Top 5 Questions To Ask A Bathroom Renovation Company Near Me: A Wichita Homeowner’s Guide

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Everyone deserves a luxurious bathroom as it is your personal and private sanctuary to relax and unwind. For example, your bathtub may not be a piping-hot mountain spring or the showerhead of a thundering waterfall, or your lighting fixtures may not be as bright as the tropical sun at an overseas resort. But it is the space in which you bathe and groom yourself on a daily basis and slough off the day’s worries by cleansing yourself to feel light, refreshed, and clean, and so you only want the best-in-class for a bathroom to remodel. 

Your home’s bathroom is more than just a pit stop. It’s a worthwhile investment toward your self-care, so feel free to visualize and be open to exploring the possibilities for a bathroom upgrade. Perhaps with a splendid lighting chandelier, counters made of natural marble, a ceramic or porcelain tile backsplash, and a rainfall shower head that provides an effortless and low-pressure stream of water mimicking a homemade sauna. If you’re looking for a “bathroom renovation company near me,” trust your local Wichita handyman to get it done! Apart from the boost in comfort, remodeling your bathroom will bolster your property value alongside preserving the structural intensity of your home, for example, by repairing or replacing your toilet with an energy-efficient model. Get in touch with the local pros at Mr. Handyman of the Wichita Metro Area today!

Top 5 Questions To Ask A Contractor Before Hiring Them For Bathroom Renovation Services

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But before you get ahead of yourself envisioning your at-home me-time spa day, you have to do your homework by designating a professional contractor to assemble your new bathroom. Although Wichita residents can go into a wormhole frantically searching online classified ads for a “bathroom renovation company near me,” there’s no need to face an information overload of options if you are able to weed out the weaker contenders for bathroom renovation. Looking for an accredited bathroom renovation company may be a daunting task as you overthink or jump to conclusions about what a remodel entails and what your desire is as the end result. But there are some things you can do to narrow down the process so you won’t waste hours searching and reading reviews for a “bathroom renovation company near me.” Because we genuinely care about you receiving a transformed bathroom equipped with all the bells and whistles, we at Mr. Handyman of the Wichita Metro Area have compiled a useful survival guide for discovering a professional contractor from a credible renovation company. Rely on these top 8 tips, and we guarantee you will not be sorely disappointed:

1. What Is Your Background Experience?

Firstly, it’s essential to do a background check on the bathroom renovation company and its team members. Ensure their contractors are trustworthy and experienced by conducting a few short informational interviews asking about their background skills and experience and reviewing their previous examples from their portfolio showcasing images of a before and after bathroom remodel. Also, does the business boast an impressive track record of serving clients in your area? Remember, quality beats quantity, so although they may have been around for decades, don’t haphazardly assume they, by default, are seasoned experts. The mark of quality workmanship depends on how effectively and efficiently a contractor can complete their tasks, clean up after themselves, and update you by regularly communicating on potential delays due to foreseeable problems, for example, from backlogged material shipment for a siding repair or something else.

2. Are You Licensed, Fully Insured, And Have The Proper Credentials? 

It’s best practice to vet and verify a contractor’s licenses, including any certificates of insurance and any permits required for a bathroom renovation project. Most bathroom contractors are licensed and registered and adhere to the appropriate regulations, such as being insured, bonded, having a criminal record checked, etc. If you did the information interview, you’d have already learned where the specific contractor had their trades or apprenticeship training done to ensure they have the skills required for the job. Plus, if a shoddy contractor happens to be uninsured, this is a disaster waiting to happen. If a workplace injury were to occur during one of their shifts, it’s a lawsuit waiting to happen. So you are best advised your bathroom contractor has both worker’s compensation and liability insurance from the hired company. 

3. How Can I Stick To My Budget?

Never ballpark estimates and make a verbal agreement for these very estimates, as they are worth squat if they are not contractual or in writing. Due to miscommunication, it’s best to get the cost estimates or quotes for services rendered in writing so you can stick to the overall budget. Plus, it’s important to discuss any sort of payment schedule upfront and before construction begins, as sometimes you are required to pre-purchase supplies and certain plumbing fixtures, such as an energy-efficient toilet, which may have a mail-in rebate. This will factor into the final payment. Other small contractors may even require a down payment before they begin work or a payment in the form of installations, so it’s best to be straightforward about money matters. Try your best to skip contractors who ask for the entire project fee upfront. If anything, opt for a company that offers transparent, upfront pricing, such as Mr. Handyman, as we offer a flat and hourly rate, so there are no surprises after you are given the receipt.

4. What Is The Approximate Timeline For The Completion?

Setting up a timeline for the completion of the bathroom renovation is needed as the contractor may be juggling multiple projects all at once. Depending on how many tasks are required for the entirety of the bathroom project, clearly ask your contractor how long each repair or installation for the various bathroom components will take, be it hours, days or weeks. At the end of the day, any home remodeling can also cause a disruption to your daily routines, especially if you only have one bathroom you may need to borrow from your neighbor.

5. How Reliable Are Your Team Members?

It’s good to get intel on what the contractor will be doing exactly during each and every work shift, and although this may seem like micromanaging, remember you are shelling out your hard-earned dollars for this bathroom renovation. Apart from that, a makeshift bathroom will not only plummet your property value and compromise the structural integrity of your living space but, in turn, affect your safety and security. So it is best to ask them a few key questions, for example: What are the start and end times for your work shift? Do I need to remove or locate any furniture and/or items in the work areas? How noisy will it be? Do you need my presence at home during the day, or can I step out for a bit? Will you discard any rubble at the proper facilities after your work day is over? You are best advised to remain updated in your communication through phone calls, text messages, or emails from the contractor or managing supervisor so there are no blunders or less likelihood for disagreements later on.

BONUS: Do You Offer Follow-Up Or Maintenance Services?

Responsible Wichita homeowners understand that a dream house, let alone a bathroom remodel, is one of the biggest investments they will make in their lifetime. And so, it makes even more sense that you want to readily preserve your property value. The only way to do this is to be keen on the proper upkeep of their humble abodes by participating in routine maintenance through an annual inspection and the occasional professional repair, installation or cleaning service. Homeowners who outrightly ignore preventative maintenance will quickly realize their house has fallen into disrepair as they’ve sacrificed its structural integrity. A reliable contractor always follows up and asks if you require maintenance services, in this case for your bathroom, and saves you the hassle of once more looking for a “bathroom renovation company near me” a few years down the road. Never opt for contractors who are just there to offer you a one-off job and suddenly ghost you.

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