Safety & Mobility Services for Your Home

When you need safety and mobility services for aging in place, you can trust our experienced team. We understand the need for many seniors to remain in their homes with assistance. Mr. Handyman of Northern Kentucky and West Cincinnati offers mobility and safety services for Northern Kentucky and West Cincinnati residents. We do everything, from installing grab bars to widening doorways for wheelchairs. Our service professionals can handle any size job. We want you and your loved ones to feel as safe and secure as possible in your home. Contact us today to get an estimate on our aging in place home modifications. 

Mr. Handyman arriving to work on safety & mobility solutions at residence.

Comprehensive Mobility Services 

Our service professionals are dedicated to making your home as accessible as possible. We want you to live in comfort without obstacles. Our service professionals will assess your home to determine the necessary accommodations for you. You don't need to move to another home when we can help make your home accessible for your needs. Some of the many safety and mobility tasks we can perform include the following:  

  • Upgrading Door and Cabinet Handles 
  • Installing Handrails and Guardrails 
  • Widening Doorways 
  • Installing Grab Bars 
  • Installing Showerheads 
  • Raising Toilet Seats 
  • Installing Lighting Fixtures 

Benefits of Aging in Place  

With a bit of assistance and modification installations, aging in place can be as comfortable as possible. Some of the most significant benefits of aging in place modifications include the following: 

  • Independence – Safety modifications offer independence without too many restrictions for seniors. 
  • Safer Living Environment – Aging in place modifications offer seniors a familiar space with safety modifications that help them feel safer. 
  • Comfort – Instead of adapting to another home, a person can age in place with safety modifications that help them feel comfortable. 
  • Convenience – Seniors staying in their homes enjoy the convenience of upgraded areas in their home instead of the hassle of moving to another place. 

Recommendations for Aging in Place Home Modifications 

Aging in place is all about remaining independent in your home with less stress and improving your quality of life. Our service professionals will help you understand the best ways to reduce the risk of falls and other injuries. The most common recommendations for aging in place home modifications include the following:  

  • Use non-skid mats 
  • Install light switches at the top and bottom of stairs 
  • Reduce sharp corners 
  • Remove or reduce tripping hazards 
  • Eliminate clutter on the floor 
  • Install nightlights 
  • Keep stairways free of clutter 

Mobility Accommodations for Injuries & Illness 

Our safety and mobility updates are an excellent solution for people recovering from an accident or diagnosed with an illness that impacts mobility. Our service professionals can install safety upgrades to help you get around your home. If you're recovering from knee surgery or a twisted ankle, mobility modifications can help. If you've been diagnosed with MS or ALS, our modifications can help you safely navigate your home.  

Choose Mr. Handyman of Northern Kentucky and West Cincinnati  

Mr. Handyman of Northern Kentucky and West Cincinnati offers comprehensive home improvement services to residents in Northern Kentucky, West Cincinnati, and Erlanger, KY. We are dedicated to inspecting your home, creating a detailed list of recommended aging in place upgrades, and offering upfront pricing. Our aging in place modification costs are customized to your needs. We back our work with a guarantee to strive to deliver the best. Our service professionals are ready to serve you and only offer the best for your needs. 

Schedule Your Safety and Mobility Services Today 

Mr. Handyman of Northern Kentucky and West Cincinnati offers safety and mobility modifications that fit the needs of your home. The most important thing about aging in place is feeling at home. Our service professionals are committed to helping senior citizens feel safe and comfortable in their homes. We understand many people don't want to give up their homes due to age. We'll help you and your loved one’s age with grace and comfort. Whether you need help raising toilet seats, installing light switches, or building better furniture, our experienced service professionals are here for you. We want to help people with mobility issues and seniors that want a safer home. We will come to your home and inspect it to determine the best safety and mobility modifications that fit your needs. Contact us today to schedule an estimate on our aging in place modification costs.

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