We all love watching nature from the inside, whether trees are swaying in the wind or the smell of petrichor clears your mind as the first raindrops hit the ground. When it rains, you’re grateful to have a roof over your head and just watch nature take its course while enjoying your cup of tea. There is no need to water the plants, and besides, rainwater is much healthier for your garden than what comes out of the tap. 

But wait a second! As the rain gets heavier, you notice the unsightly view of leaky gutters and wonder how big of an issue it is. For property owners on the Pacific Coast, it is a big issue, given that it rains more than one-third of the year with an average of 42 inches. Your local Vancouver handyman at Mr. Handyman is an expert at identifying gutter issues before they spiral out of control. This makes your annual gutter cleaning in Vancouver, WA, an important maintenance task, designed to protect your exterior drainage system. 

At Mr. Handyman of Vancouver, Camas and Ridgefield, we are dedicated to delivering trusted, competitive pricing for property maintenance, repairs, and a wide range of other jobs and installations. We pride ourselves on excellent workmanship and customer service is backed by our done right guarantee, which all home service professionals at Neighbourly proudly offer to our local clients.

A section of gutters on a residential property overflowing with leaves and in need of gutter cleaning in Vancouver, WA.

About Our Vancouver Gutter Cleaning Service

Not all general handy workers have the necessary skills to effectively clean out gutters. At Mr. Handyman, we specialize in providing top-notch gutter services that carefully assess the overall state of your home's exterior. Our objective is not just to clean your gutters, but also to guarantee that the areas they connect to are in the best possible condition. Take a look at the extensive range of services we offer for gutter cleaning in Vancouver, WA, and experience the remarkable difference our expertise can bring.

  • Inspection: We carefully examine your gutter system for any signs of damage or sagging, ensuring that all related components, like the fascia board, soffits, roof, and siding, are thoroughly inspected. If any issues are found, we also assess the condition of the downspout. Our comprehensive evaluation allows us to determine if everything is in proper working order before proceeding with a meticulous cleaning.
  • Gutter Cleaning: The Vancouver gutter cleaning process begins with scooping out all the debris inside of them to make sure they are clean, free-flowing gutters. We proceed to inspect the downspouts for potential blockages and efficiently remove any debris causing clogs. If you feel uneasy about climbing a tall ladder, rest assured that our skilled and experienced team is properly trained to handle all aspects of gutter maintenance.
  • Gutter Repair: Not every Vancouver gutter cleaning service involves a repair too, but often times, we will come across signs of loose sections, cracks, sagging, and small holes. Infrequent gutter cleanings can lead to significant buildup of wet leaves and debris, causing the gutters to become heavy and pull away from your siding. This puts pressure on both the gutters and their attachments, requiring proper repair to ensure the system functions effectively.

When Do You Need Vancouver Gutter Cleaning?

Vancouver, WA gets enough rain to cause property damage, especially if not well-maintained. From cracked fascia to rotted soffits, roof and attic damage often causes costly repair bills, but not many are aware that a clogged gutter could be the origin of all these problems. If you don’t remember the last time you had gutter service, there is always the right time to get started! 

While it rains pretty much throughout the year in Vancouver, WA, there’s always one period that’s worse than the other. Though the summer months, July and August, are typically the driest, our expert gutter cleaners recommend rain gutter cleaning services in the spring and fall. Additionally, frequent gutter cleaning in Vancouver, WA, will save you from future issues with eavestroughs.  

Not only is spring time the season for spring cleaning, decluttering, and preparing for the summer, but it’s also an important time for inspections and exterior cleaning, including gutter maintenance and cleaning. Otherwise, you’ll never know what the cold, wet winter months might have done to your home’s exterior, which is even worse if you have had snow but weren’t prepared for it. This makes spring the best time for gutter cleaning in Vancouver, WA, because our skilled service professionals will thoroughly inspect your eavestrough system before commencing the cleaning. This way, they can help you tackle repair needs when necessary. You might have had a gutter clog in the winter where standing water turned into ice and started occupying more space. That’s when an ice dam can lift your shingles or even tear off gutter sections. 

Although fall is one of the most beautiful seasons in Vancouver, WA, the shedding leaves have one major downside. Along with other debris and particles, they’ll find a way to settle inside your gutters and downspout pipes, where they can decompose and clog the system. Consequently, it is crucial to enlist the services of professional gutter cleaners. Vancouver, WA service providers will prepare your eavestroughs for the upcoming wet winter season, so that stormwater will always be flowing towards the designated drainage system.

Sectional Gutters Vs. Seamless Gutters

If a gutter system is sectional, that means that the U-shaped metal traps were cut into different sizes and joined together with sealant, pop rivets, and stainless steel screws. This is an old-fashioned, simple method that’s also DIY-friendly. However, they are prone to leaks and sags in joint areas, especially when clogged. The extra weight would be too much for the system to bear, so if not looked after properly with gutter cleaning,  in Vancouver, WA, will run into issues fast. 

On the other hand, seamless gutters have become more frequent in modern construction, not only for their aesthetic appeal, but also for functionality. Seamless gutters are cut from one single metal coil of heavy-duty aluminum and professionally installed underneath fascia boards. They sometimes appear to be hidden, which gives your overall roofline a neat look. They are highly preferred for that reason and for being leak-proof. 

Although both are effective and efficient in redirecting rain water, they are prone to clogs, even the seamless unit. Some clogs may not be immediately apparent until you have scheduled your annual Vancouver gutter cleaning service. 

Optional Service: Gutter Guard Installation

Because of the tremendous rainfall in Vancouver, gutter guards are recommended. Once the gutters have been cleaned, we will install your chosen model. There are various types of gutter guards to choose from your traditional or seamless, including:

  • Screen gutter guards: These include a plastic or wire grid that keeps leaves and debris out of your gutters. They are both cost-effective and effortless to set up.
  • Micro mesh gutter guards: A great choice for filtering out small particles such as sand and dirt. Nonetheless, they might need a gentle rinse from a pressure washer to remove the debris from the mesh.
  • Brush gutter guards: Gutter guards of this type resemble bottle or pipe cleaners with bristles that effectively trap leaves and debris. They are adaptable, affordable, and compatible with various gutter types, such as steel and seamless gutters.
  • Foam gutter guards: A triangular foam block that blocks gutter debris while allowing water to flow through may seem like a good idea, but it can become saturated and lead to overflowing gutters. In a region like Vancouver, known for its substantial rainfall, this option may not be ideal.
  • Reverse curve gutter guards: Water flows over the top and curves downward, preventing leaves from entering your gutter system. This makes it a superb option for properties with numerous trees.   

FAQ About Gutter Cleaning in Vancouver, WA

What Are the Signs I Need Gutter Cleaning in Vancouver, WA?

Property owners who are used to having daily precipitation know how important it is to maintain their exterior drainage systems. They have either read enough about maintaining their home’s exterior or have already experienced the worst-case scenario and vouched not to ever let it happen again. We have compiled a list of important warning signs to watch out for, but please keep in mind that some of them may also call for repairs.


If your property is slightly older, you’ll likely have sectional gutters that require repairs and frequent cleaning. When neglected, the parts that hold the sections together could wear out faster and decrease in performance. Joint leaks are the most common indicator of worn sealant and corroded fasteners. Your local Vancouver gutter cleaning expert will ensure the joints are re-secured with new bonding materials and fasteners. Brackets that hold the gutter system against the fascia will also be checked to confirm their stability.


Though sections can also crack, our Vancouver handyman is more concerned about corroded and rusty parts that can spread onto your gutter material. Most types are made of aluminum or stainless steel, coated with a protective layer of zinc. It’s highly durable and designed to withstand the elements, but if you haven’t had regular gutter cleaning and didn’t know about undetected clogs, standing water and decomposing leaves, it could cause the outer layer to wear off. Oxidation can lead to cracks which will require urgent repairs. The gutter cleaning method here is probably a gutter scoop or pressure washing set to a low psi level. With our professional service, we’ll get the area clean before moving on to gutter repairs that may involve flashing strips and plastic roofing cement, followed by sealing.

Peeling Paint

When your paint is peeling outside, it means that it has suffered weather damage, which is likely high exposure to UV light and moisture. The protective layer on your aluminum materials could peel just like any other painted surface. The flakiness is not only ugly, but it will also allow moisture to penetrate the interior and cause further damage. If the paint is peeling inside the metal trap, it will obstruct decent water flow and easily lead to clogs. If paint is peeling on the outside of your eavestrough, it’s safe to assume that the inside might be affected too. When hiring Mr. Handyman for gutter cleaning in Vancouver, WA, you can rest easy knowing that we have both the cleaning and repair under control.

Water Damage in Attics and Basements

We’re not far from the worst-case scenario because insufficient or clogged gutters during heavy rainfall could wreak serious havoc on your property. If stormwater has nowhere to flow, it will spill upon the roofline as well as your soffit and fascia. Vents will also be compromised and restrict airflow. This way, moisture will seep through windows and enter the attic, but you might not know until you notice musty smells and poor indoor air quality. Dangerous moisture could be building up in the attic. 

The other potential damage is water leaking all the way down your siding. If you have untreated foundation cracks, stormwater may start pooling in your basement because the weeping tile around the perimeter of your property is already overwhelmed by all that excess water. Other than flooded basements, you could also experience foundation damage. With professional gutter cleaning in Vancouver, WA, you will protect yourself from costly damage and repairs.

How Much Does It Cost To Clean Gutters Near Me?

At Mr. Handyman, we care about pricing transparency, and therefore, we always make sure that the estimate is what you pay. In order to know all the specific details, our expert team will need to inspect the affected area first before we can determine a rate that’s free from any unexpected additional charges. Often, during inspection, we detect some other faults that need to be addressed, but we’ll always be honest about what needs to be done. If you experience no warning signs of damage but want to schedule your routine inspection and residential or commercial gutter cleaning in Vancouver, WA, feel free to call our friendly office staff for more information.

What Happens if You Don’t Clean Your Eavestroughs?

All the warning signs listed above could happen, from clogs to roof and foundation damage. If leaves decompose, they will not only block the flow, but it will also create surface damage on your materials and decrease their performance. Not to mention, anything that connects to your eavestrough and relies on it to redirect water will be affected. Soffits will get blocked and fail to circulate air in your attic. Your attic insulation will deteriorate faster because it needs to absorb more moisture to keep your home dry and insulated. 

Clogs will also leave behind watermarks on your siding which are problematic in the event of siding or foundation cracks. Water seeping through siding cracks could cause the interior plywood to rot and, thus, deteriorate your home’s insulation. Water entering foundation cracks could also flood the basement and compromise the concrete of your home’s foundation.

Is it Worth it To Install Gutter Guards?

Definitely. However, they also require inspections because debris could still get caught on the guard surface. There are many different types of guards available, and some are more efficient than others. Some are merely mesh screens, whereas others are high-quality perforated guards made of stainless steel guards or aluminum. While it can reduce the risk of blockages caused by large leaves and even pine needles, annual gutter services should still remain a priority, even if you decide to install a gutter guard.

Do I Need Vancouver Gutter Cleaning Every Year?

While cleaning gutters once a year is an absolute must, we would like to emphasize that twice is the way to go for anyone living on the Pacific Coast. Rainstorms are common and can lead to repeated buildup of leaves and other debris inside your gutters over time, especially over a period of several months or one year. 

Perhaps you’ve already hired us for your routine power washing services during which we handle fence, deck and siding cleaning to maintain your property’s original looks. In that case, basic gutter cleaning in Vancouver, WA will also help increase your curb appeal.

How Do You Clean Gutter Downspouts?

Even downspouts get clogged over time and need proper maintenance and cleaning. We have seen property owners use handheld augers to clear their downspouts, which is certainly a useful method. But our Vancouver gutter cleaning experts prefer using a pressure washer at a low psi, depending on your downspout’s condition. 

Overall, climbing up a ladder and using strong electric- or gas-powered equipment is a safety hazard and should be left to the professionals. Every technician on the Mr. Handyman team is highly trained and fully insured, which will give you the peace of mind that you have hired the right team for the job.

Need Gutter Cleaning in Vancouver, WA? Mr. Handyman Has You Covered!

No one should be alone when they need urgent repairs, especially when the rainy season is around the corner, and you have to act fast. When hiring our expert team for gutter cleaning in Vancouver, WA, you can rest assured that we’ll go the extra mile to ensure your safety. Trust Mr. Handyman of Vancouver, Camas and Ridgefield for quality workmanship and exceptional customer service.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment through our amazing customer services for professional services for gutter cleaning. Vancouver, WA, homeowners won’t have to worry about leaks and other potential damage. While you’re already here, why not check out our other services? We’re experts in everything from exterior work like gutter cleaning and siding repair to larger indoor projects like shower remodeling.

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