Salem is famous for its long and fascinating history, and people flock here from all over the world to see some of the country's most notable historic buildings, such as the Witch House. But of course, actually living in Salem isn't all about the town's spooky history—it's about coastal charm, close proximity to the big city, and a plethora of excellent dining, shopping, and entertainment amenities, along with access to outstanding services from a qualified handyman in Salem, MA.

Homeowners and business owners in Salem are proud of their properties and want to keep them both looking great and functioning properly. That's a noble goal, but actually accomplishing it can be a real challenge when you don't necessarily have all the free time in the world, not to mention the tools or know-how to deal with every one of the necessary repair, maintenance and improvement tasks around your property. That's where the Salem handyman service professionals at Mr. Handyman of South Essex County come in! Count on our experienced handyman team for all your home improvement and repair needs, from wood rot repair on your deck to installing a new tile backsplash in your kitchen.

Our Trusted, Professional Salem Handyman Services

At Mr. Handyman of South Essex County, complete customer satisfaction is our first priority in all that we do. We don't just work in this area; it's our home too, and we want to ensure that the people in our local communities, such as Salem, NewburyMarbleheadSwampscott and other nearby areas, can get the experienced, top-quality workmanship and services they need to get their homes and businesses in excellent condition and keep them that way. Our Salem handyman experts have all passed an employee background check as part of our extensive screening process.

If you'd like to know more about what we can do to enhance the comfort, longevity and appeal of your home or business, or you'd like to schedule a consultation or appointment with a reliable handyman in Salem, MA, give us a call! You can also read on to find out more about our high-quality work and the most popular services that are requested from our Salem handyman team—the true professionals in the home service industry.

Drywall Repair in Salem, MA

You probably don't think about your drywall very often, and that makes sense. It's not the most noticeable or exciting material, even though it's a big part of most buildings in the United States. But when drywall damage such as holes, cracks, scuffs, moisture damage and peeling tape appear, you can't help but notice your drywall for all the wrong reasons. When that happens, it's time to call your local handyman for drywall repair in Salem, MA.

Drywall damage isn't just unattractive, though. Problems like cracks and holes can make your home less comfortable and increase the costs of your energy bill by letting cool or warm air escape inside the walls. Our drywall repair experts can take care of the whole process, including removing the old drywall, sanding, mudding, and joint taping. We'll handle painting and refinishing the new surface so the repaired area blends in seamlessly, and we'll take care of finishing steps such as replacing baseboard trim and rehanging your framed photos.

Salem Window Repair and Replacement

There's no doubt that windows are right up there among the most defining and important features of modern homes, but they can cause major issues for homeowners when they deteriorate or suffer sudden damage. Here are a few key warning signs that you need window repair or replacement from an experienced handyman in Salem, MA:

  • Cool drafts coming from closed windows
  • Condensation trapped between panes of glass
  • Increasing energy costs even though your energy consumption habits haven't changed
  • Rotten frames and sills
  • Difficult to open or close window
  • Insects getting in through a damaged window screen or frame
  • Warped window frames that are "out-of-square"
  • Damaged muntins or mullions
  • Chipping and peeling wood stain or paint

Our Salem handyman professionals can get your windows back into great condition, whether they need to be repaired or replaced. Choosing energy-efficient window installation can increase the comfort of your home and decrease your energy costs. Window services offered by your handyman in Salem, MA include:

  • Glass replacement
  • Window frame repair
  • Window installation
  • Shutter installation
  • Weatherproofing
  • Hanging blinds, curtains, & drapes

Salem Commercial Maintenance Services

Running a business is a big challenge. Between serving your clients or customers and expanding your business, you have enough resting on your shoulders without having to think about maintenance and repairs for your commercial property on top of everything else. Local business owners can access a wide range of dependable handyman services for commercial properties by calling our team for service from a qualified commercial handyman in Salem, MA. 

Whether you need to schedule regular service and trust that it'll get done correctly and on time, or just want an experienced handyman on speed dial in case something comes up, we can take the burden off your shoulders and let you get back to focusing on the big picture of running your business. Our Salem handyman professionals offer a wide range of services for commercial properties, including:

  • Door repair and installation
  • Restroom repairs and accessibility modifications
  • Painting and refinishing services
  • Cubicle and office furniture assembly
  • Flooring installation
  • Custom carpentry projects
  • Hanging signage
  • Ceiling tile repair
  • Siding repair
  • Pressure washing and graffiti removal
  • General maintenance services

This list is far from exhaustive, so if you've got something else in mind, just let us know!

Are You Looking for a Handyman in Salem, MA? The Pros at Mr. Handyman are Here to Help!

If you've noticed some places around your residential or commercial property that could really use a little help from a qualified Salem handyman professional, pick up the phone and call the team of experts at Mr. Handyman of South Essex County. You can trust us to deliver exception service from a trusted handyman in Salem, MA. 

Contact our customer service team to learn more about our reliable handyman services or to schedule a service appointment. Whether you need minor home repairs or have larger projects lined up, our Salem handyman team has you covered.