Planning a Kitchen Remodel in Charleston? Here's What You Need to Know

In many of the homes throughout Charleston, Summerville, and the surrounding areas, the kitchen is an essential part of the house. It's where meals are lovingly crafted and everyone ends up gathering together. But when you are struggling with a kitchen that doesn't work properly, or isn't well suited to the needs of your family, or is just plain ugly and outdated, it can feel less like the heart of your home and more like a room you have to use and can't wait to escape from. One of the best solutions to that problem is a Charleston kitchen remodel.

That linoleum might have looked great when your grandmother had it installed in 1975, and you may have loved that backsplash tile when you picked it out in 2008, but nothing lasts forever. If you are tired of dealing with a kitchen that you don't love and doesn't function well, it is definitely time for a Charleston kitchen remodel. While planning a kitchen remodel can be a difficult challenge, it will be well worth it, if in the end, you can enjoy your perfectly appointed dream kitchen.

Not sure how to get started on the planning phase, or if a professional Charleston kitchen remodel is even worth it? We've got some tips and expert advice from the team of service professionals at Mr. Handyman of Charleston and Summerville that will help you get the ball rolling on the renovation process. Once you're ready to start swinging a sledgehammer, give us a call. Our experienced Charleston handyman team can handle everything from a minor kitchen remodel to a complete overhaul, including electrical, mechanical, plumbing and whatever else you need to make your remodeling vision a reality.

Is a Charleston Kitchen Remodel Worth It for My Home?

First things first, you may still be on the fence about whether a kitchen remodel is the right move for your home. You know your current room and your family's needs and wants best, so of course, you are the only one who can make that call. That being said, there are some compelling reasons why a kitchen remodel carried out by an experienced, skilled handyman team is a huge benefit to homes in the Charleston, SC area.

Better Functionality

Your kitchen is, above all, a highly utilitarian room. Whether you are an avid cook who loves whipping up elaborate, scrumptious meals for all your friends and family, or you are more the type to rely heavily on the microwave for your cooking needs. You need a meal preparation space that functions perfectly for how you like to cook and makes your life easier. That may mean alterations such as changing the layout, adding storage space, or making the food prep area more convenient for your use.

Have you ever wished your pots and pans were within easy reach, or your cabinets went all the way up to your ceiling, or your silverware drawer was closer to the dishwasher? A kitchen remodel is a great opportunity to address those problems and create a room that functions flawlessly for your specific requirements.

More Appealing

Appearance may not be as important as functionality, but it still matters. You want your home to look beautiful from the front gate to the backyard deck. An outdated, unattractive kitchen can be a real eyesore that strikes a discordant note in an otherwise lovely home. You spend a lot of time there, especially if you are the main cook in the family, and it shouldn't just be a practical space—it should be an appealing and inviting room that you actually want to spend time in and show off to your house guests in Charleston. If reality is currently falling short of that ideal, a kitchen remodel is the perfect way to love that space again and even turn it into your favorite part of your house.

Increased Property Value

Are you thinking of selling your Charleston or Summerville home in the next few years? The right kitchen remodel can significantly increase property value. That way, you get a higher selling price and a solid return on your investment. A recently renovated kitchen is high on the priority list for most prospective buyers, so seeing that it has been taken care of and they won't need to renovate after buying is a huge purchase incentive. If your main goal is to raise property value, it makes sense to choose a classic, neutral look that will encourage potential buyers to envision themselves using the room.

How to Plan the Perfect Charleston Kitchen Remodel

Ready to get started on planning out the details of your new kitchen remodel in Charleston, SC? Creating a design may feel like an overwhelming task, but once you get started, you may enjoy the process of customizing your living space to perfectly match your needs and desires. Here are eight tips and ideas that will make designing your kitchen remodel from scratch a lot easier.

Determine the Floor Plan (Or Keep It the Same)

One of the first things you should consider is whether you want to change the layout of your space. Understandably, relocating appliance hook-ups and plumbing fixtures is more costly and time-consuming than leaving them where they are. So, if you are happy with the current layout of your kitchen, you can save some money by keeping those elements where they are now. You can also choose to change the layout of elements such as cabinets or your kitchen island while keeping electrical, gas, and plumbing components in their current location.

If the current floor plan is just not working for you, it needs to change. There are a few things to keep in mind when designing a new layout. You are naturally somewhat limited by the size and shape of the room. For example, a long, narrow rectangle will probably be a galley kitchen with counters and appliances on either side of a middle path. But, if you have a more open rectangle or a square, you have a lot more choice. A tried-and-true rule of thumb is to orient the stove, refrigerator, and sink in a rough triangle to improve workflow. Whatever you do, make sure you have plenty of room to move around the floor and ample space for food prep near your refrigerator or stove.

Open Up the Room

Most newly constructed homes in Charleston, SC feature an open floor plan where the cooking area is entirely or partially open to other areas such as the dining room or family room. If you have an older house with a closed off kitchen that isn't working for you, it doesn't have to stay that way. Having your handyman create a pass-through in the wall or remove a non-load-bearing wall altogether will make that whole part of the house feel lighter and more spacious. It also gives those working in the kitchen the opportunity to keep an eye on kids in your family room or socialize with guests in the dining room, and it makes setting the table for dinner a lot more efficient.

Include a Little—Or a Lot—of Tile

If you have already begun looking at the wide range of tile colors, patterns, sizes, shapes, and styles available, you know the options can seem absolutely endless. You are probably thinking of installing a tile floor, which is a good way to go, but don't forget about your walls. There are so many beautiful kitchen backsplash ideas, such as basket weave tile backsplash that can make a big visual impact on your room while also providing some protection against splashes of water or food that could stain and damage your wall. If your budget is limited, affordable subway tiles are a popular, attractive option in Charleston to make the room feel more polished.

Don't Forget About Lighting and Ventilation

Since your kitchen is a practical space that involves steam, odors, and—if you live with amateur cooks—the occasional plume of smoke, ventilation is a critical consideration that needs to be addressed during your renovation. Lighting is just as important—it isn't safe to be cooking in a dim kitchen where you can barely see what you are doing, and it's also frustrating. But despite that, lighting and ventilation are often overlooked. Make sure you include adequate ventilation, such as a hood fan over the stove or an overhead fan that vents to the outdoors.

When it comes to lighting, you will need more than one light fixture. You should have at least one overhead fixture for ambient lighting, and you should also have task lighting focused on the specific areas like the stove and food prep station where you work with heat, knives, and other potentially dangerous tools.

Maximize Storage Space

A huge amount of kitchen space is taken up by kitchen cabinets and other storage facilities, making perfect sense—from pots, pans, utensils to kitchen gadgets and, of course, all that food. There is so much that needs to be in the kitchen, so it is readily available whenever you need it. You may not be able to add additional storage space during your Charleston kitchen remodel and don't want to reduce the amount of storage you currently have. Need some ideas? Here are a few ways to increase storage capacity and make the space more streamlined:

  • Include a pantry for storing dry goods in one place. A walk-in, closet-style pantry is great, but it doesn't have to be that elaborate if you don't have room—it could be as simple as a large, refrigerator-sized cupboard with sliding shelves.

  • Hang a rack above the stove or kitchen island for pots and pans.

  • Install blind corner pull-outs or rotating shelves in corner cabinets that are difficult to reach into so the space isn't wasted.

  • No room for a kitchen island? A rolling cart or portable island that can be tucked out of the way when it is not in use may be the perfect solution.

  • Use lower cabinets or large drawers for smaller appliances that you don't use all the time and want to keep off the countertop, like a toaster oven, blender, or crockpot.

Consider Energy Efficient Appliances and Plumbing Fixtures

If your appliances and plumbing fixtures have been around for a while and are getting outdated, you may want to add a new appliance selection to your kitchen remodel task list. Your appliances suffer wear and tear over the years, slowly losing efficiency. They will need more fuel to provide the same function. Since manufacturers are constantly working on improving energy efficiency and reducing water use for appliances and sinks, installing new, efficient models can save you a considerable amount of money over time on your monthly utility bills.

Add Finishing Touches

Finally, don't forget to add finishing touches that will make your new room feel like a welcoming part of your home. That could include comfy seating, a painted accent wall, artwork, textiles, or plants. It is easy to underestimate the small stuff, but even something that seems insignificant, like changing out cabinet handles and drawer pulls, can create a surprisingly noticeable difference. Taking the time to add in those little things that infuse your renovation with your family's style and personality will make all the difference in how you feel about your new, beautiful space.

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