Doors aren’t just the first thing you and your guests see upon entering your home, they’re also the conduit between you and the outside world. You depend on your exterior doors for protection and safety, and your interior doors for some much-needed alone time. When your doors are damaged or warped, it can interrupt the safety you should feel upon entering your home. Weather getting in through cracks or holes in your door can cause the energy efficiency in your home to drop. We are committed to protecting you from any kind of home intrusion, whether that be damage from the elements. Let us help restore your peace of mind with exceptional Essex County door repair services! 

Our Essex County handyman team offers professional repair for a wide variety of doors. We have seen, assessed and fixed almost any kind of major or minor issues your doors might have. You can count on Mr. Handyman for a professional door repair in Essex County. 

Read on for more details on our handyman repair services, or call one of our repair professionals today to get started! 

What to Expect from Our Essex County Door Repair Services

If you live in Massachusetts, you know you'll encounter almost any kind of weather. From hot summers to winters with temperatures dropping below freezing, you want to be prepared for anything Massachusetts throws at you! 

Count on us for your Essex County door repairs! Learn more about some of the most common issues we can tackle to get your door back to tip-top shape:

Broken Latches/Hinges

Latches and hinges are built for some movement. They should move seamlessly, for example, when the door opens and closes, but what they're not built for is handling horizontal pressure. If your latch is broken, chances are the pressure has become too much for it to hold. A common cause of this is improper installation of a door or its frame. It could also be due to weather stripping, which is installed to protect a home from an unwanted breeze. 


The most common cause of warping is changes in moisture levels. Changes in humidity cause the wood to swell and then shrink, resulting in warping and, in extreme cases, cracking and splitting. 

Sticky Doors

There are a wide range of reasons why a door might be sticking. First, it's important to determine from which part of the door it is sticking. If it's sticking at the top, the issue could be a drooping or bent doorframe or loose hinges. If it's sticking in the middle, your door could have a loose strike plate. Other sticky sections of the door could likely be a cause of warping and humidity. During your Essex County door repair service, you can rest assured that we’ll eliminate these issues once and for all.

General Wear and Tear Damage 

At the end of the day, your home was made for living in, so there's bound to be some nicks and scratches from general wear and tear. Changes in internal temperatures, slamming and banging, pet scratches and chewing, and aging materials will all cause your doors to absorb a fair bit of damage over time. 

Misaligned Bottom Wall Plates

Misaligned wall plates will prevent your door from resting flush along the door frame. This issue is due to the door jambs. Tapping the jamb at the top of the door or moving the jamb altogether could help with this. Whatever the issue, our service technicians will figure it out! 

Door Won't Close

This can be one of the most inconvenient issues you'll face, but when you hire us for exceptional door repairs in Essex County, we’ll make this problem go away. If a door won't close, it's not serving its purpose. The root cause behind this issue is a little more difficult to pin down. The latch could be misaligned with the hole in the strike plate, the door's hinges might need to be tightened, the hinges could be seized, or it could be due to a sagging door frame. Whatever the issue, don't waste your time trying to pin down the problem yourself. Our service professionals will get to the bottom of it, no problem! 

Choose Our Trusted Handyman For Your Essex Door Repair Service

Our team of experts from Mr. Handyman in South Essex County is more than willing to tackle whatever door repair issue you've got! Our excellent service and fair prices make us the one-stop shop for all your Essex County door repair needs. 

We're committed to customer care, first and foremost. Our Neighbourly Done Right Promise is what sets us apart from other handyman services. Our promise to you is that it's not done, until it's done right. We know that owning a home can come with a multitude of stressors, but it shouldn't have to! Let us take care of the job for you and if it's not done right, we'll make it right. 

Our top priority will always be customer satisfaction, especially when it comes to the residents of Essex County. We're locally owned and operated, so we know what the community of Essex needs and we'll deliver! Every time. 

FAQs About Essex County Door Repair Services

How Do I Know if I Need Door Repair in Essex County?

There are certainly obvious signs that indicate the need for door repair, such as knicks, dents holes and scratches. But here are some indications you need door repair, which are a little more difficult to spot:

  • Excessive noise when opening or closing door
  • Your door gets stick or opens and closes with difficulty
  • Seems hollow 
  • The pain is peeling
  • The door is drafty/lets in cool wind, rain or snow
  • The door is decades-old 
  • The door doesn't stay latched

No need to worry! You can count on Mr. Handyman for your Essex County door repair! Our level of quality and wide range of services can't be beat. 

Should I Replace or Repair My Doors?

When it comes to the question of repair or replacement door, you might decide it's worth it to scrap the old door for a new one. But sometimes all your door needs is a spruce. Firstly, it depends on which door you're looking to replace or repair. Your front door, for example, is the gateway between you and the elements and, ideally, it should last as long as your home. A sagging door or misaligned door is easily reparable, but bowing, warping, a sticky door due to frame or door damage or large holes may indicate the need for a door replacement. 

Interior doors are a little easier to fix than a front door. Many issues are easily fixable. However, if you're already doing renovations, it might be worth it to opt for door replacement to go with the room's new aesthetic. Replacement is also necessary if the door has excessive damage, such as cracks or splits in the door and/or door frame or extreme warping, giving the door an uneven surface.   

But, you shouldn't have to worry about replacing these doors yourself. Our professional door installation and repair services. From broken door locks to split wood, we will ensure those doors are gliding in their frames like butter. 

Do You Provide Door Installation Services?

Absolutely! If you're in need of a door replacement, our professional technicians are more than ready to take care of the job. Doors are an integral part of your home running smoothly. They separate living spaces for the use of privacy, functionality, and safety and security reasons. Call us today for a level of service you can't find anywhere else! 

How Long Will It Take To Repair My Door in Essex County?

This really depends on the extent of the damage done to the door. Smaller fixes can take only hours, while bigger jobs might take a few days. As soon as our team is sent to your house, we'll give you an assessment and time estimate and work to get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

From Hinged to Sliding Doors, Choose Mr. Handyman For All Your Essex County Door Repair Needs 

We're a locally owned and operated business, so we know what the communities of Essex County and surrounding areas need! We're proud to serve Amesbury, Boxford, Georgetown, Lynnfield, Newbury, Salem, South Hamilton, Wakefield, and West Newbury for all your home projects — big or small. From door repair to expert carpentry, we'll get it figured out!  

But, don't wait until the problem becomes urgent. The safety, security and energy efficiency of your home is our number one priority. Call our team for professional technicians for your Essex County door repair. The safety and comfort of your family can't wait. Whether you need maintenance on your current doors, repairs, and/or project tips, we will make sure it's Done Right. Our Neighborly Done Right Promise guarantees it. If it's not done right, we'll make it right! 

But, don't take our word for it! Check out these five-star reviews from your fellow Essex County community members. From minor to major repairs, our team delivers.  

If you want a repair company you can trust, you've come to the right place. Enlist our professional services today for a cost estimate! We'll work to make sure those doors are back in pristine condition, elevating your home back to its place of beauty.

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