Drywall probably isn't very high up on the list of things you think about on a regular basis. It doesn't just fade into the background—it IS the background! But that tends to change when walls or ceilings suffer damage such as holes, cracks, dents, stains and scuffs, and suddenly you find yourself thinking about drywall all the time because your eyes go straight to the problem area every time you enter the room. If you'd rather go back to never having drywall cross your mind, the solution is experienced drywall repair in Racine, WI.  

When you need help with drywall services, call your local Racine handyman. The team of professionals at Mr. Handyman of Racine County has the experience and skill to restore your walls and ceilings to perfect condition with top-quality drywall repair services. We'll erase damage and leave behind nothing more than an even, smooth surface.

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About Our Trusted Racine Drywall Repair Services

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Drywall holds up relatively well because walls don't typically come into contact with people or objects very much, but it is made of a fairly brittle material, so it is certainly not invulnerable to damage from impacts, scratching, excessive moisture and other destructive factors. Many homeowners assume that drywall damage is just a cosmetic issue, but that's actually not true—problems like cracks and holes can cause a whole host of serious issues for homeowners that have nothing to do with appearance and can actually make your house a lot less comfortable and energy efficient. That's why it's so important to get prompt drywall repair in Racine, WI. 

Repairing drywall is a more complex process than many people suspect, and you need to find someone who is capable of doing it correctly and taking care of every single step along the way. When you call the team of experts at Mr. Handyman of Racine County for wall or ceiling repairs, we'll handle the entire process from beginning to end, including showing up on time for your scheduled service appointment and cleaning up after ourselves before we leave. 

Unlike other types of home repairs in which we choose the right strategy based on the nature of the problem, the size of the damaged area is generally what determines the best method for drywall repair in Racine, WI. Here are some of the common Racine drywall repair problems we encounter on a regular basis and how we address them:

  • Dents, Nail Holes and Hairline Cracks: These small surface problems are relatively easy to fix because they don't require a patch. When it comes to Racine drywall repair for minor spots of damage, the most difficult part is matching the paint color perfectly so the repair is invisible. Our skilled handyman professionals will fill in the blemish with joint compound, blend it into the existing surface texture and paint over the compound once it's completely dry.
  • Small Holes: If you have a small hole in your wall or ceiling that is less than around four inches in diameter, it is best handled with a mesh adhesive drywall patch to provide a stable surface for the joint compound. The most common cause of this type of damage is a doorknob accidentally punching through the wall. We'll trim the ragged pieces around the edge of the hole, apply an adhesive mesh patch, and cover it with several layers of joint compound. When it's dry, we'll sand it smooth and apply a coat of paint so you can't tell there was ever a hole there. We can also install a door stopper so it doesn't happen again.
  • Large Patches of Damage: When the issue at hand is a drywall hole that's larger than four inches in diameter, it gets more complex and time-consuming to take care of drywall repair in Racine, WI. Usually, we'll handle a larger drywall repair by finding the wall stud on either side of the problem area and cutting out the damaged segment all the way from one wall stud to the other. Then, we install a support piece made out of lumber or plywood to the studs, cut out a new section of drywall to fit the gap and screw it into place on the wall studs. We then cover the seams around the patch with joint tape and several layers of drywall compound, sand it down once dry and take care of painting the whole wall.

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Are you looking for a team of reliable service professionals who can handle effective, experienced drywall repair in Racine, WI? Your search is over! Pick up the phone and call the experts at Mr. Handyman of Racine County. We have many years of experience repairing drywall on ceilings and walls, and we can make sure there's no trace of damage left behind when we're finished.

Along with Racine drywall repair, we provide a wide range of services such as drywall installation, carpentry services, aging in place modifications, tile repair, flooring installation and much more. We also provide commercial handyman services to the business owners of Racine and nearby communities. Our team members undergo an extensive screening process with employee background checks, and you can trust us to provide courteous, capable handyman services.

Give us a call today to find out more about what we can do to enhance your home or commercial property or to book a service appointment at a time that's most convenient for your household.

Frequently Asked Questions About Drywall Repair in Racine, WI
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Do you have questions about drywall repair in Racine, WI? Contact us today to get the answers you're looking for, or check out our replies to frequently asked questions below.

What Is Drywall Made Of?

Drywall, which is also referred to as wall board, gypsum board, sheetrock and many other nicknames, is made from panels of gypsum, which is a soft sulfate mineral. The gypsum is encased in thick sheets of paper, and it typically contains additives that inhibit mold and mildew growth and make it less flammable. It was originally invented as an alternative to plaster walls and is much easier to both install and repair than plaster. That's why it's now used for walls and ceiling surfaces in most buildings in Racine and pretty much everywhere else in the United States.

How Long Does It Take for Drywall Repair in Racine, WI?

The length of time you can expect Racine drywall repair services to take will depend on how extensive the damage is. Minor spots of surface damage only require a small amount of drywall mud that can dry quickly, so we can likely get that type of repair taken care of in a single appointment. But anything bigger will require multiple coats of joint compound that will need about 24 hours to dry and cure before the next steps can be carried out, so it will require multiple appointments over the course of several days. A major project, such as installing multiple full panels of drywall, can take more than two appointments, so it really varies a lot based on the nature of the damage. When you call us and let us know what you're dealing with, we can offer an educated estimate on how long it's likely to take.

What Causes Drywall Damage?

You might know exactly why your home needs drywall repair in Racine, WI. Maybe you saw the damage happen, or a guilty party confessed to causing accidental damage. Whether it was caused by a careless furniture mover, someone stumbled and fell against the wall or something else occurred, there's now a big hole that needs to be fixed.

But oftentimes it's really not so clear what caused the issue in the first place. Water damage can be particularly difficult to figure out because the source of the excess water can be hidden out of sight behind the ceiling or wall. Here are common causes of damage our Racine drywall repair professionals have encountered and fixed:  

  • Wear and tear issues that get worse over time
  • Holes from nails, screws and anchors used to support shelving units and other appliances or furniture
  • Issues such as loose joint tape, popping screws and cracks caused by the house settling
  • Marks from dogs, cats and other pets gnawing or scratching at the wall
  • Water stains, softened drywall and other types of moisture damage from a hidden plumbing leak or leaky roof
  • Moisture damage from condensed steam from the shower in a poorly ventilated bathroom
  • Damage that was either made or expanded by rodents or insects

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Is it time for drywall repair in Racine or a nearby area such as Franklin, Caledonia or Somers? Pick up the phone and call the experienced team of service professionals at Mr. Handyman of Racine County to make a service request with our friendly customer care staff. We look forward to the opportunity to show you why we're Racine's first choice for reliable handyman services.

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