Virtually everyone has home organization needs. To get started on yours, consider these home organization tips to gain control of clutter and have a better-organized home life.

Garage Organization Tips

Garages were meant for cars and trucks, not just “stuff.”

Even garages that have room for vehicles can accumulate a lot of items in a short period of time and quickly become cluttered. Installing countertops, shelving, cabinets, and wall hooks for bikes and power tools in your garage will provide ample, attractive storage for all the belongings that you need in your garage. A countertop-and-shelves combo can add significant storage space to your garage, as well as provide a convenient place for work and projects.

Workshop Organization Tips

Workshops are better when "everything has its place" instead of "everything all over the place." To pump productivity into your workshop time while making the space more enjoyable to be in, consider these workshop organizations tips:

Start with evaluating your workbench. A lot of work happens there – or at least is supposed to. If your workbench is more of a storage unit than a place where things get done, ask yourself why. Is the bench too narrow, too short, in the wrong spot?

Speaking of storage, how much of your stuff is on the floor or floating randomly around your workshop? Building or installing store-bought shelving, overhead storage, and a pegboard can go a long way in making your workshop a clean, organized place to work.

Some of the more common workshop projects include:

  • Epoxy floor painting
  • Countertop installation to keep items off the floor
  • Custom cabinetry/shelving racks for hand tools

Basement Organization Tips

A finished basement, or an unfinished one that's properly utilized, can add square footage value to your home. The challenge is opening up that basement space for something beyond simple stockpiling of boxes and equipment. Start by taking an inventory of everything that’s down there.

  • What do you really need?
  • What can you throw out, recycle or donate?

Some items you may find are not best stored in unfinished basements. Items like clothing, linens, upholstered furniture, books, and magazines can pick up musty smells.

For finished basements, climate control is a big issue. A dehumidifier helps keep carpeting and furniture from developing a musty odor and inhibits mold and mildew. Mr. Handyman recommends setting dehumidifiers so they keep the basement between 30 and 50 percent relative humidity.

Once you know what you’d like to store in your basement, and what you really want to use it for, it's time to design a custom solution for your storage needs, which could include:

  • Shelving (metal holds up best)
  • Cabinets
  • Storage hooks
  • Pegs

Laundry Room Organization Tips

Commonly cramped, dim, and overburdened with supplies, laundry rooms can be the least pleasant room in the house. A fresh, clean, and organized laundry room can help keep your household running smoothly and make doing laundry less of a hassle.

A cluttered laundry room is a great place to build shelving and install counters and other organizational features that make doing the laundry more pleasant. Transforming the laundry room into a pleasant, comfortable space can be accomplished with minor renovations and a little organization.

First, lighting—it’s a lot more enjoyable to work in a space with ample light. Choose and install a stylish light fixture to replace a drab one—and make sure it gives you more light than before.

How’s your shelving? Lots of laundry room shelving is too narrow to properly hold large bottles of detergent. Adding new shelving, whether built-in or constructed and set against your wall, will give you the space to better organize your various laundry bottles and containers.

For laundry rooms with a basin, how about installing a countertop for it, or wall shelving for dedicated supplies storage you use to soak and treat clothing and other household items?

Add a new closet storage system to hold supplies, build a shelving unit or install a new laundry tub. Mr. Handyman can also install ceramic tile in your laundry room—it’s easy to clean and can give your laundry room a bright, clean look.

Hobby / Craft Room Organization Tips

Your busy schedule doesn’t always leave time for your hobbies and interests. When your craft and hobby room or studio is crowded and unorganized, it gets even harder to take advantage of the time you do have.

When being creative, it really helps to have quick and easy access to the inputs you need, whether yarn, sewing thread, paint, paper, canvas, research material, or reference books. When everything has a place, you have the space you need to create.

Consider the power of concealed storage—recessed cabinets, closet organizers, built-in bookcases, and the idea of incorporating storage drawers or cabinets in your central work surface, custom-built to match your unique needs and sense of style. For those who have them, well-designed and highly organized studios, hobby, and crafts rooms can be the most well-liked, vibrant room in the home.

Popular services for studios and craft rooms include the following:

  • Drywall services
  • Painting
  • Custom carpentry
  • Furniture assembly
  • Bookcases, shelving, and mantels

Office Organization Tips

A lack of office organization can leave you spending too much time looking for the things you need and not enough time being productive. Use these tips to maintain your office:

Start by investing in the right furniture. Office furniture supplies the storage you need for documents, commonly used supplies, reference materials, active and old business files, your computer, printer, backup drive, etc. They all need a dedicated, easy-to-access place to be. Worried about furniture assembly? We can help.

Are you using hanging files? Hanging files are a great way to organize documents. Frames for hanging files are included in many desks or can be purchased in separate file boxes. File folders (the manila kind that doesn't hang) should be labeled with the date and specific contents of the folder – i.e. “Medical Expenses 2013.”

Consider adding shelving. The walls of your office are often-overlooked. Extra shelving units can free up the area you need the most: your desk area and workspace.

Experienced professional handymen can build and install custom shelving and cabinets, construct your store-bought office furniture, and more, providing organization and storage space that fit your unique office space.

No matter if it’s your basement, laundry room, garage, or office, professional handymen from Mr. Handyman can get started on reclaiming any space in your house that needs help. Together, we can turn these problem areas into another fully functional space.


Check out our assembly services and installation services to see how Mr. Handyman can help you organize your garage, den, office, craft room, and more. Call 1-877-MRHANDYMAN to speak with your local Mr. Handyman today.

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