Marblehead is one of the beautiful coastal towns that perfectly exemplifies the appeal and storied history of Massachusetts. From its graceful, historic homes to the harbor dotted with white sailing boats, it's full of the types of scenes that people associate with the best of this area. Local residents have everything they need right at their fingertips, including trustworthy services from an experienced, qualified handyman. Marblehead homeowners and business owners alike can get the repair, maintenance and improvement services they need with just one phone call to Mr. Handyman of South Essex County.

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Experienced Marblehead Handyman Services

As a locally owned and operated business, our team is proud to serve our community with excellent workmanship and amazing customer service from a dependable handyman. Marblehead and nearby areas such as Newbury, Swampscott and Lynnfield can trust our experts to deliver outstanding services that meet or exceed expectations. From kitchen remodels and bathroom remodels to ceiling repair, fence repair and beyond, our service professionals are always focused on complete customer satisfaction and long-lasting, appealing results.

Drywall Repair in Marblehead

Drywall damage is unattractive and can lower the appeal of an entire room, but that's not the only problem it brings. It can cause other unwelcome issues as well by raising the energy costs on your utility bill, encouraging rodent and insect infestations and making your house less comfortable for you and the other members of your household. That’s why it needs to be repaired by an experienced Marblehead handyman before it deteriorates further.

If you need ceiling or wall repair for drywall damage such as dents, holes, scuffs, cracks, stains, softened patches or other forms of moisture damage, rely on the professionals at Mr. Handyman of South Essex County.

Our drywall repair services include:

  • Removing the damaged portion of your wall or ceiling
  • Applying a supporting beam or, for smaller holes, a drywall patch
  • Cutting and installing a new segment of drywall to fit the hole
  • Covering corners and seams with joint tape
  • Applying several layers of drywall mud over the tape
  • Sanding down the dried joint compound to create an even surface
  • Applying texture spray if it's needed
  • Painting the repaired portion of the ceiling or wall
  • Re-installing baseboards and other trim as needed
  • Cleaning up after ourselves before we leave

Marblehead Tile Installation

There are a lot of reasons to love tile, such as its durability, beauty, and versatility. Because there is such a wide range of options available, a new tile installation is the ideal way to infuse your home with your own sense of taste—or go with a classic, neutral tile that will increase your property value if you're planning to put your home up for sale on the real estate market.

From kitchen backsplashes to shower floors, our Marblehead handyman experts have extensive experience installing all types of tiles, even in irregularly shaped rooms and difficult-to-reach areas.

Call your handyman in Marblehead to install tiles such as:

  • Ceramic and porcelain
  • Natural stone such as marble, slate, marble, travertine and granite
  • Glass tiles
  • Quarry tiles
  • Mosaic tiles

Marblehead Door Repair and Installation

Your exterior doors have a huge role to play in boosting your curb appeal, keeping your home energy efficient, and protecting against intruders of all types. When your exterior doors are in rough shape, they can't do their job to keep your home protected. Fortunately, our team of Marblehead handyman professionals has completed many door repairs and installations in this area. We can get your exterior doors in great condition so you can rest easy knowing your house's first line of defense is strong and sturdy.

Here are some of the warning signs that your exterior door needs to be repaired or replaced:

  • Cold drafts coming from the door when it's closed
  • Visible light showing around the edges
  • Rotten wood on the frame or slab
  • Door scrapes on the floor or jamb
  • Insect damage, such as holes or channels in the surface
  • The door sounds hollow when tapped or feels lighter than it did before
  • You can hear more noise from outside
  • Window in the door is foggy because there's condensation trapped between panes
  • Vandalism, damage or extensive deterioration

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