Your Guide to Common Door Problems in Wichita, KS

Door repair service rendered for residential door
Does your front door squeal every time you come home? That shrill greeting is a call for attention. Many people in Wichita live with minor door problems that are actually signs that something needs to be fixed. Whether you're using an exterior or interior entry, you should never feel frustrated by going through a doorway.

Some issues in Wichita are unavoidable, while others are caused by poor installation or simply the effects of constant use over many years. There is a wide range of potential issues that affect both interior doors and exterior doors. Some are minor inconveniences that only cause minuscule frustration, but others are major problems that cause serious damage if they go unaddressed.

You don't have to be an expert handyman from Mr. Handyman of Wichita Metro Area to know when your interior and exterior entryways need repairs. Most common problems are obvious. Sticking or rubbing, entrances that don't close properly, and torn screens are all hard to miss. Luckily, many of the repair solutions for those problems can be completed in less than a day — as long as you have the right tools and knowledge.

Exterior Doors That Are Hard to Open

Do you struggle with opening and closing your primary exterior entry? You're not alone. In fact, that's one of the most common repairs for people in Wichita. Seasonal temperature changes and severe weather both have adverse effects on building exteriors — and that includes your main entryway.

The Cause:

Did you know that wood expands and contracts as seasonal changes take place? Over time, that process results in swelling or warping, which ruins your alignment. Even seemingly insignificant changes in the alignment of your door jamb will create problems like sticking or rubbing.

Another possible reason is loose hinges. Daily use will naturally put pressure on screws that may loosen hinges. It's also possible that water damage has resulted in swelling, which affects alignment but also loosens hinges and creates other issues.

The Solution:

Tightening any loose screws is a good place to start — even if you're just doing basic maintenance. Confirm that your jamb is still flush with the door frame as well. Any gaps could be a sign of damage. You should also remove any buildup of dirt (or other material); in fact, power washing is a great form of preventative maintenance that will ensure you never have to clean away outdoor grime. If the issue doesn't go away after all that, you could also try sanding down problem areas, but be careful not to accidentally cause additional damage in the process.

If none of those solutions work, you may need to resize your door to fit your entryway, or you may need repairs for water damage, warping, and other issues. Those solutions require more than minor repairs. If you want advice or assistance with those advanced tasks, it's never a bad idea to get professional handyman services from a local company.

Latches that don't Catch

If a deadbolt is the only thing keeping an interior or exterior entryway closed, then you might have a problem with the latch. This is a common issue in newer buildings. Regardless of your property's age, you'll want to get this fixed as soon as possible to maintain your security and comfort.

The Cause:

As foundations settle and frames dry out, latches and strike plates on door frames often become misaligned. Poor alignment will cause many entryway adversities, and bad latches are included in that list. You can check your alignment by looking at the latch bolt when it's directly in front of the strike plate. If it sits above or below the center of the plate, then it won't work properly.

The Solution:

There are two potential options available for fixing this issue. Simple repairs involve removing the plate and filing down the metal around the opening to help the bolt catch again. There are usually marks made by bolts that you can use as a guide for where to file down your plate.

If the first option doesn't work, then your only recourse will be relocating the strike plate so that it aligns properly with the latch bolt again. You'll have to file down the wood frame to create a new spot for the plate. Most people also repaint their frame afterward.

This is something you could do yourself, but you'll be risking more damage if you're not prepared for the job — and it will take up a large chunk of time too. Reliable handyman services are a great option for anyone who doesn't have the time, tools, or technical skills to confidently handle any home improvement task.

Ripped Screen Doors

Screen repairs are also common in Wichita. Whether the damage is on your main exterior entry, your porch, or falls more closely under the category of gazebo repair, you'll want to fix it quickly — before any insects or other pests get inside.

Damage to outdoor screens can be prevented with screen guards or by installing heavy-duty meshes that are less prone to tearing; yet prevention methods won't help you with minor rips and large tears already present.

The Cause:

Much like other outdoor areas, inclement weather is a common source of screen damage, but it's not the only cause. Children pushing on screens instead of using handles and pets getting their claws into mesh are also common problems. Many screen door issues can be prevented with proper use. Make sure that everyone in your home knows the correct way to use your doorways.

The Solution:

Damaged screens are one of those nagging repairs that many people put off because they don't know how to do them. If you only have a small tear, then simple repairs can be easily completed with a patch kit. If your damage is more substantial, then a new installation will be a better option. That's something repair service professionals are always happy to help with.

Should You Repair or Replace Damaged Doors?

Not all problems are solved with a brand-new installation. Common repairs are sometimes all you need to get your interior and exterior entries back in peak condition. The best time to consider installation instead of basic interior or exterior repairs is when the extent of the damage is so great that repairing it would cost more than simply getting a new door installed.

Do You Need A Handyman For Door Repairs or Installation?

If you're experiencing any common problems or other strange issues, you can get expert advice and excellent service from the local handyman service professionals at Mr. Handyman. We can even help you with your garage door opener or weather stripping.

If you want help in Wichita or any of the surrounding areas — including Derby, Andover, and Schulte — call us today.