Offering an urban, suburban feel to young professionals, it’s hard not to settle in St. Petersburg, FL. Not only do the 261,000 residents have all the amenities and exciting nightlife nearby, but up to 60 percent own their own home. You might think the beautiful beaches and parks are the ultimate people magnets, but as a smaller city that not everyone talks about, it’s starting to catch up with Tampa’s popularity. St. Petersburg has a wide range of beautiful properties owned by busy professionals who work hard to make a living and care for loved ones. This leaves them with little time to take care of maintenance tasks around their home. Coastal towns are prone to salt air corrosion and other damage that require periodic attention. Your professional handyman in St. Petersburg can help with that.

Living in a climate like Florida’s, we know that certain materials aren’t meant to last or be used on the exterior of our homes unless you have the time and dedication to maintain them regularly. Maintenance, repairs and home improvement projects are an important part of owning properties, whether we like doing them or not. The problem with postponing any required maintenance tasks is that the list will only add up.

But don’t despair! Your local St. Petersburg handyman at Mr. Handyman serving Palm Harbor, Clearwater, and Largo, is geared up for prompt repair solutions and maintenance services that could save you time and deliver enhanced safety and comfort to your property. As your convenient one-call solution, we have got you covered for everything on your list, from dryer vent cleaning to siding repair to a bathroom remodel. Each of our handyman service professionals has years of trade experience, and is highly skilled with the work required for a variety of projects—whether you need drywall repair or custom carpentry, we can help! Our service technicians are proud to be part of a locally-owned business where building a strong, professional relationship with our local community is a top priority. The positive feedback from our customers encourages us to always go above and beyond with our handiwork and customer care. Contact us today to get started with our handyman in St. Petersburg, or continue reading to find out more about the popular services we offer.

St. Petersburg Handyman for Property Maintenance

Your St. Petersburg handyman has created a maintenance checklist for any exterior features on your property. Your home’s exterior is susceptible to external damage that is not always under your control, or easy to spot. On the other hand, interior inconsistencies may be easier to detect, such as cracks in the wall, squeaky door hinges or air leaks, but you can’t always diagnose the underlying issue without a professional’s inspection. Bringing many years of experience in maintaining properties in nearby communities, your handyman in St. Petersburg, FL, knows the first things to look out for, like rust, corrosion, clogged gutters and wood rot.

Siding Maintenance

Siding is the armor of your home, designed to withstand severe weather conditions and other external forces. Unfortunately, Florida’s soil is not as reliable as we would like, because it’s primarily sand, which frustrates many gardeners, including homeowners, of course. Foundation settlement is a standard occurrence because of that soil, so you should always keep an eye out for cracks in your siding or drywall. But how often do you walk around your property to inspect its condition? Probably not as often as inside.

Your handyman in St. Petersburg, FL, strongly recommends scheduling an annual siding inspection, especially when the rainy season is around the corner. If you do happen to have cracks in your siding, it can easily suffer from moisture damage, with water seeping through and damaging your sheathing. This could compromise your home’s structural integrity and potentially cause flooding in the lower levels.

You will rarely find wood-based siding in the state of Florida, because wood rot and termite damage are very common. Your handyman in St. Petersburg, FL, has inspected and repaired plenty of composite siding throughout the community and can confirm that it is the most durable and economical material to use. It resists moisture, UV rays and termites, lasting up to 50 years if looked after properly.

Fiber cement could potentially rank first as well or second, depending on its purpose. It’s more complicated to install than composite, and therefore, costs more in labor, whereas composite costs more in materials. Fiber cement siding requires frequent care and inspection as it could easily crack and become prone to moisture damage over time. Alternatively, these are not issues you would have to worry about with composite. That said, all siding materials require maintenance and cleaning that can be made easier with a reliable handyman offering quality services.

How To Keep Your Siding Healthy:

  • Routine inspection
  • Pressure washing
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Sealing siding gaps
  • Choose the right material

Door Installation or Maintenance

Your choice of exterior doors plays a huge role in protecting your home’s energy efficiency, along with your HVAC system and attic insulation. Coastal cities like St. Petersburg deal with high salinization in the air, which means that your door material matters even more. While wood or metal doors are popular in other parts of our country, you will find many weather-resistant fiberglass doors in Florida. Ideally, you want your front doors to last over 30 years, but that’s close to impossible with metal or wood in St. Petersburg unless you care to maintain them regularly. Metal types require periodic inspections and coating, whereas wooden ones need sealing, varnishing or lacquering. Even then, you can’t guarantee that no moisture will eventually affect its qualities. Contact our friendly customer service team today to learn more about door types and their energy efficiency levels.

If you have had metal doors that rusted or wooden ones that swelled or rotted, you have probably decided that it is time for something more weather-resistant, like fiberglass. This is what your local St. Petersburg handyman recommends to homeowners who, after many years of door repairs, have asked for better installation options. Fiberglass doors are made of compression-molded fiberglass and have three major components: skin, frame and core. The core is made of rigid insulation (typically polyurethane material) and glass-reinforced polymer, whereas the frame is made of either treated wood or composite. The skin is usually a layer of artificial grains that make the door appear like wood. Fiberglass isn’t only a popular door type, but also highly durable; it resists salt air corrosion better than any other type.

During installation, it’s important to use a hard topcoat as a finish (i.e., acrylic or polyurethane). Since Saint Petersburg is referred to as “the Sunshine City” with 361 days of sunshine, you will need your local handyman in St. Petersburg, FL, to refinish it at least once every year or two.

All that said, many homeowners forget that frames require just as much attention and inspection to stay in shape. Sometimes, we slam the door to prove a point without thinking about our walls and ceiling. Door casings, along with other trim areas, are prone to developing cracks or gaps where you’ll need frequent caulking or repairs. Although fiberglass doors are designed to help you save energy and money, it’s also still important to get routine inspections from a St. Petersburg handyman who can ensure your door continues to perform well and back up your insulation system.

Other Key St. Petersburg Property Maintenance Services and Areas:

  • Decks
  • Fences
  • Soffits and fascia
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Flooring
  • Power washing
  • Dryer vent cleaning
  • Ceiling fan installation
  • Attic insulation
  • Age in place installations
  • Installation of dimmers, timers and carbon monoxide detectors

St. Petersburg Handyman Repair Services

As conscientious property owners, most people want nothing but the best for their residential or commercial properties, because whoever lives or works under that roof needs to be safe and comfortable to perform their duties. If you know your home well, you will instantly know if something is out of the ordinary, whether you have peeling paint or water damage. Commercial spaces typically have a building manager who is in charge of routine maintenance and checkups. If you spot issues in your home or business, it’s important to get repairs from a St. Petersburg handyman before those problems get worse.

Whether you experience aging material or wear and tear due to the lack of maintenance, repair or replacement services will be inevitable. If you need a thorough diagnosis to identify underlying issues, you can count on your local handyman in St. Petersburg, FL. We are happy to send property owners annual handyman service reminders to ensure you won’t miss any important maintenance tasks before the wet season starts. Not only will we inspect your property, but we will also recommend preventative measures to better protect it. This way, nothing will disrupt your workflow or routine. We have the tools and expertise to get down to any root problem and get repairs done right the first time.

Drywall Repair St. Petersburg, FL

When a Connecticut-born technician invented drywall in the late 1800s, he not only facilitated labor, but he revolutionized the way we build walls. We often refer to drywall by its brand name Sheetrock, which is made of a sulfate mineral called gypsum. The way drywall is constructed is through wallboard panels consisting of gypsum plaster layers sandwiched between two layers of durable paper. The core is made out of foaming agents, fibers and ground gypsum crystals, along with other additives. It’s a durable, cost-effective material that has become the most popular material used for walls.

Drywall has many benefits—it’s lightweight, quick to install and fire-resistant. However, with an average thickness of 1/2 inch (5/8 inch being the thickest), it’s still vulnerable to both moisture and heavy impacts. Settling homes, water damage and regular wear and tear eventually lead to cracks, stains and holes that need immediate repair. The good news is, with the help of your qualified St. Petersburg handyman, your drywall could look good as new in no time.

When you need a drywall repair service, you can expect us to complete the following service requests:

  • Hole repair
  • Fixing cracks, popped nails, and sagging tape
  • Seam and joint taping
  • Mudding
  • Finishing and painting

If you have a hole in the wall staring at you, your expert handyman in St. Petersburg, FL will do the required patching job fast and efficiently. Don’t worry if you’re no fan of cutting, mudding and sanding (it’s messy business!)—your Mr. Handyman serving Palm Harbor, Clearwater and Largo will know exactly what to do during drywall services!

Deck Repair Services

When it comes to maintaining your outdoor living spaces, we recognize the importance of your deck. Not just in terms of your property's curb appeal, but in how it provides you with a relaxing, outdoor oasis in which you can unwind after a stressful week. That's why we provide a range of deck repair and maintenance services in Saint Petersburg.

From deck staining and deck finishing services to regular maintenance, we can free you from a long list of DIY projects to enjoy your free time. We can even tackle the time-consuming task of sealing your deck after painting or staining it. No matter what deck repair or maintenance tasks you need help with, we can handle it for you.

Some of the more popular services we offer for decks include:

  • Replacing Loose or Damaged Boards: Your deck boards are important when it comes to your deck's structural strength and integrity. During our initial inspection, we'll make note of any damaged or rotten deck boards and replace them for you.
  • Replacing Hardware: Additionally, we'll also make sure that your deck's hardware is in good condition. We'll replace any rusted or missing nails and screws, provided that your deck boards are still in good repair.
  • Structural Repair: When it comes to the actual structure of your deck, like its concrete footings, deck posts, or foundation, you can trust that we'll rectify any issues that we find. At Mr. Handyman, we'll ensure your deck remains on solid ground.
  • Railing and Stair Repair and Replacement: If you're worried about your deck's stairs or railing, we can take of those, as well. We can either repair or completely replace your deck's stairs and railings, ensuring that they're safe and secure.
  • Deck Maintenance: If you just need help with regular cleaning and maintenance, our experts can handle that for you, too. We offer pressure washing services, alongside a wide range of other maintenance tasks, including painting and staining.

If you're looking for comprehensive deck maintenance and repair services, look no further than the expert handymen at Mr. Handyman. Whether you need repairs or are looking for help with preventative maintenance, we offer a wide range of services that will ensure you continue to enjoy peace of mind regarding your deck.

More Popular Services Needs Include:

  • Fences
  • Soffits and fascia
  • Gutters and downspouts
  • Floors
  • Patio doors
  • Wood rot
  • Termite damage

St. Petersburg Kitchen Remodel

Is it time to upgrade your appliances, cabinets, walls and floors? Your kitchen is a space where you gather, cook and share life stories. Every homeowner will eventually go through a phase of contemplating a kitchen remodel because there is a crack in the backsplash tile, or worse, a damaged subfloor and/or a ruined drywall behind your refrigerator. If these aren’t a good enough reason to renovate your kitchen, maybe our special services will convince you:

  • Wall and floor replacements
  • Custom cabinets designed to fit and suit your kitchen’s needs
  • Backsplash tile replacement
  • Kitchen island installation
  • Installation of new appliances
  • Lighting upgrades
  • Paint jobs

Your local handyman in St. Petersburg, FL, is happy to help you with your planning and budgeting and answer any questions that you may have about time management and where to best gather high-quality materials. Overall, the benefits of a kitchen remodel include:

  • Safer living environment
  • Long-term results through improved functionality
  • Customized and personalized items
  • Optimized energy systems to control utility costs
  • Improved work environment
  • Less future maintenance
  • Boosts ROI

Are You Stuck With Home Improvement, Maintenance and Repair Projects? Hire Your Local St. Petersburg Handyman!

Whether you need big to minor home repairs, improvement services or need someone to inspect your commercial property, your skilled team at Mr. Handyman serving Palm Harbor, Clearwater and Largo will take care of any chores that take up too much of your valuable time. Our priority is your safety and comfort, which is why you can trust us to get the job done right without leaving any mess behind. We are a locally-owned and operated business, happily serving St. Petersburg and nearby communities like Palm Harbor, Clearwater or Treasure Island.

When it comes to repair, installation, and maintenance services, you know you need an expert. That's why Mr. Handyman comes so highly recommended by Saint Petersburg locals. Don't just take our word for it; you can take the word from our many positive reviews. Turn to Mr. Handyman when you need help with ceiling repair, drywall installation and repair, or a bathroom renovation. Our service professionals are ready to help with whatever home improvement task you need.

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