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Flooring options are many, and each type – ceramic tile, wood, laminate, porcelain or stone – can experience damage and wear and tear. Here, get tips and advice to help you choose the right flooring to install and to help you understand the scope of repair jobs and installations.

Vinyl Stain Tips

living room with dark flooring

THIS STAIN WON'T COME OUT OF THE VINYL. ANY TIPS? Tiled vinyl flooring can be a cost-efficient way to replace old, outdated flooring. However, vinyl does have a tendency to stain fairly easily. Below...

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Tips for Regrouting Tile

glass shower stall in bathroom

If you look around your shower and bathroom only to see grout that’s cracked, mildewed, or missing between tiles – it’s a sign that it’s time for you to regrout your tiles. Regrouting...

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Shower Tile Ideas

bathtub with shower stall in bathroom

Utilizing tiles for shower surfaces and bath surrounds is a terrific option if you’re looking into remodeling or renovating your bathroom. Tile is easy to clean, fairly inexpensive...

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Installing Tile Over Tile

tile flooring in a white living room

MY HOME HAS EXISTING TILE. DO I HAVE TO REMOVE THE CURRENT TILE BEFORE INSTALLING THE NEW SURFACE? Removing existing tile before installing new tile is recommended, however sometimes old tile can be...

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Bathroom Tile Ideas

tiled bathroom with corner tub and shower stall

BATHROOM FLOOR TILE TYPES. Installing new floor tile for your bathroom will change the look and feel of your bathroom for the better. Some tiles add a sense of space and flow to a room. There are a...

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Kitchen and Entry Tile Ideas

foyer of a house with stand and flowers

If tile is your style, there are a lot more options than you may currently know about. There may also be a few questions to answer and things to consider that will help you make an informed decision...

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