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How to Design A Kitchen Backsplash


Once chosen, the kitchen backsplash determines the type of material and theme used throughout the rest of the kitchen. So, what are your options? You can either go for a completely new look or simply make an update to the backsplash tile you already have.

Here are some options that will help you when designing a new kitchen backsplash:

  • Glass and Stone Tiles

Use a variety of stone or glass tiles to create a piece of artwork with your backsplash. By using various tile sizes and shapes, you can make a statement in your kitchen.

  • Stainless Steel Sheets

If you’re utilizing stainless steel appliances or looking to accent your kitchen with steel materials, using a stainless steel sheet as a backsplash can match your theme and create a clean, modern look.

  • Paint or Wallpaper

You always have the option of keeping it simple by using paint or wallpaper as your backsplash. Although a cost-effective option, remember that paint and wallpaper do not offer any amount of protection in the case of spills and stains.

Before you move into the stage of actually purchasing the materials for your backsplash, make sure you've already decided on:

  • Your color palette
  • Your material preferences
  • Your budget

If you enter the shopping phase with these decision already made, you're very well on your way with a kitchen remodel.

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