Why Choose Our Bucks County Handyman Team?

While your home may be a cozy bungalow or a sprawling mansion, it's completely yours. Your sanctuary at the end of a long day, your greatest investment. The place that takes care of you, as long as you take care of it.

And, as any homeowner knows, taking care of a property isn't always easy. Upkeep is time-consuming, and there are numerous maintenance and repair tasks needed to keep your home in tip-top condition. When all these odd-jobs stack up, it can feel a little overwhelming to try and do them on your own.

But the good news is, you don't have to! That's where the pros at Mr. Handyman of Newtown and Yardley come in. We work and live in Bucks County, so we know that for many of our clients it can be difficult to get home repair tasks done on their own. Often, homeowners don't have the time, tools or inclination to tackle jobs like drywall repair or tile installation. So, why not let the pros handle it for you?

There's a reason why so many Bucks County homeowners just like you put their trust in our expert team. When you hire an experienced handyman from our team, you know you are hiring the best. Our company has a superior service rating for a reason. We are experts at completing a wide range of home improvement repairs, and we do it all while providing outstanding customer service.

Customer service is the cornerstone value our company is built on. We treat all our customers like our neighbors and friends—and since we're Bucks County locals, sometimes our clients truly are our neighbors! When you invite one of our handyman experts into your home, you can expect to be treated with the utmost respect and courtesy. We will always be honest and upfront with you, while taking time to listen to your unique questions and concerns.

When you hire our hardworking Bucks County handyman experts, you can expect reliable handyman service and that your needs will always be our top priority. We will work hard to provide a safe, worry-free experience time and time again.

Why Choose Our Bucks County Handyman Team?

At Mr. Handyman of Newtown and Yardley, we approach each job with professionalism. Whether you need a large-scale remodel completed, or if you have a series of odd jobs to do around the house, you can expect us to approach each job with the same standard of excellence.

Each of our friendly handymen possess years of experience working in the trades. In fact, many of our handyman experts specialize in areas such as carpentry, drywall installation, tile repair and replacement, and remodeling. We combine our passion for the trades and years of experience with cutting edge booking and dispatch technology to truly provide outstanding, convenient service to all our clients.

Our handyman company is built on the values of integrity, respect and transparency. In fact, transparency is a value that is especially important to us. We want you to feel comfortable having our handyman experts working in your home or commercial property. That's why our team will always take the time to outline the entire home improvement process—from describing what the repair, maintenance or installation job entails to being upfront about our hourly pricing. When you make an agreement with our team, we intend to keep that agreement. It's our job to not only provide excellent craftsmanship, but to also earn your business and trust time and time again.

Friendly, approachable and professional service is very important to us. We'll make sure we keep our work area as tidy as possible, wear booties to prevent damaging your floors, and clean up our materials and tools before leaving. Leaving a clean work area is a sign of our respect for you and your home. It ensures the safety of you and your family.

Our Bucks County Handyman Team Completes Both Residential and Commercial Projects

Although our team is widely recognized throughout Bucks County for our exceptional residential services, we are also pros at a wide range of commercial repairs, installation and building maintenance. We help entrepreneurs, commercial property owners and building managers in Bucks County, keep their properties looking and functioning optimally.

Building maintenance is key for both property managers and business owners alike. If you run an apartment building, for instance, it's your responsibility to keep tenants comfortable, safe and happy. Meanwhile, if you run a business, ensuring employees and customers feel safe and welcome is essential to keeping your bottom line in the black. As any savvy business owner knows, keeping shops, restaurants and offices in good condition helps encourage customers to choose your services or buy your goods.

Yet, if you're like most property managers and entrepreneurs, you likely have your hands full of other responsibilities—and property maintenance can often fall by the wayside.

But not with our skilled Bucks County handyman team in your corner. Anything our hardworking handyman pros can do for your home, we can do for your commercial property—and so much more! Not only do we offer a wide range of repairs, but we also work with a variety of different industries:

  • Corporate offices
  • Financial institutions
  • Hotels
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Government buildings
  • Small businesses
  • Retail/shopping malls
  • Restaurants/food service
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Hospitals

Expert Bucks County Handyman Services

It's common for both residential and commercial properties to need repairs from time to time. Even if you're on-top of your property's maintenance, accidents like drastic weather events or plumbing problems can take a serious toll on your property. It's difficult to plan for the unforeseen, but what you can plan for is hiring the right Bucks County handyman service to take care of your property's repair needs.

From completing urgent repairs to routine maintenance, our team of pros can transform an old bathroom, patch damaged drywall and even repair rotting areas to keep your property looking its best. Our highly experienced handyman experts can complete all types of improvement projects, including the following.


Bathroom remodels can add serious value to your home—not to mention, increase your personal enjoyment of the space. As you grow in your home, your needs change. Children move out and aging relatives move in. Or perhaps your tastes are totally different from when you moved in, and you want a bathroom that reflects your new look. From purely aesthetic renovations to major changes due to water damage, our pro team of handyman experts can transform your dysfunctional, outdated space into the bathroom of your dreams.

Your bathroom should be a space you enjoy being. If this is not the case, then hire our handyman experts. We'll transform the room while staying on-schedule, on-budget and maintaining a positive attitude to help mitigate the stress that usually accompanies remodels. Whether you choose a classic design that will help your resale value in the future, or want to bring your unique vision to life, our expert service professionals can help.

Our Bathroom Remodel Services Include:

  • Installing tile
  • Installing new sinks
  • Putting in a new toilet
  • Putting up drywall
  • Installing vanities
  • Installing shower fixtures, as well as tubs


What's not to love about tile? Not only are most varieties of tile highly durable and able to withstand significant wear, but they are also very beautiful to look at. As an added benefit, tile is quite a lot easier to clean than most other flooring materials (especially carpet).

Yet, as strong as ceramic, porcelain and most natural stone tiles are, they can still break, chip and crack. Not only is damaged tile ugly, but it's also important to repair it right away. It only takes one person to step on the smallest crack to quickly turn it into a large problem. The crack is likely to get bigger, and this can be a really big concern in areas exposed to moisture—like the bathroom. Water seeping through damaged tile can cause issues with mold and wood rot. Our Bucks County handymen can repair many varieties of tile.

  • Natural stone, such as limestone, granite slate or marble tile
  • Synthetic materials, such as vinyl or laminate tile
  • Luxury materials like glass tiles
  • Popular tiles, including porcelain and ceramic tile


Drywall was adopted as the most commonly used building material in the early 1900s because of its many unique properties. Also known as Sheetrock, drywall is lightweight, easy to install and transport and fire resistant. What makes drywall fire resistant? Its unique construction, Drywall is made out of two paper boards that sandwich a lining of gypsum. Gypsum is a sulfate mineral, which is non-combustible.

Although drywall has many fantastic qualities, it does have one major disadvantage: it can get damaged very easily. After all, drywall is made out of paper. And, when damaged, it's very important to repair the issue as soon as possible.

When you need drywall repairs, trust our expert Bucks County handyman team to get the job done right the first time. From completing a quick patch job to installing an entire sheet, we've got it covered.

How Does Drywall Get Damaged?

There are many ways that drywall can be damaged—from rough housing children to a burst pipe in your wall. We've listed a few common culprits below:

  • Pests, like termites & rats
  • Hanging pictures & shelves
  • Water damage
  • Accidents
  • Moving furniture


Carpentry is a highly skilled trade that requires years of experience to truly master. At Mr. Handyman of Newtown and Yardley, our carpenters have numerous years of woodworking experience. Thoughtful wood details and custom carpentry can really elevate your Bucks County home, and when you need an expert to build custom shelves or fix a warped door frame, we're the team to call. Our carpenters can help with:

  • Crown molding installation and repair
  • Custom shelving and bookcases
  • Repairing window and door trim
  • Deck and fence repair
  • Wood rot repair


Like most parts of your home, repeated use and general wear-and-tear can impact your doors' functionality—causing rusted hinges, squeaking and improperly balanced panels. Not to mention, if Rufus the dog got to your door frame, the damage from chewing can be quite severe. While damaged doors are an eyesore and can even be a safety concern, they can be easily repaired with the help of our Bucks County handyman service professionals. There are many projects—from fixing an inoperable door to installing a new model—our team can complete to ensure your doors function properly for years to come. Our many door repair services include fixing:

  • Air leaks
  • Damaged door jambs
  • Rotting/soft wood
  • Sticking doors
  • Squeaking doors
  • Broken door locks
  • Screen door repairs

Need Repairs? Hire Our Bucks County Handyman Pros!

Whether you need help to update your bathroom, noticed a cracked tile in your kitchen backsplash, or have a seemingly never ending home repair to-do list, our team of handyman experts are here to help. We will work hard to earn your trust and provide peace of mind that your property is in the best hands. Not only do we have the skills, know-how and tools to get the job done right the first time, but we also always prioritize our customers' satisfaction.

Our Bucks County handyman team works hard daily to provide both our residential and commercial clients the best experience possible. In fact, we've helped countless individuals in and around the Bucks County area, including in Southampton and Washington Crossing.

To learn more about what our Bucks County handyman experts can do for your property, or to book an appointment today, we invite you to call our friendly customer service team today.