Bringing a new puppy or dog into your home is exciting for the whole family—including the dog. There are so many new sights, smells, and opportunities for chewing and digging. 

The key to protecting your property and belongings is puppy-proofing your home. While some steps are easy DIY projects, you may want to call in the pros for the bigger items.

Prep Your Floor

Puppies are known to have a few accidents in the house during potty training. Keep absorbent pads and carpet cleaner on hand to absorb and wipe up accidents. Urine can also damage wood floors, as it can move underneath and warp them. To further protect your floors, keep your dog’s nails trimmed and crate-train your new puppy for when you are away from home.

Doggy Door Installation

Installing a doggy door can give your puppy more independence and free up the time you spend letting them out into the yard and back again. It’s a home modification that dogs of any age will benefit from. Although some potty training is required, getting a dog used to taking themselves outside is a convenient habit when your yard is fenced in. Whether you want to install a dog door in a wooden door or need a dog door for sliding doors, Mr. Handyman can take care of it today.

Buy or Build a Ramp

Some puppies are afraid of stairs, and some tiny breeds simply cannot manage them. Older dogs may also find it hard to make the climb. Whether you have a new puppy, a growing pooch, or a senior dog, you might consider buying or building a dog ramp for stairs. This compassionate home modification makes it easier for your dog to move about the home independently. 

Watch your dog carefully when ascending and descending the stairs. If you see signs of anxiety or a struggle, try this simple dog adaptation.

Enhance Your Staircase

If you decide to skip the ramp, there are other home modifications to make it simpler for your dog to navigate steps in your space. Staircases can be challenging for dogs even when they have the size and strength to climb them. Take a critical look at your steps through your pet’s eyes. Are the stairs particularly steep or slippery? How visible is the contrast between risers and treads? Your pup should have no problem navigating the stairs without anxiety or injury.

Installing stair tread covers can help. This useful and easy-to-tackle dog adaptation helps improve the slip resistance and makes the contrast between the riser and the tread of each step more visible. Having stair tread covers in place can help prevent trips and falls for dogs and family members alike. Another quick tip is to install a secured stair runner. It can add a nice aesthetic to your home while adding grip.

Additionally, consider the lighting in the stairwell. There are many step-light options that can make your stairs safer and more attractive. If you’re interested in these home modifications but don’t know where to start, reach out to your local handyman.

Call on Mr. Handyman for Home Modifications for Dogs

Too busy for puppy-proofing? We understand, and Mr. Handyman is ready to help. Make sure you don’t let drywall holes or chewed-up baseboards remain unrepaired. Puppies can enlarge smaller holes quickly, creating even more safety concerns. Not to worry—we’re on it. Trust the pros at Mr. Handyman. All our work is backed by the Neighborly Done Right Promise™.

Request service today for a professional, on-time, done-right handyman.

Home Modifications for Dogs FAQs

Are dog showers worth it?

Installing a dog shower station is a popular home modification that can add value to your home. Not only is it handy for the pet owner, but others value it for rinsing off muddy boots, cleaning the kids after play, and washing up after gardening.

Is underfloor heating good for dogs?

Dogs and dog owners alike enjoy underfloor heating or heated floors. Remember that your dog spends a great deal of time on the floor. Puppies and senior dogs, in particular, benefit from the gentle, energy-efficient heating system.

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