Tile has always been known for its elegance and grandeur in an otherwise desolate space. Did you know that tile was used in ancient civilizations as far back as 4000 BC in Egypt as interior decoration? Even the ancient Greeks and Romans were aficionados of decorative tiles found in their uncovered relics, mosaics, and murals. Plus, tile even decked out holy places of worship and homes of nobility and royalty. You too deserve the sophisticated taste a tile installation can offer as you tame your home’s flooring by going from tacky to tremendous with a tile installation. Naples, FL residents align with this cultivated and composed beauty as they too reside in a charming resort city catering to a stylish atmosphere and subtropical landscaping.

Your local, licensed, and fully insured Naples handyman will align with your connoisseur preferences and give you the look you desire for a tile installation. Naples, Fl homeowners can rest assured that we can offer you the best package deal as we have specialized in tile installation for nearly 18 years. We always offer authentic and transparent service from the get-go, and you can trust our team members to offer quality craftsmanship to chisel away until we create your masterpiece.

About Our Professional Tile Installation in Naples, FL

Although tile can be used in numerous areas of a home, including your kitchen and bathroom backsplash or shower remodeling, most associate it with flooring projects. Although many homeowners are already familiar with what size, shape, cut, and color they’d prefer, we always recommend double-checking and getting a second opinion from an expert with an on-site consultation before booking the actual installation appointment. We can conduct a thorough inspection of your current flooring, including the subfloor, take appropriate measurements and calculate how much material is to be expended based on the square footage of your house.

Still, some homeowners are eager to purchase their flooring supply early on. So we always recommend stockpiling an ample supply and ordering extra material as any mishaps can happen during the floor replacement. You’ll likely nick your floor by scratching, chipping, or denting it over the years. The best part is that tile installations are relatively easy to refinish for minor repair compared to its dummy counterpart of vinyl which requires a total overhaul of the flooring at times.

Types of Tile Installations in Naples, FL

Surprisingly there are many options for material, and it’s not an either/or selection of natural-based or plastic-based. Each material reflects a certain presentation and flair with exclusive benefits and drawbacks based on the type of material. Based on your preferences for aesthetic appeal, you can decide which installation type is the most suitable. Here are some of the typical materials we offer clients for tile installations in Naples, FL:

Natural Stone: The purest form around, this is directly extracted literally from natural stone and includes everything from marble, slate, granite, limestone, and more. But buyer beware–natural stone tile easily requires the most upkeep as it’s less durable than its half-baked ceramic and porcelain counterparts, but it’s a worthwhile investment as it’s the most resistant to wear and tear and increases your home’s property value.

Ceramic: Made from natural clay that has been fired in a kiln at a scorching temperature, ceramic tiles are compact and water-resistant and come in glazed or unglazed varieties. But also note that ceramic is not a completely natural product and mimics real stone's look. But it doesn’t require as much extensive upkeep and is more resistant than purely natural stone.

Porcelain: Similar to ceramic tile, porcelain is slightly more water-resistant and sturdier than its doppelgänger but not all that much. This is another man-made product that mimics real stone and can withstand higher temperatures, and is not easily scratched, stained, or scuffed.

Cork: Not as popular but a decent water-resistant material that can provide great coverage and protection and adds a quirky flair to your space.

The Mr. Handyman Approved Tile Installation Process

Our Mr. Handyman service professionals only follow a foolproof procedure for your tile installation. Naples, FL property owners, after their initial consultation, can expect our uniformed handyman to arrive promptly and answer any questions, comments, or concerns you may be anxious about before they begin. After your approval, they will prep the designated area to ensure your surroundings are protected and wear disposable gloves and boots for your flooring replacement. Naples, FL residents just need to sit back and relax, deciding what furniture they are going to deck out their crib with.

  1. Flooring development: First we have to remove the existing flooring, so we can do a treatment following suit. We can get rid of all old flooring, like carpet, tile, laminate, vinyl, you name it!
  2. Subfloor preparation: Next, we’ll give your floor a good scrub and carefully inspect it. If it’s unbalanced, we will utilize a leveling compound to correct it so it’s surface level once more.
  3. Applying thinset: This is a type of tile adhesive solution we will thickly glue onto your tiles, so they can stick on nice and snugly. We will concoct the solution for you and mix it well enough so that it snuffs out any air bubbles and spread it generously using a notched-edge trowel.
  4. Installing the tile pieces: Our skilled tile installers will use spacers to measure the length and width of the floor so that tile placement is equally distanced apart on the thinset. Our team has the ingenuity and know-how to guarantee that tiles are parted evenly during the installation with no discrepancies visible to the naked eye. Using a give-and-take approach, we will carefully sponge off excess thinset as we move along the floor surface. Our service professionals can even eyeball more intricate cuts around fixtures and proceed accordingly.
  5. Cementing with grout: After the thin-set layer has dried off for at least 24 hours, we get rid of the spacers and begin to apply grout using a rubber float tool. Once again, we will scrub away the excess grout as we go along and wipe your tile surface clean so it doesn’t stain.
  6. Sealing and setting: When the grout has completely dried, we will add the final touches to a sealant substance to the joints between your tile installation and baseboards. If required, your Naples handyman can apply grout sealant to further lock in the surface.

Why We Are The Topnotch Choice For Tile Installation Naples FL Homeowners Can Depend On!

We’ve been a favorite choice for home improvement services over the years for a reason. We are not just another contractor off Craigslist—our Naples handyman team offers excellent workmanship and authentic customer satisfaction simply because we take the time to listen to what you wish for in a dream home and what will be considered one of the most significant investments of your life, whether it’s a bathroom remodeling, shower remodeling service, wood rot repair, or drywall repair.

As a bonus, we even offer a one-year warranty and parts guarantee to put your mind at ease. If for any reason you are unhappy with our handyman services, including tile installations, Naples, FL residents say no more–give us a ring, and we’ll correct it to your standards.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tile Installation, Naples, FL

How Can I Tell If My Tiles were Installed Incorrectly?

If you’ve attempted a DIY quick-fix, asked your neighbor's apprentice son to try to fix it, or even had the unfortunate circumstance of dealing with a shoddy contractor to handle the installation, here are some clues you should look for:

  • Bad surface prep: This is evident by uneven or unstable tiles.
  • Excess grout: Usually due to pinholes or, again, bad surface preparation means that the applied base of the tile was uneven to begin with.
  • Incorrect thin-set application: A hot tip–if you gently tap the surface with a finger knuckle and hear a hollow sound, your best bet is that it was badly set.
  • Skewed visual depth perception: Use a good old measuring tape to see if the tiles are centered onto the floor surface. A correct tile installation will be centered on the floor surface so that both ends are flanked with equal cuts on both ends.

How Long Should I Wait To Walk On A New Tile Installation?

Naples, FL homeowners should wait at the very minimum of 24 hours to allow the floor surface to be fully set.

What Color Grout Should I Use?

The general rule of thumb is to choose a color that’s a close match to your tile color but slightly light–this will allow you to appropriately unify your tile installation. Naples, FL property owners who have a patterned design, like a gray grid in marble tile, often opt for a closer color match but go for a slightly darker shade.

Add Some Charisma To Your Dull Dwelling–Our Experts Are Keen On Tile Installation!

Naples, Fl residents! Trust us–Mr. Handyman knows tile will add some classy sophistication to your refined palette of home decor. If you are contemplating a tile installation in Naples, FL, look no further! Our expert team at Mr. Handyman of Naples, Marco Island, and Immokalee are artisans in their own right and allow your home to be indulged in extravagance, so you can roam your castle freely. Regardless of whether you need ceramic tile floors, a new shower wall, or even a tile repair, eventually, we’ll be at your beck and call. 

Reach out to one of our spectacular customer service reps to schedule a consultation appointment. We look forward to your inquiry and eagerly await your response. We proudly serve our local customers in Naples and nearby neighborhoods, including Marco Island and beyond.

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