As the seasons change so do home maintenance needs.

Spring might mean cleaning out the gutters, power washing the siding, and hauling away tree and shrub trimmings. Fall weather might involve raking leaves, updating the insulation, and cleaning out the garage to get that other car to fit before winter comes.

Here are just a few tasks and projects you will find on the seasonal home maintenance checklists. Your local Mr. Handyman can help with all of these exterior home services and more – to keep your home and property ready for the weather.

Download printable home maintenance checklists for each season:






This is the time to take on spring cleaning projects like disposing of clutter, organizing and tackling a winter's worth of dirt, grime, and dust. Here are just a few kinds of jobs that help keep your home and property up to date with the changing weather.

Some Important Spring Maintenance Tasks:

  • Inspect gutters, downspouts, and roof; make minor repairs (rain is coming!)
  • Set up irrigation system
  • Set up air conditioner window units
  • Weatherstrip leaky doors and caulk window frames to keep the house cool on hot summer days
  • Power wash home exterior and deck
  • Wash windows/remove storm windows
  • Inspect yard for standing water areas that can serve as mosquito breeding spots
  • Check for rotted wood with a screwdriver on home exterior and around windows
  • Get outdoor power equipment out of storage, do any necessary maintenance

We clean gutters, expertly repair damaged gutters and downspouts, install window air conditioners, caulk and weatherstrip windows and doors. We power wash siding and decks and inspect roof areas and exteriors for rotted wood, making seamless repairs that protect your home from rain and keep up its curb appeal. And from installing shelves and storage systems to building sheds, Mr. Handyman makes spring cleaning organization a snap.

Download the full, printable springtime maintenance checklist from Mr. Handyman.


Summer is a time for spending more time outside, so property maintenance and exterior repairs become more important.

Some Important Summer Maintenance Tasks:

  • Change the direction of ceiling fans to counter-clockwise (to direct cool air down)
  • Power wash children’s play structures
  • Power wash the deck and siding
  • Install attic fan and garage venting fan
  • Paint/repair fences and gates
  • Continue to inspect your property for pooling rainwater around downspouts, in the wheelbarrows, culverts, etc. to eliminate mosquito breeding areas

As experienced power washers, we know how to avoid common damage from the use of these powerful power tools. And our contractors install fans, perform carpentry repairs and paint as well, with all results guaranteed.

Download the full, printable summertime maintenance checklist from Mr. Handyman.


This is more than “cleaning-up-the-leaves” time – it’s also “get-ready-for-winter” time.

Some Important Fall Maintenance Tasks:

  • Gutter cleaning (get that debris out before the snow or winter rain hits)
  • Disconnect water hose from outdoor spigots before temperatures reach freezing. Open spigots to drain the line, to prevent frozen/bursting pipes
  • Get your irrigation system blown out (before freezing temps set in)
  • Inspect windows and doors for damage and drafts (before they become a big problem)
  • Wash windows/install storm windows
  • Organize the garage
  • Correctly put away your lawnmower and summertime power tools
  • Get snowblower out of storage, do any necessary maintenance
  • Inspect/add insulation
  • Experienced contractors from Mr. Handyman handle much of this autumn work

From gutter cleaning to window and door repairs, garage organization to attic inspection, the experienced and fully insured technicians at Mr. Handyman provide fast, guaranteed results. We can have your home buttoned up for winter in no time.

Download the full, printable fall maintenance checklist from Mr. Handyman.


Sometimes cold weather, snow, and ice create situations that make their way to our to-do lists. Like discovering that your patio door is letting in terrible drafts, or realizing that your home is using a lot more energy than before to keep your home comfortable.

Here are just a few of the kinds of jobs that help keep your home and property up to date with the cold weather.

Some Important Winter Maintenance Tasks:

  • Do you have ceiling fans? Switch them to clockwise and at a low speed to force warm air from the ceiling back down
  • Blow out your irrigation system (if you didn’t in the fall)
  • Turn off the water leading to your outdoor faucets. Open those faucets to drain the water trapped inside, and keep them open through the winter to save your pipes from freezing, cracking, and flooding your basement
  • Put away your lawnmower and other outdoor power equipment for winter storage, according to the directions in the owner's manuals
  • Have your chimney inspected before your first fireplace fire, to ensure there's no chimney fire
  • Do you have the salt you need for your driveway and sidewalk?
  • Drafty windows or doors? That’s money flying right out of your pocket
  • Install storm windows

We caulk and weatherstrip drafty windows and doors, expertly inspect and add needed insulation to attics, and organize and clean out garages so you can get both cars in the garage. We can make sure you keep your pipes from freezing or unfreeze pipes that become frozen before they burst. We can install a programmable thermostat for you too, to help bring down energy bills.

Download the full, printable winter maintenance checklist from Mr. Handyman.

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