Deadbolts offer a cost-effective way of increasing a home’s security. If you are concerned your standard door locks aren’t strong enough, this may be a sensible option. Mr. Handyman knows how to install doors and can also install a deadbolt in your home. Based on our experience, we recommend you follow these suggestions from Mr. Handyman’s door installers to ensure a successful project:

  • Get your supplies together

Installing a deadbolt lock will require a few tools like a hammer, power drill, chisel, tape measure, and a screwdriver. Also, be sure to pick out the right deadbolt for your needs and that you reserve at least two hours to complete the job if you’re doing it yourself.

  • Placing the lock

Most door installation experts suggest placing the deadbolt several inches above the doorknob already in place. Most of these locks will come with a template to make sure you drill the right place in the door, but if you’re unsure and don’t want to ruin the door, Mr. Handyman knows how to install it correctly.

  • Follow the instructions carefully

Each individual deadbolt can vary slightly from another similar lock that you may have installed on a previous occasion. Make sure you read the directions all the way through before starting any work on the project to reduce the chance of unnecessary drill holes. An accidental drill hole can be costly since it may lead to replacing the door.

If you’re unsure about your deadbolt installation, contact our experts at Mr. Handyman.

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