Are you looking for easy ways to change up the appearance of your bathroom? Executing a small bathroom remodel in Colorado Springs can have impressive results on the enjoyment of the space. Introducing patterned wallpaper, new fixtures, or a simple backsplash will freshen up the style of the room. The best part? It doesn’t involve any large construction projects, allowing your Colorado Springs handyman to get in and out of your home quickly.

As with any handyman job, a small bathroom remodel in Colorado Springs is best completed by an experienced team. Laying and grouting tile and painting trim are high-precision tasks, and when you choose Mr. Handyman of Colorado Springs for the job, you can always bet on our professional service.

If you’re thinking about remodeling your bathroom, you should know that it’s one of the fastest, easiest, and least expensive ways to add value to your home. Read on to discover more about our wide range of bathroom remodeling services, or call today to book yours!

About Our Colorado Springs Bathroom Remodel Services

Dreaming of a better bathroom? Let our bathroom remodeling experts create your perfect space. At Mr. Handyman of Colorado Springs, we specialize in small bathroom remodeling projects–but don’t be fooled by their name! They may be small, but each of these projects makes a big impact on the look and feel of your bathroom. You may be surprised to find how much updating outdated features helps to create a luxury style in the room.

Homeowners just like you have been pleased to find the aesthetic appeal adding a single sheet of wallpaper makes or the sophistication generated when their bathroom remodeler installs a simple tile backsplash. If you’re ready to transform your space but don’t have a ton of time to sink into a complete bathroom remodel, we think you’ll love the results our specialized services bring to your home.

Tile Installation

Bathrooms ordinarily have tile somewhere in their design. Whether it’s a tile floor, shower tile, or a backsplash, this one feature is both practical and ornate. In terms of beneficial materials, you can’t get much better than tile. Not only does it repel water excellently and is an easy-to-clean choice for your bathroom, but it also comes in countless designs, colors, and types. From natural stone and granite to glass, ceramic, and porcelain, this single bathroom essential can give your room an entirely new appearance. A few options for your space include:

  • Backsplash tile: A backsplash is situated on the wall behind your sink and bathroom vanity. It will be underneath your bathroom mirror and could be a single strip of tile or a more full-coverage design.
  • Shower wall tile: The shower is your personal oasis in the home. It should be one of the most relaxing places you own, so why not spruce it up with a new tile installation? Get fancy with slate, or choose patterned glass or porcelain for a European aesthetic.
  • Floor tile: Floor tile will give you and your guests an immediate impression as soon as they enter the room. This is your chance to set the tone for your bathroom, so choose a color and style that compliments the overall vibe you’re going for.
  • Bathroom wall tile: From subway tile to ceramic squares, installing tile walls will create a cohesive and modern look in your bathroom. Play with contrasting tile for your floor, walls, and shower, or choose one versatile style for the entire master bathroom.
  • Tile repair: If you already have tile in your bathroom, but it’s riddled with cracks or has become loose, getting it repaired will immediately elevate the look of your room.

Painting and Wallpaper Installation

Is your bathroom currently a color that makes you frown? The trendy paint colors of yesteryear were much different than they are today. The bathroom is supposed to be a relaxing space, but it’s also a chance to get creative. If you’re a fan of themes or specific styles, now is the perfect opportunity to incorporate them into your home. Classic black and white themes are popular, as are soothing tones of blue and aquamarine. Don’t want to make too much of a change? Go for an accent wall instead with a single shade of paint or a piece of wallpaper. Opt for colors and patterns that align with your style preferences for a classic, vintage, or modern bathroom.

Fixture Replacement

Just like paint colors, if you haven’t updated the fixtures in your bathroom since the early 90s, now might be a good time. Not only have the styles changed, but so have the efficiencies. You may be interested in water-saving shower heads or those that neutralize hard water, or you might just want to swap to fixtures with a different finish. Whatever motive you have behind changing your bathroom fixtures, such as your sink faucet, shower head, and bathtub faucet, you’ll have plenty of options in terms of style and finish.

Lighting Replacement

Replacing the lighting fixtures in your bathroom has a similar effect to replacing plumbing fixtures. Choosing a style of fixture that emits more or less light, installing vanity lights, mood lighting, or other types can totally transform the feeling of your bathroom. Our professional bathroom remodeling experts can swap out outdated lighting fixtures for your preferred style, instantly giving your room a lift.

Toilet Replacement

Toilets that are over 20 years old will begin to have issues with flushing; plus, they just don’t look that great. Replacing your old toilet with a new model means you won’t just be able to update the look, but you’ll also get to choose a style that’s better suited for your life. Dual flush toilets are more water-efficient, while wall-mounted toilets create more space. Ask us about the many options for your new toilet, and we’ll recommend a few styles that work best with your bathroom and home.

Aging-in-Place Services

If you would like to remain in your home for as much of your life as possible, then considering aging-in-place services is a great idea. In your bathroom, this may look like changing the knobs on your bathroom vanity to something easier to open and close or installing a grab bar in the shower or bath.

At the end of the day, we aim to make your bathroom remodel dreams come true. Specializing in a comprehensive range of small bathroom improvement projects, we’re here to prove that the smallest of swaps can have the largest impact on your space. Call today to learn more about what’s possible.

Why Choose Mr. Handyman for Your Bathroom Remodel in Colorado Springs?

When it comes to performing any kind of remodeling service, it pays to have a team with a breadth of skills and experience. Of course, this team would also ideally be respectful of your home and time, efficient in their work, and it wouldn’t hurt that the jobs performed be backed by some sort of guarantee.

When you hire Mr. Handyman of Colorado Springs, that’s precisely what you’ll get and so much more—just ask our customers or read our reviews! We’re known for our quality products and workmanship across every single bath remodel we perform. But small bathroom remodeling services are just a tiny part of our wide service offering that also includes kitchen remodelingdoor repair, and trim repair. So, what exactly can you expect when choosing Mr. Handyman?

  • Professional service: From the first call to our customer service team, you’ll receive respectful communication and knowledgeable assistance.
  • Quality workmanship & parts: We’ll always use high-quality materials and workmanship in every service we provide. We aim to get you the most from the jobs we perform, and that means ensuring the repairs we make will last and that the right methods of installation and replacement are utilized.
  • Local team, national values: As a locally owned and operated company, we pride ourselves on providing our community with excellent service. As part of a nationally owned franchise, we carry the values of the Neighborly name such as respect and integrity.
  • Done Right Promise: As part of Neighborly, all of our services are backed by a guarantee that jobs will be done right the first time.

FAQs About a Colorado Springs Bathroom Remodel

What Color Should I Paint My Bathroom?

The bathroom is intended to be a relaxing space, but truly, the sky’s the limit when it comes to colors you should paint your bathroom. If you’re curious about current bathroom trends, pick up a home remodeling magazine or browse online. There are endless options for your bathroom design, but you should paint your walls a color that matches your overall aesthetic. Blue is a very popular bathroom color choice, as is the classic black and white theme. If you’d like to introduce a bright pop of color to the room, consider a vibrant wallpaper or go bold with sunny yellow.

Is a Bathroom Renovation and Remodel the Same Thing?

Bathroom renovation projects differ slightly from bathroom remodeling projects. To renovate means to revive a space, and this may mean painting the walls or replacing the fixtures. Renovations typically do not involve construction of any kind. 

Remodeling involves larger tasks such as changing the layout, replacing bathroom vanities, installing tiles, and adding new features. However, certain renovation tasks, such as painting and fixture replacement, also fall within the category of projects for a small bathroom remodel in Colorado Springs. Another important aspect to keep in mind is that a remodel is designed to make a space more efficient and functional.

What Adds the Most Value to a Bathroom?

Larger bathroom remodeling projects typically add the most value to a bathroom. Tasks such as bath upgrades like installing walk-in tubs and shower conversions or installing new bathroom cabinets, countertops, sinks, and vanities. If you’re not ready for a remodeler to take over your bathroom for days or weeks, consider smaller, high-value bath remodel projects such as tile replacement. Tile replacement can be completed in hours or 1-2 business days, depending on how large of an area you are replacing.

How Long Does a Bathroom Remodel Job Take?

It depends on the project. If you are hiring a Colorado Springs handyman for a simple project such as replacing bathroom fixtures or painting, the process will be completed within a few hours. If you are replacing the tile, it could take a day. If you are converting your tub to a shower that requires new shower wall tile installation, you may be looking at several days. In addition, if you are looking to do a complete bathroom project, the time frame may look more like 1–2 weeks, depending on what’s involved. The best way to get an accurate estimate for your service is to get in touch with our qualified team.

What is the Most Expensive Part of a Bathroom Remodel in Colorado Springs?

The most expensive part of the bathroom remodeling process is one that involves construction or changing the layout or design of an existing bathroom floor plan. Jobs such as bathtub placement and complete bathroom remodels will be the most expensive. But at Mr. Handyman of Colorado Springs, we offer small bathroom remodeling services with plenty of inexpensive options and budget-friendly prices. These small jobs can totally change your bathroom experience and won’t cost a fortune.

A few examples of affordable bathroom remodeling work include:

  • Changing up bathroom lighting
  • Replacing fixtures
  • Wallpaper
  • Shower walls
  • Backsplash installation
  • Painting
  • And many more!

Call our expert handyman team and book a consultation to learn more about the many easy ways to improve your space!

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