Your property's doors are important. They're what guests first see when they enter your property and provide security for you against the outside world. Plus, the doors on the inside of your property provide you with privacy and sanctuary when needed. But your doors suffer from damage from time to time, and that means that they need repairs. That's why you need help with professional door repair in Germantown, MD. Let us restore your peace of mind with our exceptional door services and quality workmanship.

Suppose you find yourself in need of carpentry services, such as front door repairs in Germantown, MD. In that case, you know you can trust the local repair services at Mr. Handyman. Our team of experts provides service for a wide range of doors: from closet doors to patio doors, we've seen it all. You can count on us and our excellent team to bring a range of solutions to bear to solve your door problems.

Read on for more details about our various door repair and installation services here in Germantown, or call one of our customer service representatives today to get started!

Door Repair in Germantown, MD: What to Expect

The doors in your home go through a lot every day. From regular wear-and-tear to extreme weather, you want them to be prepared to handle anything that life might throw at you. That's why you need skilled professionals to come in and handle any door repairs or installations you might need. Some of our more popular services include handling the following problems:

Broken Hinges and Latches

Although latches and hinges allow for a certain degree of movement, they simply aren't built to handle horizontal pressure. You want them to move seamlessly when the door opens and closes, but sometimes the wear-and-tear we put them through on a daily basis wears on them.

If your door's latch is broken, then chances are that the pressure has become too much for it to continue to bear. One of the common causes of that pressure is an improperly installed door or door frame. Additionally, it could be caused by weather stripping, which is something installed to help protect your home from unwelcome drafts.


Doors often warp from changes in moisture levels. When the humidity level changes, it causes wood to swell and shrink, which results in warping. In extreme cases, warping results in your door splitting and cracking. If it gets to that point, then you're looking at needing residential door installation services to replace your door.

"Sticky" Doors

Now, there are several reasons as to why your door sticks. It's important to determine where, exactly, the door is sticking, because that indicates where the problem is.

If your door is sticking at the top, then it might be a drooping or bent door frame. It might also be caused by loose hinges. If the sticking is occurring in the middle of the door, it could be caused by a loose strike plate. Lastly, if your door is sticking elsewhere, then it might be caused by warping or humidity.

During your appointment with our service professionals, we'll take the time to properly assess your doors for all of these issues, eliminating them once and for all.

General Wear and Tear

Your home was designed to be lived in. There's going to be damage just from the general wear and tear of you and your family living in your home. Slamming and banging doors, pet scratches or chewing, changes in the home's internal temperature, and the list of possible causes of damage to your doors goes on. Even aging materials can cause your door to deteriorate over time.

Whether you need help with our residential door installation services or need help replacing or repairing your exterior fiberglass door, we can help with every step of the repair process. You can trust our dedication to quality workmanship, knowing that we'll get the job done and done right. From patio doors to closet doors, we'll make sure that your doors stand firm, welcoming your guests and protecting your home.

Misaligned Bottom Wall Plates

What happens when your bottom wall plates are misaligned is that it prevents your door from resting flush along the door frame. Typically, the problem is caused by the door jambs. If you tap at the jam at the top of the door, or move it entirely, then it could help with resolving the issue.

Whatever common door issues you might have, you can trust our courteous team is here for you to get the repair done right. Your doors will be beautiful and functional once more with our dedicated team in your corner.

Door Won't Close

Now, this is an incredibly inconvenient, but common issue. If your door is refusing to close, then it's just not doing its job. There are several reasons why your door won't close, but our dedicated team of experts can get to the root of the cause and fix the issue at its source. Whether the doors are in your master bedroom or your patio doors, our comprehensive services cover them all.

Some of the kinds of issues that could cause your door to be unable to close include:

  • The latch is misaligned with the hole in the strike plate.
  • The door's hinges might need to be tightened.
  • The hinges have seized.
  • A sagging door frame.

Whatever kinds of issues you are having with your doors, from glass doors to exterior doors, our expert handymen can handle all door repair matters. Our service professionals will get you back to living your life and your doors functional in no time at all!

Trust the Experts at Mr. Handyman For Door Repair in Germantown, MD

Our team of expert handymen are true professionals here at Mr. Handyman. They can tackle whatever kinds of issues you're having with your doors, fixing them and providing you with the quality workmanship and customer care that you've come to expect from us. When you book a service appointment with us, you can rest-assured in knowing that we'll deliver you a quality repair job.

Whether you're in need of help with the wooden trim around your doors or need help installing a pair of French doors, we can help with the entirety of the project—from start to finish. You'll experience a high level of customer satisfaction when we're done, as we're dedicated to providing a high level of customer service to all of our clients. Don't just trust our word; check out our numerous positive reviews!

We offer competitive pricing and our ratings from clients speak for themselves when it comes to the quality of service we provide. Book your service request with us today, and we'll get you back to loving your home once more. We can tackle the entire process of your door repair in Germantown, MD, all the while providing you with top-quality workmanship.

Frequently Asked Questions About Front Door Repair in Germantown, MD

How do I know if I need door repairs?

There are some obvious signs that indicate that your door needs repairs. These include knicks, dents, holes, and scratches, but there are some less obvious signs that you may miss if you don't know what you're looking for. Here are some tips from our professional handymen on what you should look out for:

  • Excessive noise when opening or closing a door.
  • Your door sticks, or you have difficulty opening or closing it.
  • The door sounds hollow.
  • Peeling paint.
  • Door is letting in drafts, rain, or snow.
  • Your door is starting to show its age.
  • Your door is not remaining latched.

There's no need to stress yourself out if you notice any of these signs. Make a call to your local expert technicians and book a service appointment today!

Should I replace or repair my doors?

For your own peace of mind, this is an important question to ask your local door repair services team. Our handymen can assess your door's condition and make recommendations that best fit your budget and needs.

Sometimes, all your door really needs is a little TLC. Although some repairs are fairly simple—like fixing a sagging or misaligned door—bowing or warping that's caused by damage to the frame might indicate that it's time to start thinking about replacing your door(s).

Now, your home's interior doors can be a little easier to repair than your home's exterior doors. But if you're already in the midst of a complete renovation, the installation process is a lot easier than repairing them. This is especially the case if you want to install a pair of glass doors or want to swap out your master bedroom's doors.

Whether you need a full replacement or just need basic door repair in Germantown, you don't need to tackle it as a DIY project. Trust in our professional door installation process and repair services to get your doors beautiful and functional once more.

Do you provide door installation services?

Yes, we absolutely do! If you're in need of a replacement door or need help installing a brand-new door, our professional technicians can take care of the entire project for you, from start to finish. Doors are an integral part of the home, and it's vital that they function and look good. Trust in our professional services to handle your door repairs in Germantown!

Need Help With Door Repair in Germantown, MD? Trust the Experts at Mr. Handyman!

When it comes to front door repairs in Germantown, you can trust the experts at Mr. Handyman. We handle all aspects of door repair, including their safe installation. Additionally, we offer a variety of affordable services for when you need a professional handyman to come in and help. From our backsplash installation services to our commercial services, we do it all. We've got the industry experience you need to keep your doors in good repair and looking their best.

If you're in need of a door repair in Germantown, MD, give us a call today or book your service appointment online! Learn more about professional residential services that include a wide range of maintenance, repair, and improvement projects.

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