We Specialize in Repairing Drywall Cracks

Transform your walls with flawless drywall repair and drywall finishing services in Swedesboro, Woodstown, Sewell and surrounding areas, offered by Mr. Handyman of Woodstown, Swedesboro, and Sewell. Your walls are a significant aspect of your home's interior, and any damage or imperfections can diminish the overall appeal of your living spaces. Don't let imperfect walls affect the beauty of your home – contact us today to schedule an appointment and experience the difference we can make for your walls. 

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Our Comprehensive Drywall Services  

Discover the convenience of Mr. Handyman of Woodstown, Swedesboro, and Sewell’s comprehensive drywall services, designed to cater to all your drywall repair and finishing needs. Our skilled craftsmen are equipped to handle various tasks, from minor repairs like fixing dings and scratches to major renovations involving drywall replacement. With a focus on quality workmanship and customer satisfaction, we ensure that your drywall surfaces are flawlessly restored, leaving your home looking its best. Our comprehensive services cover the following issues:  

  • Damage from moisture 
  • Cracks from settling or structural issues 
  • Door knob damage 
  • Regular wear and tear 
  • Damage from pests 
  • Damage from kids and pets 
  • Holes from drywall anchors, nails, and screws 
  • Damage from moving furniture  

More Than Just Drywall Repair  

When drywall damage is attributed to inadequate ventilation, our team will conduct necessary repairs and assess the ventilation system to mitigate moisture accumulation. Mr. Handyman of Woodstown, Swedesboro and Sewell offers patching services for the drywall, repairs or replacements for exhaust fans, and can even refer you to our trusted Neighborly partners for room repainting if needed. Beyond standard drywall maintenance, our comprehensive drywall services cover the following:  

  • Gypsum board repairs and finishing 
  • Green board repairs and finishing 
  • Cement board repairs and finishing 
  • Stucco repairs and finishing 
  • Sheetrock repairs and finishing  

Drywall Repair FAQs  

What's involved in drywall repair? 

The approach to drywall repair depends on the cause and type of damage. Minor dings, scratches, and gouges can often be easily fixed with spackle and wall paint. Moisture-damaged drywall may require removal and replacement, involving sanding, finishing, and painting. It's crucial to address moisture issues to prevent further damage, mold, and mildew. Our skilled drywall repair professionals have the expertise to handle any issue effectively.  

Is drywall repair expensive? 

The drywall repair cost varies based on the type and cause of the damage and the drywall's location. While most drywall repairs are relatively straightforward and quick, those involving moisture, mold, or mildew may take longer and cost more to prevent future damage.  

Should I have my damaged drywall repaired? 

Daily wear and tear on drywall, whether caused by furniture movement, pets, or active children, is common. Depending on the extent and location of the damage, immediate attention may not be necessary, but leaving it unattended will affect your home's appearance. However, if the damage exposes electrical wires or plumbing, it should be repaired promptly to ensure safety and structural integrity.  

How do you repair cracks in drywall? 

Cracks in drywall are often a result of moisture exposure and drying. Identifying the cause is crucial to prevent future damage. While some cracking is inevitable due to house settling, any structural issues compromising your home's stability should be addressed urgently. Most drywall cracks can be effectively repaired with joint compound, tape, and paint, as long as the home's structure remains sound. Our experts can help assess and remedy the situation for a lasting solution.  

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Elevate the aesthetics and appeal of your living spaces with the exceptional drywall repair and finishing services offered by Mr. Handyman of Woodstown, Swedesboro, and Sewell. Our skilled professionals are dedicated to transforming your walls, ensuring flawless, seamless, and visually appealing results that leave your home looking its best. Don't let damaged or uneven walls detract from the beauty of your space – take the first step towards impeccable interiors. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and let our experts revitalize your walls with precision and expertise.   

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