How To Decide Between West Palm Beach Fence Repair and Replacement

Wooden, picket fence for fence repair
Whether located on commercial or residential properties, fencing plays a dual role in security and privacy. Though fences make it more difficult to trespass, they don’t often eliminate the possibility, making them almost symbolic protectors in this respect. Regardless, the symbolism must be strong, as fences effectively discourage passersby from stepping foot onto the property. If tall enough, fences can also prevent neighbors, dog walkers and solicitors from watching the goings on in your backyard. And, if the right material and style are chosen, they can look great while doing it. But like most things, fences undergo wear and tear primarily caused by the weather and climate that can lead them to deteriorate. Instead of replacing your entire perimeter when only part of it is looking a little worse for wear, you may wish to consider West Palm Beach fence repair.

Though Palm Beach County is filled with beautiful beaches, excellent coffee shops and interesting restaurants, there will always be days when you would prefer to spend the day in the comfort of your own home. If the condition of your fence is causing you embarrassment, you may not be likely to have friends and family over for summer backyard barbecues. Likewise, if you’re planning to sell your West Palm Beach home soon, total fence replacement may not make sense for you. Regardless of your circumstances, as long as you still enjoy the overall aesthetic of your fence, you may wish to consider fencing repair.

While fencing repair will often save you money, it’s not always the best solution for everyone. Our South Palm Beach handyman team at Mr. Handyman serving South Palm Beach has provided you with this guide on considerations to make when deciding between a service for West Palm Beach fence repair and replacement to help you decide which is the most appropriate service for your home. By the end of this post, you’ll have the confidence and information you need to make the right decision for you.

The Anatomy of a Fence

Unless you installed your fence yourself, you may not be aware of all the components and steps that go into building this kind of structure. While you do not need a comprehensive understanding of how a fence is installed, it can be helpful to know some of the basic terminologies. Some of the words we’ll use frequently in this article include:

  • Posts: When you look at a fence, you’ll likely notice that every five feet or so, there are vertical boards that extend into the ground. These are called fence posts, which are responsible for holding the fence up. More often than not, these are placed in deep holes filled with gravel and concrete to ensure they stay in place.
  • Pickets: Between the posts are more vertical boards, but these don’t go into the ground. While many people tend to think of pickets as being pointed boards, they can be rounded or flat.
  • Panels: Each set of pickets between the posts is called a fence panel.
  • Backer rails: You may notice a board extending horizontally across the panels from post to post. These backer rails add a little more strength and structural support for the panels.
  • Post caps: An optional extra sometimes seen on wooden fences are rubber caps placed on top of posts.

If your fence doesn’t quite look like the one we’ve described above, don’t worry. There are tons of different styles and materials of fencing available. Styles may include:

  • Picket fencing
  • Privacy fencing
  • Ornamental fences
  • And more

Additionally, popular fencing materials in West Palm Beach, FL include:

  • Aluminum fences
  • Wooden fences
  • Vinyl fences
  • Iron fences
  • Chain link fencing

Because there are so many different types of fences, it can be challenging to provide a set of guidelines for all. Different materials behave in different ways and you will therefore have different repair needs based on the type of fence you have. That being said, there are some common signs and causes of fence repair in West Palm Beach.

Signs You Need Fence Repairs

Sometimes a damaged fence is obvious, while other times closer inspection is required to identify issues. You’ve probably walked past a dilapidated fence at some point—or maybe that fence that looks like it’s one small breeze from toppling right over belongs to you. If this is what your fence looks like, you’re reading the wrong article. Of all of our local services, fence installation is the one you need. If your fence is in better condition than this, you must look for signs that repairs are needed to prevent yours from succumbing to a similar fate.

Some common indications that it’s time to invest in West Palm Beach fence repair include:

  • Peeling paint and fading stains: Though these may seem merely cosmetic, they also protect wooden fences against sun and rain.
  • Cracks: Vinyl and wood may both be susceptible to this.
  • Deterioration: Metal fences can rust and wood fencing can develop wood rot. The latter will be discussed further later, but neither of these issues necessarily lead to replacement if they’re dealt with quickly.
  • Leaning: In this situation, your posts were likely incorrectly installed and have been compromised.

Common Reasons for Fence Repair in West Palm Beach

The main reason that fence repair in West Palm Beach becomes necessary for almost every homeowner at some point is simply that they take quite a beating. The weather in Palm Beach County is hot and humid. With moisture in the air at all times and the intense rays of the sun beating down on your fencing, the deterioration process speeds up. It’s natural for fencing material to age and break down, making the above common repairs a necessity.

Additionally, if a fence was not properly installed to begin with, you may find that its posts and fasteners loosen up and become wobbly over time. This larger structural issue requires immediate attention to avoid having to pay for a brand-new fence.

5 Considerations To Make When Deciding Between Fence Repair and Replacement

1. Determine the Type of Damage

Determining the type of damage will help you determine which types of repairs are needed. In general, damage can fall into two categories: structural damage and cosmetic damage.

Structural issues with pickets, panels or backer rails can be fixed in a few different ways, depending on the material in question. Some materials may be able to be patched with a filling product, while for others, the best course of action may be to simply swap out the damaged piece for a new one. This latter option is partially dependent on the style of the fence. A basic wood fence can use basic lumber from your local hardware store while a more ornate iron fence may need replacements that must be ordered—provided that the component is still being manufactured.

Post issues are a structural issue that may be more difficult to correct. As stated above, if your fence is leaning or wobbling, there’s likely an issue with how the post has been secured underground. Repairing this would involve taking apart that segment of the fence, removing the post from the ground and re-securing it in the ground with the right materials and tools to do so.

Cosmetic issues are fairly easy to repair. Fences with feeling paint are one of several spots that call for pressure washing, as pressure washing can quickly and efficiently strip away any remaining paint or stain. Once dry, new paint or stain can be applied on top.

2. Be Weary of Wood Rot

Wood fences are one of the most common types of fencing in West Palm Beach. While they’re a popular choice due to their warm, natural appearance as well as their relative affordability, keeping wooden fences in great condition isn’t easy. When wood gets wet and doesn’t have an opportunity to dry out, as is frequently the case in West Palm Beach, it can develop wood rot.

Wood rot is essentially the process of decay of wood. Dead wood that gets wet becomes an attractant for fungi that feast on the cellulose and lignin within the fibers of the wood. This causes wood to lose its structural integrity, leading it to crumble under even the most gentle of touches.

A single rotted board is easy enough to replace, but if you find you have wood rot at various places across your fence, it may be best to replace it entirely.

3. Consider the Age of Your Fence

When features in your home’s interior or exterior first begin to show signs of their age, repair is a worthy solution. Though they’re aging, they’re still a decent way away from the end of their lifespan, making repairs more worthwhile. For example, if you know a repair you’re going to make will allow your current fence to survive for another few years, it makes sense to do so.

On the other hand, if your fence is several decades old, your current problem will likely be one of many to crop up in the near future. If it’s had a good run, replacement may be the better way to go.

4. Role In Property Value

Unless you’re planning to spend the rest of your life in your current home and have no children you’d like to pass it down to, the property value may not be something that’s on your radar. In all other circumstances, it’s important to consider how your fence is adding to—or taking away from—the value of your home.

The moment a prospective buyer pulls up to your property, they’ll see your fence. If it’s an attractive fence, they may not consciously notice it at all but will have a positive impression that boosts your curb appeal. On the other hand, a low-quality fence will draw their attention right away and worsen their overall opinion of your home.

5. Amount of Upkeep

If you have a wooden fence and you’re planning to invest in our West Palm Beach fence repair service, it’s important to keep in mind that you’ll still have to do regular fence maintenance after we leave—if you want lasting repairs, that is.

As discussed above, avoiding wood rot is not an easy feat. To keep your wooden fence protected from the sun, rain, and humidity, you’ll need to apply a sealant at least once every two years. Additionally, if you don’t already have one, you’ll want a stain or exterior paint as well. Stains protect the wood from UV rays in the same way that tinted sunglasses do, but they need a clear sealant added on top to prevent water damage as well. Paint, though it hides the natural grain of the wood, protects against both UV light and water.

If regular maintenance isn’t for you, it may not be in your best interest to pay for repairs to a fence that you’re not going to take care of anyway. Instead, you may wish to replace it with other high-quality materials such as aluminum or iron.

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