We all know a dingy outdoor living space is not only uninviting and an eyesore for any passerby but also plummets your home’s curb appeal and property value. A dirtied exterior home is due to dust and debris, including mold, mildew, moss, and algae accumulated over time which settles on surfaces from your siding to soffits and fascia boards to your fence, front side porch, and backyard deck–all of which have been cloaked in a thick layer of grime. Aside from the unsightly appearance of your shabby outdoor house surfaces, you have also made these areas susceptible to costly and permanent damage as the residue readily lingers and results in faded, peeling, warped and discolored surfaces.

Suppose you've noticed your roof is looking faded or your siding is dull and pale, or you see random darkened splotches and stains on your walkway or driveway. In that case, it's about time to sign up for a Brighton pressure washing. Brighton, CO residents can depend on our certified, licensed, and fully insured Brighton handyman from Mr. Handyman of Brighton and Surrounding Area. Our expert and experienced team members are well-equipped with the skills, tactics, and know-how for pressure washing. Brighton, CO clientele can expect us to offer superior products and services, quality workmanship, and outstanding customer satisfaction across the divide.

As a locally owned and operated business, Mr. Handyman boasts a notable track record of 25 years and counting, having served Brighton and nearby areas of Commerce City, Denver, and Hudson. We always strive to actively listen to our client’s points of view and offer long-lasting and effective solutions for residential and commercial cleaning services, specifically professional pressure washing. Brighton, CO homeowners who are unsure about pressure washing or any other exterior home services thereof can go ahead and book a no-obligation consultation. And remember, we only offer transparent, upfront pricing backed by a one-year parts and labor guarantee, so if your surfaces aren’t as spick-and-span as you’d hoped, we will return and scrub away the mess–no sweat. It's best not to procrastinate on a Brighton pressure washing, as nobody deserves to live in a decrepit dungeon that looks uninhabitable to yourself and on-goers alike.

What Is Pressure Washing & Why Does It Do Wonders For Your Home?

Our cutting-edge pressure-washing tool has impeccable cleaning capability and uses a forceful nature to cleanse your home’s exterior, and easily surges past any traditional cleaning methods around. Best of all, for any eco-friendly enthusiasts, pressure washing does not require the use of harsh chemicals but simple, pure, and natural water, which is blasted at peak pressure at the targeted area. For example, our pressure washer utilizes a high-pressure hose and nozzle to create pressurized water, which clocks in at 750 psi and up to 3,000 psi. A psi, or pounds per square inch, is a unit of measurement for a pressure washer and indicates how much force the water spurts out and its ability to remove any stuck-on debris. For pressure washing to be effective and efficient, it requires, at the very minimum, 2,000 psi to tackle any sludge on physical surfaces from cars, a house’s siding, deck or fence, or garage driveway to its floor. Unlike a generic garden hose which cannot readily penetrate the surface due to its much lower psi level, a pressure washer can hone in on specific tough stains and spot clean, for example, oil spills and greasy areas on your garage pad. If anything, a Brighton pressure washing is a worthwhile investment as not only will you get rid of dirt, dust, pollen and allergens, and organic growth resulting in an illuminated home, but you will be able to waft in fresher and crisper air as you open up your windows and let in a fresher breeze. The last thing you want is to inhale these toxins that slough off the dirtied surfaces, which can be detrimental to your physical wellness. Atop this, pressure washing also preserves and primes your surfaces for renovation. Debris that is chock-full of bacteria, germs, and pathogens swallow any finishes on your home’s exterior, such as paint or stain, which would otherwise serve as an added layer of protection. This leaves any subsurface underneath the paint more susceptible to being damaged. Brighton pressure washing gets rid of this clinging residue that has deteriorated your bright and colored surfaces. By doing so, you can readily prolong the original condition of your surfaces and allow them to be prepped for further repairs and installations. This not only boosts your home’s resale value but saves you the hassle of making costlier repairs and replacements later on due to rotted wood and rusted metal. Here are some of the exterior surfaces for your home that will benefit from a Brighton pressure washing service:

  • Siding
  • Deck And Patio
  • Porch
  • Fence
  • Driveway Or Garage Pad
  • Windows And Grills
  • Soffits And Fascia Boards
  • Outside Staircase
  • Exterior Doors
  • Walkway
  • Sidewalk
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Play Or Recreational Areas

Our Expert Brighton Pressure Washing Services

The aftermath of debris can be harmful as dust, grease, or chemical residues left unattended to will make your outdoor living space unbearable. Although some Brighton homeowners haphazardly assume that most of the muck will somehow slough off during the next heavy downpour and remain complacent, or if they bother to do so, they attempt cleaning it off using a generic garden hose only to find these DIY attempts work slim to none. Truth be told, the most effective method to scrub clean your home’s exterior is through a Brighton pressure washing service. Pressure washing is the process whereby a highly pressurized stream of water dispersed through a nozzle is sprayed on a solid surface to remove or loosen any debris, including dirt, dust, mold, paint, and more. The forceful jet of water penetrates the debris and readily pulses it off the surface, leaving it unscathed. As a result, your home’s exterior surfaces are cleaned and cleared, leaving behind a brightened home. Brighton homeowners who are keen on the proper upkeep of their home’s exterior routine maintenance, including signing up for an annual professional and pressure washing, will rarely, if ever be exposed to such filth. You are best advised not to outright ignore a pressure washing, Brighton, CO property owners who do so will find a series of unfortunate events as nasty microbes eat away at the surfaces rendering them useless as the wood rots away, resulting in hairline cracks or the steel rusts down and corrodes leading to small holes and dents. Sooner or later, you’ll find yourself needing more remodels and repairs besides only a Brighton pressure washing.

So long as you get a pressure washing performed at least annually or once per year, ideally, before November before winter settles in, you can protect it against any invading debris and help to retain its pleasant appearance.

Types Of Pressure Washers

Although a pressure washer serves the same purposes for cleaning, they differ in terms of their source of power.

Gas: A gas-powered pressure washer is more robust and versatile and great for commercial properties as it boasts a more forceful psi, up to 2000 to 2800, and so can effectively spot clean grimy areas due to their concentrated and higher pressure compared to electrical ones. And so it’s easier to clean larger, more spacious areas more thoroughly in less time. The only drawback is they do cause noise pollution, so they are not the best option for a quiet neighborhood and are heavier to lug around if you have multiple locations to clean.

Electric: An electric-powered pressure washer is simply a water pump that functions as an electric motor. The pump accelerates the water to a higher level of water pressure. An electric version costs less upfront and is more portable, given its lighter weight. Plus, it doesn’t churn out loud noises as it operates. The only drawback is that it doesn’t have the same forceful and concentrated persuasion of a gas model, as an electric one can produce up to 1,300 psi, so it is best reserved for more subtle outdoor areas to get rid of dirt, grime, old paint, weeds rather than rigorously spot clean a specific area.

How Do We Perform Pressure Washing In Brighton, Co?

Regardless of whether you attempt a Brighton pressure washing as a DIY project or rely on a trained professional, you want to be aware of what’s involved. It’s not just a matter of pointing and shooting either, as it requires some prep work before ensuring a more effective and results-oriented outcome. Here are some of the steps we take for a pressure washing, Brighton, CO clients should expect:

  1. Take Your Pick: Before we begin, it’s important to decide on what type of pressure washer would work best based on the area we are cleaning. This is because various parts of the house, from the siding to the deck, can handle fluctuating pressure differently based on their material and current condition. The decision is based on a few factors, such as the power source, the amount of pressure required based on the condition of the physical surface, and whether or not you require a detergent dispenser if you want to use soap or an extra cleaning solution. For example, for softer surfaces such as solid wood or aluminum, we recommend using an electric-powered pressure washing with a wide spray nozzle of no more than 1,500 psi to evenly expel the stream of pressurized water and prevent any damage from too much impact. However, for stronger surfaces such as vinyl or concrete, we may opt for a gas model which can conjure up to 3,000 psi, for example, this would work well on dark grease stains on your driveway.

  2. All About That Prep: We always take extra precautions and lay tarps and drop clothes around your house’s exterior to shield them from water pressure. Ideally, these should cover any furniture, landscaping such as garden beds, and lighting fixtures. Next, we will scrub by hand any visible mold and mildew off the surface, which will allow the pressure washing to be more effective.

  3. Concoct: If you have opted to use a cleaning solution, we will combine the detergent solution in equal parts with gallons of water.

  4. Pilot Test: Before we go full-on, we may do a patch test to determine if the amount of pressure is appropriate for the surface being cleaned. Our handyman does so by positioning the nozzle a few feet away from the wall and moving in closer until they find they have reached the optimal level to remove the dirt and debris.

  5. Tidy Up: Finally, we will scrub the full length of the surface by starting at the top of the house and moving down, carefully spraying from side to side. For more sensitive areas, such as gutter troughs, we will spray at a 45-degree angle.

  6. Nice And Clean: It’s best to leave your newly scrubbed and shiny surfaces dry off for a couple of days before proceeding with further maintenance, such as applying a coat of paint.

Why Mr. Handyman is the Bold Choice For Pressure Washing

By forgoing a Brighton pressure washing, your humble abode will look debilitated as your home’s exterior rapidly deteriorates. Mr. Handyman of Brighton and Surrounding Areas local team members will blast away any muck in a jiffy, allowing you to bask in a lighter, cleaner, and refreshed outdoor living space. Our professional handyman will accommodate your busy schedule and show up suited and booted for your Brighton pressure washing. Brighton, CO property owners can rest easy and kick back and relax knowing that a professional will give their house a thorough cleanse. FAQs About Pressure Washing, Brighton CO

What Should You Not Do When Pressure Washing?

Be sure to avoid making these mistakes if you attempt a Brighton pressure washing as a makeshift attempt on your own:

  • Not conducting a routine inspection of the surface in question
  • Not prepping and covering your exterior home areas with drop clothes
  • Not using safety equipment
  • Not angling the nozzle properly to spray specific areas
  • Using the wrong type of nozzle
  • Spraying in the wrong direction, for example, in an upward direction against the siding
  • Using the wrong type of gas-powered or electric-powered model
  • Not using the appropriate amount of pressure based on the given surface
  • Not scraping off blatant mold or mildew using a brush before pressure washing

What Is The Difference Between Power Washing And Pressure Washing?

Although the two are often confused with one another, they both serve the same sole purpose, that is, to use a highly pressurized stream of water to clean a solid surface. The key difference is that power washing also uses heated or hot water, while pressure washing does not.

Where Should You Not Pressure Wash A House?

Be careful of off-limit areas around your home’s exterior, such as any electrical wiring and electrical panels and meters. Never pressure wash these fixtures as, although they can handle the occasional rainfall, they are not built to withstand a high pressure of forceful water. They can begin to leak into cracks and fissures, resulting in everything going haywire, from permanent damage and costly repairs to malfunctioning components and a power outage.

Mr. Handyman Will Scrub Your Humble Abode Spotles With Brighton Pressure Washing!

By participating in a Brighton pressure washing, you will discover your home is more pleasant to live in, and you will even feel like a new person. Go ahead and reach out to our courteous customer service representatives to schedule your service appointment and learn more about our other areas of expertise for exterior home repairs and maintenance, from siding repair to window installation and deck replacement as we eagerly await your response.

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