that encases your windows, doors, and built-in bookcases, but it can also be your baseboards, fascia, and even gutters. There are many different types of trim and, therefore, many different ways to repair it. Trim is a broader term than baseboards or molding, but often, one is used to describe the other. Trim material can be made from wood, plaster, PVC, and polystyrene. Wood is usually the most expensive, but it’s also the most common.


Molding refers to any kind of work performed on a mill. It doesn’t have to be made from wood, but when it comes to crown molding and baseboards, it often is. Molding is the more decorative version of trim, and often, it will have intricate detailing. Along with our McKinney trim repair, we offer crown molding repair and installation.

Should I Repair or Replace Interior Trim?

Whether you choose to repair or replace your interior molding depends on how much damage it has. Thankfully, trim comes in pieces, and replacing just one (rather than the entire frame around a door or window) is possible. If your trim only has a few dents and scratches, your McKinney handyman might recommend a quick repair. This could involve filling any dents with wood putty before sanding and staining or painting.

Due to molding’s raised nature, it is easily damaged by furniture, kids, and pets. If your dog has taken one too many chomps out of your baseboard, it’s probably a good idea to get it replaced. If you simply want to smooth out scratches, our McKinney trim repair technicians will handle it. For situations you’re unsure of, let our experienced team recommend a solution. We know what’s involved in the repair and replacement process, and based on the damage we see in our inspection, can give you a ballpark of the work involved. If we see a few of the following, we’ll most likely recommend repair:

  • Nail holes
  • Gaps and cracks
  • Cracks and dents
  • Chipped paint or wood

While any of the above issues are easy repairs, if there are multiple issues with your molding, we’ll most likely recommend replacement. Large chunks of damage, rotting wood, and numerous cracks are a sign you need a replacement.

Is Trim Worth Replacing?

If there’s one simple thing you want to do to elevate the look of your home, it’s repair or replace your trim. Baseboards take a beating from furniture just the way your window frames get damaged by blinds, curtain rods, and moisture. Whether you have dents, scratches, or faded paint, our McKinney trim repair team will make it go away in no time.

Is McKinney Trim Repair Expensive?

The final cost you pay for trim repair is based on a few different factors. While our McKinney trim repair is a straightforward service when you hire our professional crew, costs may vary by the size of the job, the difficulty of the installation, or how much damage your baseboards or moldings have sustained.

To get a quote for your home, we recommend calling our knowledgeable team or booking an inspection. Once we get a look at the work that needs to be done, we can give you an accurate estimate for the job. During our visit, we’ll walk you through the process for complete transparency and work with you to settle on the best course of action for your home.

Tired of Looking at Broken Molding? Call Mr. Handyman For Expert McKinney Trim Repair Today!

A house without trim is like a cupcake without frosting. While totally acceptable, it’s simply not the same. Trim provides the finishing touch to your rooms, lending a seamless look for carpet and covering the gaps where your walls meet the floor. Re-doing your baseboards, moldings, or window frames can make your home feel fresh again, and you’d be surprised at the power a professional paint job can have on existing moldings.

If your trim has seen better days, your local McKinney handyman can help. We back every job with our Done Right Guarantee and promise we won’t leave you unsatisfied with your service. Our skilled carpenters know the tips and tricks to make your moldings really shine, but if matte is more your thing, just tell us! No matter your design preference, our McKinney trim repair professionals work hard to ensure you’re pleased with every job. Servicing McKinney, as well as the surrounding communities of AllenWhitewright, and Melissa, call us at (214) 387-3474 to hear more about how we can assist with your next project.

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