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Looking for a welder in Charleston, SC for minor home repair and installation projects isn’t as easy as you’d think. Many welding services cater to industrial clients looking for help with large-scale jobs requiring a high level of technical knowledge and prowess. There isn’t a ton of money in doing small residential and commercial jobs, such as welding together a corroded iron fence or reattaching a broken leg on metal furniture, so these companies don’t often offer these services. Our Charleston handyman team has experience in welding and can take care of all of those small welding projects you need to be completed around your South Carolina home or business.

No matter how big or small your welding job is, we’ll be happy to come by and get the job done for you. To inquire about our Charleston welding service, give us a call. For more information on this service, keep reading below.

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Reasons You May Need A Welder in Charleston, SC

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Your home’s exterior goes through its fair share of wear and tear simply by being constantly exposed to the elements. Though South Carolina isn’t subject to the harsh winters that the more northerly states get, the high humidity and scorching summer sun can do a number on your home. While wood rot tends to be one of the more pressing concerns for Charleston homeowners due to the prevalence of moisture and termites, any metalwork on the outside of your home is also at risk of deteriorating. The culprit of this is namely the natural process of corrosion.

Explaining the process of corrosion in detail would require an article in and of itself, but for our purposes here, corrosion is simply a chemical reaction that occurs when iron atoms are exposed to water molecules and oxygen. The iron becomes ‘oxidized’ and produces rust.

Any metal you have outside of your home is at risk of corrosion due to the high moisture content in the oxygenated air. Metal products, like iron fences, are often treated with an anti-corrosion protective coating, but this coating may wear down over time—especially if damage by impact occurs. When rust spots are minor, they may be sanded down and a protective coating reapplied over top, but if left unaddressed, corrosion may lead to breakage. Repairing broken metal often requires part replacement and welding services.

If welding was done incorrectly in the first place, breakage may also occur without the presence of rust. For furniture, fixtures, and appliances located indoors in a temperature-controlled environment, shoddy workmanship is often to blame.

Whether you require a welder in Charleston, SC to repair corroded iron on the outside of your home or need to rejoin two or more aluminum components in your home’s interior, our handyman experts can get the job done right.

We Have Your Charleston Welding Needs Covered

Of the many signs you need fence repair, corrosion on a fence is one of the most common. Iron gates and fencing are popular alternatives to wooden fences due to their perceived durability and classical, ornamental style. Metal fences and gates are statement pieces that add style and charm to your Charleston property and as such, should be protected and maintained. Instead of replacing your stunning iron fence with a new composite or vinyl one, our welders in Charleston, SC can make repairs and minor replacements to your fence to get it back in great shape. Repair is also a much more affordable option than total fence replacement.

We can weld a wide range of metal products in and around your home. Repairs to fences, gates, decks, porches, railings, doors and stairs are the most common welding requests we receive, but if it’s made of metal components, there’s a good chance that we can fix it. Our handyman professionals have enough experience and knowledge of welding practices and procedures to come up with creative solutions for custom welding projects. They’ll use a combination of manual tools such as a tape measure and sander, as well as gas welding equipment such as a welder and welding gun.

How Welding Works

At its most basic, the process of welding involves joining two metal components together by heating the material to its melting point and then letting it cool until it’s solid again.

There is a wide variety of welding services and methods performed by welders in South Carolina:

  • Stick welding. Electricity is used to melt an electrode—commonly referred to as a rod or stick—and the metal joint at the same time. Together, these molten metals form a filler that is used to seal the joint.
  • MIG (metal inert gas) welding. Similar to stick welding, but instead of a rod, a spool of wire is used. It should not be used in outdoor applications due to wind issues.
  • TIG (tungsten inert gas) welding. Good for welding projects that require precision, this method does not require an electrode or filler.
  • Plasma arc welding. Like TIG welding, this method does not require a filler and the electrode is not consumed (melted). It works very similarly to TIG welding but is quicker.
  • Electron beam welding. A stream of electrons is shot at the surface, causing it to melt.
  • Laser welding. Like electron welding, but a stream of photons causes the surface to melt instead.

Stick, MIG, and TIG welding are most commonly used for simple household and commercial applications that do not require as much precision as may be needed in an industrial welding and manufacturing setting. Regardless of the method your handyman expert chooses for your project, you can rest assured that the method will be suitable for your needs and goals.

How To Prevent Needing A Charleston Welding Service In The Future

Though we love helping our customers out with their home repair, preventive maintenance, and installation needs, we also don’t want our customers to have to keep coming back to get repairs for the same issue. While preventing corrosion entirely is difficult to do at times, there are some steps you can take to reduce the likelihood of this occurring and keep your structures in good condition for years to come. Our best tips for preventing corrosion and rust include:

  • Using a metal alloy. Stainless steel is made up of not just steel, but elements such as chromium and carbon, making it an alloy. Adding these elements discourages corrosion, making it a great choice for use around the exterior of your home.
  • Galvanizing metal. Applying a coat of zinc to iron and steel will significantly slow down the process of corrosion.
  • Applying oils and paints. The key to preventing corrosion lies in reducing moisture. Simply applying a coat of oils or paint to your fixtures regularly will create a barrier between the metal and oxygen and water.
  • Regularly cleaning. Once per year, spray down your outdoor fixtures with water and a biodegradable liquid detergent. Rinse the detergent off and allow it to dry in the sun.

We’re Not Your Average Welding Company

If you’ve tried searching for ‘mobile welders near me,’ you know just how difficult it is to find a welder that is willing to take on small welding jobs located on your residential or commercial property. Our experienced team of welders at Mr. Handyman of Charleston and Summerville is dedicated to meeting quality standards through superior workmanship to property owners in and around the Charleston and Summerville area, including North Charleston, Goose Creek, and Moncks Corner.

Our experienced welders in Charleston, SC, not only have a decade of experience under their belts, but they’re also deeply passionate about providing exceptional customer service and ensuring their work results in satisfied customers. We’ll always strive to provide total customer satisfaction the first time, but if the quality of workmanship doesn't meet your expectations, let us know about your concerns within one year of your service appointment and we’ll come back and make it right.

Many of our clients are repeat customers thanks to our ability to provide not just a single home service, but a myriad of repair and installation interior and exterior handyman, carpentry, and welding jobs. Though you may call us to weld a new metal post to your existing porch railing, you may also call us back to clean, sand, and stain the wood planks on your porch a few weeks later. Or, save yourself the trouble of making multiple calls and book all your repair needs at once!

FAQs About Hiring A Welder in Charleston, SC

How Much Does A Welder in Charleston, SC Cost?

The cost of a welder in Charleston, SC depends largely on the type of welding project you need to be completed. As mentioned above, there are many different welding techniques, methods, and machinery that can be used. Each requires a different level of expertise to operate, and some have higher operating costs than others. The more detailed, complex, and precise the job, the more you can expect the service to cost.

Our certified welders tend to do more basic welding repairs for homeowners and businesses in South Carolina. As such, we offer what we believe are reasonable prices for our Charleston welding services. Compared to other welders in the area, our service is available at a competitive price. We strive to offer our customers incredible value when it comes to all of our services. Unlike other companies, we guarantee quality.

Can I Do A Minor Welding Project On My Own?

Though we’d never recommend attempting a large or significant welding project on your own without any welding experience, you may be able to attempt a very small project on your own (supposing you have the proper tools, equipment and training). However, we generally recommend against this for a few reasons:

  • Welding can be dangerous. The process involves melting down metal. Coming into contact with molten metal can result in serious injuries. Some machines are also electrically powered, making electrocution a risk.
  • Welding can be messy. Unless you use an advanced technique, molten metal tends to splatter. This is, of course, a safety hazard, but if you’re trying to weld a decorative piece that many people will see, you’ll probably want a finished product that looks presentable. A professional welder can achieve, well, professional results.
  • Welding equipment is costly. If you need a one-time welding project done, the cost of hiring a service provider will, in most cases, be significantly less than buying welding machines and supplies out of pocket.

How Long Does Your Charleston Welding Service Take?

The length of our Charleston welding service depends on the complexity of the welding job you need to be done. However, welding is generally a fairly quick process. In most cases, our welders will be in and out in a single morning or afternoon.

When you call to book your service appointment, our office administrators will give you an estimated timeline for the project so you can make an informed decision about the day and time that a service appointment will work best for you. On the day of your service appointment, your welder will also communicate with you about the project scope and timeline. If anything changes, we’ll let you know right away.

One thing is for certain—we can almost guarantee that we’ll be able to complete your project in less time than it would take you to do the job, leaving you with more time to spend doing the things you love.

Looking For A Welder in Charleston, SC? Give Our Team At Mr. Handyman of Charleston and Summerville A Call Today!

If you’re dealing with a wobbly porch railing, a loose furniture leg or a corroding gate that is chipping away at the pride you once had in the appearance of your home, the team at Mr. Handyman of Charleston and Summerville is here to help. Whether you live in Goose Creek, Moncks Corner, North Charleston or anywhere in the Charleston or Summerville area, find out for yourself why we have hundreds of satisfied customers by taking advantage of our residential and commercial Charleston welding services today. Superior craftsmanship is just around the corner!

To book an on-site estimate or discuss your project in more detail, we encourage you to give us a call. You can also fill out our online contact form and one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives will get back to you as soon as possible. We’re ready to provide the welding services you need for everything from patio repair to fence installation.

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