Transform your home with the elegance of tile flooring. It's a durable and beautiful option that can withstand even the busiest areas like foyers, kitchens, and bathrooms. If you're ready to enhance your space with tile floors, trust the knowledge and expertise of Mr. Handyman of NW Houston and Jersey Village. Our skilled team will ensure a flawless installation that brings a fresh, new look to your home.

Already have tile but it needs some maintenance? Let our tile repair professionals revive its beauty and keep it looking its best.

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Tile Repair or Installation: Making the Best Choice for Your Home

Are you unsure whether to invest in tile installation or repair for your home? We understand it can be a tricky decision. To make things easier, we've compiled a list of pros and cons for both options:

Tile Repair Pros:

Affordable Pricing

Repairs for small areas or individual tiles tend to be more affordable than installing an entirely new floor. With our expertise and tools, Mr. Handyman can quickly and economically repair your tile flooring.

Quick Repairs

Repairing sections of a tile floor is generally faster and less expensive compared to installing a brand new floor.

Tile Repair Cons:

Inconsistent Fixes

Achieving a seamless look during repairs requires expertise, specific tools, training, and finding matching tiles. If your existing tile style is outdated or unavailable, finding a close match can be challenging.

Interim Solution

Even expert repairs may only provide temporary solutions if underlying issues with the subfloor exist.

New Tile Installation Pros:

Brand New Floors

Revive your home's appearance with a fresh and shiny tile floor. Our tiling services include ensuring stable subflooring, installing new tiles, grouting, and sealing for durability.

Classic and Long-lasting Flooring

Choose from a wide variety of styles, colors, and sizes to find the perfect fit for your decor. Tile floors are durable, long-lasting, handle liquids well, withstand heavy foot traffic, and are easy to maintain.

Tile Installation Cons:

Larger Investment

Just like most home improvements, opting for new materials rather than refurbishing can mean a higher upfront cost. However, you'll enjoy a good return on investment due to its durability over time.

More Time and Mess

Removing old tiles, preparing the subfloor, installing new ones, and sealing can be time-consuming and messy. Structural or subfloor repairs may extend the project timeline further.

Consider these factors when deciding between tile repair and installation for your home.

Exceptional Tile Floor Installation and Repair Services

Achieve a flawless tile floor with our expert installation and repair services. Proper subfloor preparation is essential to prevent water damage and ensure the longevity of your floor. Mr. Handyman of NW Houston and Jersey Village takes pride in creating a solid foundation before laying a single tile.

Once the tiles are in place and the mortar has set, our skilled team meticulously grouts the space. To safeguard against stains and water intrusion, we return after a few weeks to apply a reliable grout sealant.

Our experienced tile installers excel in handling various flooring types, including laminate, ceramic, slate, cork, porcelain, and marble tiles. While repairing tile floors may pose challenges compared to other flooring options, their stunning aesthetics and durability make them an irresistible choice for homeowners.

Whether you're considering new tile installations or need repairs for existing tiles, trust Mr. Handyman of NW Houston and Jersey Village to deliver exceptional results. With our expertise, tools, and attention to detail, we guarantee a job done right!

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