Strong and sturdy drywall makes a home aesthetically pleasing and ensures it's structurally sound. Our experts at Mr. Handyman of Olathe and Gardner offer drywall repair services to help restore your home's look before the walls become nicked by moving furniture or suffer water damage. Let us show you how we can help with drywall repair and other local services, and relax in the knowledge that we back our work with the Neighborly Done Right Promise™.

Drywall Repair Services

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Do you need help with where to begin or how to repair drywall? Look no further because Mr. Handyman of Olathe and Gardner offers various drywall repair and finishing services. We can fix everything from minor dings and scrapes to deep scratches and gouges on the drywall's surface.

Drywall Ceiling Repair

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When activity on your second-floor causes damage to your ceiling, it might be time to call in the experts for drywall ceiling repair services. At Mr. Handyman of Olathe and Gardner, we tackle cracks, holes, water damage, and more than many residential ceilings experience. We will remove and replace wet drywall before damage spreads and mold grows.

Drywall Crack Repair

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Several things can cause the drywall to crack, including settling foundations and direct impact. Additionally, when drywall gets wet and then dries, it can cause the wall's surface to crack. Regardless of how the crack occurred, Mr. Handyman of Olathe and Gardner can fix it with our drywall crack repair service; plus, we will identify what caused the damage and guide you to prevent it from occurring again.

Drywall Hole Repair

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Repairing drywall holes is essential to maintaining the pristine appearance of your home. Over time, it's normal for walls to experience wear and tear, but with Mr. Handyman's drywall repair services, you can have your walls looking brand new again in no time. We specialize in fixing holes of any size, and our expert team ensures that the repaired area blends seamlessly with the surrounding wall, leaving no trace of the previous damage.

Drywall Installation and Finishing

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Mr. Handyman of Olathe and Gardner offers drywall installation, finishing, and drywall repair services. So whether your walls are too damaged to be repaired or you are remodeling, we will install fresh new drywall creating a seamless look and adding all finishing touches, including painting, crown molding, and floorboards.

Olathe Drywall Repair Service

Drywall is found in homes across North America, sold in large, sturdy sheets that create walls, ceilings, and partitions rather easily. With a few nails, pieces of tape, and slathers of drywall mud, the interior of a home is constructed quickly, not to mention affordably, when compared to alternatives like brick and stone. One of the major drawbacks of drywall? It isn't the most durable. Made from sheets of paper, gypsum, clay, and resin, there are many situations that may have led you to track down a professional company for Olathe drywall repair.

Whether you're dealing with a hole, crack, or water damage, you need an Olathe handyman with experience. That's where Mr. Handyman of Olathe, Gardner comes in. Based in the Johnson County, Kansas area, our team of drywall repair specialists has ample experience detecting and resolving a wide variety of damage. Keep reading as we break down a few of the most common issues we deal with during Olathe drywall repair services.

About Our Olathe Drywall Repair Services

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No matter what room in your house you're currently in, there's a probable chance it's made from drywall. Providing a smooth-looking finish that's easy to paint, it's the top choice of builders and homeowners looking for a quick and budget-friendly material. As you've witnessed first-hand, drywall doesn't take well to accidental exposure to impact and moisture, and there are other types of damage it sustains that are completely beyond your control. See below for the details on the most common types of standard drywall damage we deal with.

Water Damage

Whether from a leak, flood, or high indoor humidity levels, drywall's delicate nature doesn't stand up well against moisture of any kind. With that said, if proper maintenance is kept up with (i.e., regular painting, trim repair, and baseboard repair), your walls will have a better defense against moisture. 

The trouble with water damage when it comes to drywall is that if the leak isn’t dealt with, it easily spreads. Even a small spot can make its way across your wall, resulting in a mushy section that may eventually crumble onto your floor. That's why it's important to call your Olathe handyman at the first sight of a water spot that will look discolored compared to the rest of your wall.

To repair drywall affected by water damage, the process will entail cutting away the affected section or replacing the entire sheet, depending on the severity of the drywall issue.


Cracks can occur with the natural contraction and expansion of your home. They can also be signs of water damage or result from impact. More commonly, they're a sign of foundation damage. If you notice a crack in your walls, it's paramount that you call a professional for an inspection immediately. 

Foundation damage occurs when the concrete slab under your home shifts due to soil erosion or changing underground conditions. It's unfortunately normal and something you will need to address before it causes severe structural damage to your home. If all is well with your home's foundation, we can go ahead and fill the crack, smooth it over, and repaint. 


Holes don't just look bad, they also let in insulation, dust, pests, and air. This puts the interior of your home at risk of pest infestation, poor indoor air quality, and higher energy bills. To fix a hole, we'll cut a square section around it and apply a drywall patch. When we're done, you will never be able to tell the location of where the hole once was.


Drywall bubbles or blisters usually occur due to trapped moisture or the improper installation of drywall ceilings. When not enough joint compound is used during drywall installation, the tape expands and contracts with temperature changes, resulting in raised bubbles on your wall. They can be sanded down and repainted; however, to correctly resolve the issue, we'll need to reinstall the drywall sheet properly.

Nail Pops

By now, you know that your home naturally expands and contracts with the changes in temperature. While this can create bubbles and holes, it can also cause nail pops or protruding drywall screws. Nail pops can also be caused when builders use wooden studs that aren't completely dry. As the wood dries, the nails get squeezed outward, showing up as small round circles on the surface of your drywall. To repair them, we'll remove the existing nails, drive new ones in, use filler and a smoothing tool, and repaint.

Mr. Handyman: Your First Choice in Olathe Drywall Repair Company

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Mr. Handyman of Olathe, Gardner is the top choice for homeowners looking for a wide range of home improvements, repairs, remodels, and maintenance services. Our business is people, and that means providing our customers with the dedicated services they need and deserve.

Whether you need help with a drywall project, trim repair, interior painting, or tile installation, you can count on our qualified team for expert service and workmanship. But don't just take our word for it–check out our local reviews! Want to learn more? Meet our team or get in touch with a customer care agent today! 

Olathe Drywall Repair FAQs

What Causes The Need For Drywall Repair?

There are many different factors that can lead to drywall damage. A few of the most common include:

  • Water Damage
  • Pests
  • Impact Damage
  • Foundation Damage
  • Improper Installation

Can I Repair My Own Drywall?

In some cases, yes, you can repair your own drywall with the right tools and materials. But if you'd like total peace of mind over the condition of your home, we suggest calling a professional for help. In the case of cracks, getting an inspection from a drywall repair professional could prevent your home from serious structural damage. 

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