Lake Worth is one of the most amazing destinations you can find in Florida. This is why it is one of the country's most desired places to live – with buzzing arts and culture, great history, amazing cuisine, and an almost-excellent climate. All of these come in handy with easy access to vital amenities, including entertainment, shopping, and a reliable handyman in Lake Worth.

What makes Lake Worth beautiful and interesting to live in is that business owners and homeowners value their properties and always want to keep them at their best. Unfortunately, that's not a simple task. You may not possess the appropriate expertise and equipment to tackle rotting deck boards or cracked wallboard situations.

You definitely can't do everything, and you aren't expected to. This is where the services of an excellent handyman will come into play. The team of professionals at Lake Worth, FL, is highly skilled with a wide range of maintenance tasks and repair services for commercial and residential properties. We take pride in offering the best standards of quality customer service on many jobs.

Handyman Lake Worth: Excellent Residential Services

Being a locally owned and operated business in Lake Worth, we take pride in offering reliable and professional handyman services to all residents of Lake Worth, FL, and other neighboring communities, including Delray Beach, Boynton Beach, and Palm Beach. Residents can bank on us for a wide range of services to make their home more comfortable, livable, and beautiful!

Our experienced service providers are skilled in providing you with efficient and effective services ranging from installing a new ceiling fan to patching a hole in your wallboard so you can sit down and enjoy your better-functioning and comfortable house. At Mr. Handyman your satisfaction is our top priority!

If you want to learn more about what a handyman in Lake Worth can do for your residential property, kindly contact our friendly customer service rep for more information.

How to save money in your Lake Worth home

In the summer months, you will relate that you feel like swimming through the air when the sun beats down. Your AC is crucial to keeping the house comfortable by eliminating heat and moisture from inside – we all know that most Lake Worth residents use air conditioners throughout the year. Unfortunately, that cool indoor comfort isn't cheap – the increase in energy charges on your monthly utility bill alone proves that the comfort doesn't come without a cost.

The good news is that there is something that can cut down your AC's energy usage and help you save money without reducing your comfort: ceiling fan installation. Most people presume that fans are a less effective version of their air conditioner, but that isn't true. Ceiling fans improve air circulation within a house and not necessarily cool your house. The increased air circulation implies that you can adjust the thermostat by turning it down four degrees in the winter and up four degrees in the warm months. The circulation from the fan will keep the room at your preferred and desired temperature.

You may wonder how ceiling fan installation by Mr. Handyman in Lake Worth will help your bank account. How will it save energy when the ceiling fan also runs on electricity? There is a huge difference in the amount of energy a ceiling fan utilizes compared to an air conditioner. A ceiling fan costs about a cent per hour, while an air conditioner costs around 36 cents per hour.

Wood Rot Repair in Lake Worth, FL

One of the most commonly used building materials is timber. This is because it is classic, firm, and easy to use, and it explains why builders and homeowners choose it for various parts of a house. But timber already exposed to the elements often has a specific weakness – it becomes susceptible to wood rot, particularly in Lake Worth, Florida, where there is a lot of rain and long hours of humidity.

Rotten wood cannot be transformed to its original form; thus, wood rot repair generally entails having a handyman in Lake Worth eliminate the rotten timber and replace it with a new one. Green-treated lumber is a great solution since it has more protection against moisture incursion. Then, we will paint and seal it to ensure it is more water-repellant.

Handyman Lake Worth: Excellent Commercial Services

We understand as a business owner; you might have a lot on your plate. You must stay focused on what matters the most, from satisfying your customers and managing your staff to generating new ideas to boost your business. With that, you don't have much time or energy to determine who will fix that cracked tile in the washroom or repair the faulty appliances in the office.

Allowing those many maintenance and repair tasks to accumulate on a to-do list can have painful consequences. Often, little problems can escalate into worse damage, which will be a huge headache. You know that a deteriorated commercial property can result in work disruptions or even safety and health risks. A commercial business that is open to the public should know how crucial it is to place its best foot forward because, most times, customers judge a book by its cover. Any appearance of disrepair can make them lose confidence in your business and go somewhere else.

We bring good news to you – there is a convenient, reliable, and one-call solution to keep your commercial property in good check: hire a qualified and skilled handyman in Lake Worth. Mr. Handyman is licensed and every member of our experienced and skilled handyman team is insured and bonded; thus, you can be assured that they are certified to work safely and do what is right for your business.

Are you looking for a handyman in Lake Worth, FL?

Whether managing multiple properties or just your home, you need reliable and professional service from a handyman in Lake Worth, FL who can help handle regular maintenance work or home improvement projects. You can depend on a team of professionals at Mr. Handyman to offer professional workmanship and friendly customer care that prioritizes satisfying their customers.

Contact us today by calling us to book an appointment at your convenient time or consult our friendly customer service staff about how we can improve your commercial or residential property in Lake Worth, FL, and make life easier!