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Plywood is a manufactured wood material that uses resin to hold several thin layers of wood together to form one sheet. Plywood provides large sheets of wood at a uniform thickness that would otherwise be impossible, unstable or expensive with traditional lumber.

Plywood is a versatile building material that every DIYer needs to keep on hand. When it comes time to buy a few sheets, which grade or type should you get? Let us help! Mr. Handyman has everything you need to know about plywood below.

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Where Is Plywood Used?

Plywood is used everywhere; from furniture to construction, so you’d be hard-pressed to find a home that doesn’t contain plywood.

There are many reasons it’s so popular, such as:

  • Costs less
  • Resistant to shrinking and warping
  • Standard sizes

Since it’s so versatile, there are many different types and grades of plywood suited for different applications. Plywood is often confused with OSB (oriented strand board), which shares a similar fabrication technique with plywood. However, instead of wood veneer, OSB uses resin to hold together large chips of wood. OSB is less expensive and is mostly used in sheathing applications like home siding or roofing.


Perhaps you’ve purchased all your plywood for your new project and are feeling a little overwhelmed. If that’s the case, we can help!

We’re happy to take over the project and will ensure it turns out just how you want it. For professional carpentry services, give us a call or request a service online.

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