A patio door is not just functional, it also brings a room to life by providing natural light and expanding the view to the outside. There are two main types of patio doors to choose from: sliding patio doors and hinged patio doors. Each offers a unique set of advantages and disadvantages. Many homeowners choose their patio door based on the needs and look of their space.

Here’s some information including sliding vs. hinged that will make it easier for you when picking a patio door:

Sliding Patio Doors

Sliding patio doors have two or more panels, and one has the ability to slide back and forth on a track. Sliding patio doors allow in the most sunlight and do little to obstruct your view of the outside. Sliding doors are usually inexpensive and fairly simple to install.

Common sliding patio door types:

  • Sliding glass door
  • Sliding screen doors

Hinged Patio Doors

Hinged doors have panels that can restrict some of your view and sunlight, but they allow a greater amount of sunlight than standard exterior doors. Most hinged patio doors are either center-hung – hinging at the center and opening outward from the side like a butterfly – or set like French doors – hinged on each side jamb with both panels meeting in the middle when they are closed. Weatherstripping can be more easily installed on hinged patio doors, making a hinged door the more energy-efficient option.

Common hinged patio door types:

  • French doors
  • Coastal storm doors

The door installation process for a patio door can vary depending on your home’s current layout. A portion of the wall could require demolishing, or a patio door could simply replace another type of door in your home.


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