Just as we wear clothing to protect our bodies and to make us stylish, stucco serves as a protective coating for your home's exterior. While at the same time, it boosts its aesthetic appeal. Stucco itself is a material used for construction purposes since ancient times in which the concept of using limestone to make a plaster was used to cover walls and floors of homes. Used for both decorative and structural purposes, stucco is a versatile construction material that can be layered onto multiple surfaces. Made of a blend of lime, sand, water, and Portland cement, stucco is a thin finishing coat that serves as extra reinforcement for your exterior surfaces and is slightly more durable than just plain old cement.

That hideous hairline fracture snaking across your siding is but an eyesore that you need to fix sooner rather than later before it fissures and badly damages your home's exterior. When seeking out stucco repair in Naples, you must not be complacent and ask a professional contractor for assistance.

It may be about time to ask a certified, licensed, and fully insured Naples handyman from Mr. Handyman serving Naples, Marco Island, and Immokalee for a stucco repair or replacement. Our expert and experienced team members are well-equipped with the skillset, tactics, and know-how for a professional Naples stucco repair service, no matter the feat. We always strive to listen to our client's viewpoints and offer long-lasting and effective solutions for stucco repair in Naples, FL. If you are indecisive about committing to a home remodeling service, no sweat—you can always schedule a no-obligation consultation.

What Is Stucco & Why Is It Useful For Home Remodels?

Above all, stucco's sole purpose is to not only shield your humble abode but ward off costly and permanent water and moisture damage whilst retaining your home’s structural integrity. Unlike other types of exterior stucco materials, such as wood or vinyl, stucco is inherently unique in that it can be textured for aesthetic purposes. Stucco is also more breathable as the material itself has tiny microscopic perforated pores, which allow water to readily evaporate so excessive moisture doesn't build up and result in a rotting surface. Plus, it's more resilient against local weather conditions, including scathing precipitation such as heavy rainfall or blistering hailstorms, making it a great option for insulating your house against hot and cold air. Sooner or later, you will notice your home's energy efficiency improvements and your monthly electricity bills will plummet. For many Naples homeowners, stucco siding has become a popular choice for exterior surfaces for residential and commercial buildings given the fact that it's super durable, resistant to fire, prevents a pest and termite invasion, and can outlast upwards of 50 years and more with its proper upkeep. The longevity of stucco is due in part to the fact that stucco expands and contracts amidst fluctuating temperatures, allowing it to remain sturdy regardless of local weather conditions. The only thing to be mindful of is because of its porous nature, stucco is more susceptible to cracks, and the material itself can retain moisture and water, resulting in peeling off paint alongside mold and mildew growth. For example, if moisture happens to get trapped behind a layer of stucco, it will soften up the material, resulting in its chipping away as it begins to break off and fall away over time.

Our Noteworthy Naples Stucco Repair Services

During your professional stucco repair, Naples, FL, property owners can expect our skilled technicians to complete a thorough inspection for prior damages. Once the assessment is complete, we will determine the best course of action for your stucco repair. Naples, FL homeowners will discover that sometimes getting a stucco repair over a brand-new replacement is a more cost-effective solution as the stucco only needs minor tweaks, such as sealing up holes using caulk. For your Naples stucco repair, your expert handyman will customize a solution for you based on your personal preferences, budget, and the durability of the stucco material.

Please note that all of our quality workmanship is backed by a one-year parts and labor guarantee, so if your stucco falls into disrepair, we will return to restore it to shipshape condition.

Types Of Stucco We Handle

Three main types of stucco are used for the vast majority of home renovation projects, and each one has its attributes. It's best to ask a trained handyman which one is the most suitable for your home's exterior so you can readily preserve its structural integrity. Here are the available options:


Traditional stucco is the most generic type of stucco available and is durable, affordable, can handle fluctuating temperatures, including being resistant to fire, and is long-lasting. Also, it's mostly moisture-resistant. The only drawback is that it is porous and tends to become arid and dry out quickly, and so it is more susceptible to hairline cracks and fractures, especially if your house's foundation settles. And so, if you happen to live in a locality in which the soil has a higher clay content, you will be exposed to more cracks as the home's foundation shifts more frequently. As a result, you may need a stucco repair, Naples, FL property owners must note more often than not.

Synthetic Or Acrylic: 

Synthetic or artificial stucco contains acrylic resins which imitate the appearance of traditional stucco. Overall this material is more resilient against weather elements, provides greater insulation, and better thermal and moisture control, making it a superior barrier for residential and commercial buildings. Due to this, synthetic stucco is more waterproof compared to classic stucco. Of course, it still needs routine maintenance, and if you fail to clean its exterior of accumulated debris, don't be surprised to see mold and mildew crop up alongside a pest and termite invasion.

Why Choose Us For Stucco Repair in Naples, FL?

It's best to be proactive about a stucco repair; Naples, FL, clientele will find it's only to their advantage. If you become complacent, water will continue to get trapped behind the damaged stucco walls and result in potential safety hazards, including mold growth and rot, weakening the framework of the stucco's surface in question. If anything, a Naples stucco repair is not a quick fix you can attempt on your own but requires the dexterity of a professional contractor who can ensure your stucco surfaces and level and even. By relying on the trustworthy team members from Mr. Handyman serving Naples, Marco Island, and Immokalee, you can reasonably expect that all previous damages are taken care of before they proceed with a stucco repair. We always arrive uniformed and prompt and clean up after ourselves, disposing of the rubbish in the proper facilities.

Frequently Asked Questions About Stucco Repair in Naples, FL

What Are the Telltale Signs My Stucco Is Damaged?

Hairline Cracks And Fractures: Due to its rigid material, stucco is bound to develop cracks, fractures, and small holes from added stress. If you've noticed thin hairlike cracks on your stucco surfaces, about 1/32 inches or less in thickness, are normally not a cause for concern. It's when they become thicker in nature that you should consider signing up for a stucco repair in Naples. You must understand that the appearance of cracks is based on not applying the mud mixture properly and a bad installation job, shrinkage from the rapid evaporation of water from the stucco, a settling house foundation, or seismic movement.

Water Stains: As mentioned above, stucco is an absorbent material, so it's prone to water and moisture damage. So you are more susceptible to water stains or streakings on your home's exterior surfaces. If you've noticed any dark and discolored patches on your house's exterior, you need a stucco repair service in Naples soon. Keep in mind that moisture that builds up behind the stucco does not readily dry out but results in mold and mildew growth and eventual rot in the framing, insulation, or siding that it normally covers.

Crumbling Texture: There are numerous reasons why your stucco's surface texture has become brittle. For example, wear and tear from age, pest invasion, water damage, physical impact, an improper installation job, or foundation settling.

Bulging Or Warped Surface: If the shape of your stucco has become wayward, it indicates that water has been trapped inside the walls. You are best advised to ask for a stucco repair as if you outright ignore doing so; the water will soften the stucco material making it more vulnerable to warping, cracking, and breaking off. Atop this, the paint will begin to peel as mold and mildew infiltrate the surface resulting in permanent and costly damage.

Missing Fragments: If your stucco happens to be exposed to rot from excessive humidity levels and moisture, it will not only begin to showcase signs of water damage and strains but can fall off entirely. So if you've noticed missing pieces of stucco, including gaping holes, you need a stucco repair in Naples, FL.

How Do You Prepare A Wall For Stucco Repair in Naples, FL?

One of the preparations we make before your stucco repair is to repair any previous damages on the surface where the stucco is going to be applied. For example, we will plug up any minor cracks or holes using a fresh mortar and then power wash off any clinging debris before we proceed with a stucco repair.

How Long Does Stucco Take To Dry?

Surprisingly stucco does not dry overnight but takes a few months to completely dry and cure. Although it may seem fully dried off, it's actually not. So be very wary about power washing it right away as any excessive pressure can result in disturbing its surface as it may leave behind dents.

How Often Should Stucco Repair Be Done?

Normally a stucco repair lasts around a decade. But this, of course, depends on your effort towards preventative maintenance as you still have to be extra vigilant about cleaning off any lingering debris, sealing up any cracks and holes regularly, and lastly, applying a fresh coat of paint every five to ten years.

Mr. Handyman Will Restore Your Home's Exterior To Pristine Condition With Stucco Repairs in Naples, FL—Call Us Today!

Greet your home sweet home with a smile by giving it the refurbishment it deserves with a stucco repair in Naples, FL. You will find that it's only to their benefit to get one sooner rather than later. An aesthetically appealing exterior wall will boost your property value and curb appeal. 

Whether you're in Naples or the surrounding areas of Goodland, Immokalee, or Marco Island, go ahead and reach out to one of our courteous customer service representatives, who will gladly schedule your service appointment. If you are anticipating further exterior home remodeling from siding repair to fence installation and deck replacement, be sure to inquire as we sincerely await your call. Mr. Handyman serving Naples, Marco Island and Immokalee is here to offer you top-quality residential and commercial handyman services.

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