How To Choose a Handyman Near Me in McKinney, TX

When you own a house, a new repair is always around the corner. And unless you have a great deal of skill and know-how, many of these repairs are best left with a trusted McKinney Handyman. That’s why it's wise to have the right service professional on speed dial.

But, how do I find a handyman near me in McKinney TX? That’s a great question and one that we can answer in detail. Here is how to get the job done.

How to Choose a Handyman

To choose the right handyman, you have to do a good bit of research. When doing this research, you should focus on the following steps.

Assess Experience

Now that you have your list of viable candidates, you can start searching their websites for useful information. Start by finding out how much experience each of them has. Generally speaking, handymen with more experience are a better bet than a service professional that does not yet have the expertise and experience to perform top-tier service.

Experienced service professionals have not only been exposed to a number of household problems but have also been given a chance to hone their skills in a professional setting. Not to mention, they have had more time to perfect their business processes, and are generally easier to work with.

We recommend choosing a handyman with at least two years of professional experience. This is typically enough time for the handymen to have gotten used to the job and the work that it entails.

Make Sure the Handyman Has Insurance

In the state of Texas, handymen aren't required to carry insurance. However, that doesn't mean that you should hire an uninsured handyman. In fact, you should do the exact opposite. You need to make sure that your handyman has insurance.

Why does this concern you? Because, if your handyman causes damage to your property, you want to make sure that he covers the cost without complaint or resistance. This is much more likely to happen if he has insurance, as it ensures that he doesn't have to pay substantial amounts of money out of his own pocket.

If your handyman isn't insured, and he's forced to cover the cost of damages on his own, he's going to be much more reluctant to pay those costs. You might even come to the point that you need to file a lawsuit. And considering how expensive and time-consuming lawsuits are, they're really best avoided.

Ask to see proof of general liability insurance, in particular. If the handyman has employees, ask for proof of workers' compensation insurance as well. These two insurances should protect you entirely.

Inquire About Background Checks

It’s important that you have trust and confidence in the service professional that will be entering your property. A professional should never make you feel unsafe. Ask for information about background checks and drug testing to help ensure the safety of your family and property.

Ask About Services

Not all handymen provide the same services. Whereas some are only able to complete odd jobs around the house, others provide a range of services, from tile installation to siding replacement.

When searching for your handyman, you need to make sure to ask about the services they provide. You don't want to waste your time with someone who can't complete your needed tasks.

Many handymen have websites upon which they list their services. Check these first. If they don't have websites, or if they don't list their services on their websites, you'll have to make a few calls.

Get Cost Estimates

The last thing you'll want to do is look for cost estimates. This is as simple as calling up your prospective handymen and asking them how much it will cost for the services you require. Any reputable handyman will provide you with an estimate without resistance.

If the handyman refuses to provide an estimate, you shouldn't hire him. You don't want to be hammered with a surprisingly high rate after the fact.

After you've received estimates from the handymen on your list, compare them against one another. Be wary of exceedingly low rates.

Services That a Handyman Might Provide

As noted above, handymen provide a range of services. These include:

Attic Services

Need some work done in your attic? A handyman can likely help you. Not only can handymen install attic doors and stairs, but they can add attic insulation as well.

Dealing with water leaking into your attic? The right service professional can help combat this problem, by replacing pieces of lumber and patching up holes.

Handymen could also install a ventilation fan in your attic, helping to prevent the buildup of mold and ensuring that your attic's air quality is sufficient.

Bedroom Services

Handymen can offer a variety of bedroom services as well, from painting to refinishing drywall to carpentry, and more. Whether you need to install a closet door or require assistance in assembling a bunk bed, your local service professional can handle the task.

Living Room Services

Living rooms see a lot of wear and tear. As such, they can greatly benefit from the help of a handyman. Handymen can help install and repair crown molding. They can help install baby gates. They can assemble furniture. Need assistance with painting or drywall? Again, handymen can provide the help you need.

Kitchen Services

Whether you’re looking to enhance your backsplash or need help installing or repairing cabinetry, your local handyman is the person to see. Handymen provide all sorts of kitchen-related services, from countertop installation to flooring installation to repainting as well as the services mentioned above.

It doesn't matter if you're remodeling your kitchen or are just fixing what's broken, give your handyman a call.

Bathroom Services

Need the caulk on your bathtub repaired? Need to install a new vanity? This should be easy work for the right handymen.

Handymen can provide all sorts of bathroom-related services, from flooring installation to towel rods to shower door installation and more.

Office Services

Need help with your home or commercial office? can assist you.

Whether you're looking to add trim to the bottom of each wall, need help assembling a desk or chair, would like assistance in hanging a picture or mirror, or would like to install a bookshelf, a handyman is the one to call.

Maintenance Services

Do you require maintenance or enhancements? Many enhancements can be facilitated by handymen.

For instance, perhaps you want to put a handrail next to your stairs. Or one of your steps is in need of repair?

Maybe you need help putting a new carpet down? Or perhaps you need assistance in assembling furniture or an entertainment center?

Handymen can provide all of these services and more, helping to improve and maintain your entire home.

Outdoor Services

There are a number of outdoor services that handymen can provide. These include everything from deck sealing to deck painting to deck and patio repair to power washing and more. Some handymen are even capable of building decks and patios.

Need to clean your siding? A handyman can likely handle the task. Need help to erect or repairing a fence? Again, a handyman can assist you.

Garage Services

Need help installing a new garage door? Perhaps your existing garage door is in need of repair? Or maybe you'd like to add insulation to your garage?

In any of these cases, a handyman can help you. Handymen can offer a variety of other garage services as well, from weatherstripping installation to floor coating to shelf building, cleanout/organization, stair installation, and more.

Commercial Services

Handymen don't just help in homes. They help in business properties as well. So, whether you own a restaurant, mall, dental office, or otherwise, your local handyman can assist you.

Handymen can do all sorts of things for businesses. They can install new drywall, hang medical equipment and signage, change bulbs and ceiling tiles, assemble new furniture, offer touch-up paint jobs, and much more.

Some companies keep handymen on retainer or set up regular monthly or weekly appointments so that they can help with miscellaneous tasks around the property. This can be useful when you're running a large and ever-changing business enterprise or you have a business with lots of customers or foot traffic.

For more information on the commercial services offered by a specific local handyman, give them a call. You'll receive a full rundown of their services.

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