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A remodeling project can be a tedious endeavor that takes up all your time and energy. Because of this, many homeowners forgo a remodel all together or hire a company to do the work for them. Mr. Handyman of South Essex County recommends the latter as we offer comprehensive, thorough, and precise remodeling services for all homeowners in Peabody and the surrounding areas.

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Our licensed, insured, and certified professionals in Peabody are dedicated to helping you rejuvenate your bathroom, kitchen, basement, and more. Whether you need drywall, floors or windows installed, or you want new paint in various rooms, our team is here to assist you! Our highly trained technicians use industry best practices and follow strict safety protocols to complete remodeling projects in your home. With our committed Peabody remodeling pros working with you, you’ll get the home makeover you’ve always wanted.

Bathroom, Basement, and Kitchen Remodeling Services Near You

Are you tired of looking at piles of uninstalled drywall or a kitchen backsplash? It’s time to call in the Peabody home remodeling professionals, so you can finally sit back and relax while the work gets done. We want you to get the remodeled home of your dreams without compromising your budget or your preferences. When you hire us to complete your home improvement projects, you can rest assured that you’re getting superior quality service every time.

Some of the renovation tasks we can complete include:

  • Installing kitchen backsplashes
  • Installing new doors
  • Painting various rooms
  • Building entertainment centers
  • Installing new stairs
  • Tiling shower walls and floors
  • Installing countertops
  • Assembling and installing kitchen cabinets

Allow our renovation specialists in Peabody to help you create a functional and stunning home. As a locally owned and operated business, we want to support homeowners just like you so that you can focus on doing the things you enjoy.

3 Reasons You Should Hire a Professional Remodeling Expert

Many people opt to complete home improvements themselves (and we understand the allure of a DIY remodel). Still, we don’t recommend taking on major renovation or remodeling projects alone, as they could end in serious injury. Plus, you may be overspending on materials.

Other reasons to hire us for professional handyman services, repairs, and renovations include:

  1. Quality workmanship – We guarantee our workmanship and parts, ensuring that you’re completely satisfied with our services before we leave your home. If you find an issue with our work, we will return to make it right.
  2. On-site project management – We’re on-site double and triple-checking our work and monitoring every completed project. We also troubleshoot to confirm that your project is completed without issue.
  3. Renovations are finished quickly – Expediency is essential when renovating, but we will never compromise quality to get the job done quickly. You will get superior work completed promptly and accurately.

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Home Remodeling | FAQs

Can You Remodel small bathrooms?

Of course, we can! And with the right design and planning, you could even have a walk-in shower installed in a smaller bathroom.

Here are some tips for your small bathroom remodel:

  • Considering using a curtain or sliding door for your shower
  • Mount toilet and sink fixtures on your wall
  • Consider having a pedestal sink installed
  • Choose smaller light fixtures
  • Have a recessed ventilation fan installed
  • Stick with light colors for paint, tile, and flooring
  • Since the bathroom is smaller, splurge out with high-end features, like showerheads, tile, and flooring

These are just a few tips to get you started thinking. We'd be more than happy to help plan and design the perfect small bathroom remodel for you!

What Are the Most Important Features of a Bathroom Remodel?

The Shower

Most of the time, your shower is the focal point of your bathroom. If you plan to sell your home at some point, splurging out on the shower can really pay off!

The Floor

It's critical that you go with waterproof flooring over water-resistant flooring. This is a difference between the two!

Some great waterproof flooring options include:

  • Ceramic and porcelain tile
  • Stone
  • Vinyl


This might seem like "small potatoes" compared to showers and floors. But a vent fan is key to protecting your paint and drywall from moisture damage.

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