In Colorado Springs, decks get a lot of use. Whether it’s for evening dinner parties or sunrise coffee, they're a place you can go that merges the privacy and comfort of your own home with the glory of the great outdoors. But with all of that use and exposure to elements comes excessive wear and tear, and before you know it, you’re going to need deck staining. Colorado Springs homeowners can tackle the job themselves, but they know the success of it comes from proper preparation in the form of laborious deck cleaning and hours of sanding. Rather than fight with the scrub bucket and sander, why not leave it to your Colorado Springs handyman?

Mr. Handyman of Colorado Springs has the experience and knowledge necessary to perform flawless work. Their technicians can help you restore your deck, change its color, and even perform any necessary repairs in a single service. Call to book today and get your deck in shape for fun in the sun!

About Our Colorado Springs Deck Staining Service

Wear and tear and the weather are usually the two culprits behind a fading deck stain. It’s important to re-stain your wooden deck regularly to protect it from harsh weather. During the deck staining process, you can expect every measure to be taken to properly inspect, stain, and care for your deck. This includes:

  • Inspection: Your expert handyman needs to assess your deck condition and perform any repairs before getting to the staining process. This includes looking over the decking boards, railings, and joists.
  • Surface Preparation: They rid your deck of dust, dirt, and debris. This may include using concentrated deck cleaner or pressure washing to blast off any remaining paint or stain.
  • Color Selection: You’ll let your handyman know your desired type of stain and color preferences. Popular options include solid stain and semi-transparent stains to reveal some of the natural wood grain.
  • Expert Application: Skilled craftsmen apply the stain properly to the entire square footage of your deck. We take care to apply it to all deck boards.
  • Finishing Touches: Also called deck refinishing, during this process a protective coating will be applied to defend your entire deck from weather damage and wear.

Looking for deck refinishing services or deck repair services? Mr. Handyman of Colorado Springs offers those too. After this service, our professional technician will remove any debris, trash, and supplies that accumulated in the process, leaving you with a pristine deck that’s ready for use. They’ll perform one last final inspection before they go to ensure all is right.

Mr. Handyman: The Top Choice For Deck Staining in Colorado Springs

In terms of reliable and professional teams for deck staining, Colorado Springs can’t beat our licensed and certified experts. Delivering a guarantee on our workmanship, you never have to worry about low-quality work or disrespectful service technicians. Mr. Handyman of Colorado Springs is the company you can trust to bring you peace of mind over a wide variety of home improvement projects, including tile installation, window repair, and drywall repair. Call our customer service team to learn more about the many quality services we provide or to get your deck project started today.

FAQs About Deck Staining: Colorado Springs

Do you have questions about deck staining? Colorado Springs, your local handyman has answers. Anytime you need more clarification on any of their services, don’t hesitate to reach out to their qualified team. In the meantime, check out these answers to some of their most frequently asked questions.

How Often Should I Get Deck Staining in Colorado Springs?

You should get deck staining in Colorado Springs every 2–3 years, depending on how much use the area gets. If your deck sees lots of foot traffic, then the stain will wear off faster than one that’s only used a few times per year. Other factors that affect how often you should stain your deck include the type of wood and the climate. Pressure-treated wood and composite decks may need less frequent applications than exotic wood, so it's important to consult a professional for advice.

On top of that, Colorado Springs has both temperatures that fall below freezing and those that rise above 80 degrees Fahrenheit. These temperature fluctuations can affect the stain on your deck, but they’re also one of the reasons it’s so important to apply a high-quality product consistently. Certain categories of deck stain last longer than others too. The solid color stain will not show signs of wear as easily as semi-transparent will.

Should I Hire A Professional For Deck Staining Near Me?

Similar to painting, there is a right and a wrong way to stain a deck. The main difference between an exceptional application and a mediocre one lies in the preparation—and that’s where the importance of choosing a professional handyman comes in. Mr. Handyman of Colorado Springs knows exactly how to correctly prepare your deck to create a smooth surface and even stain application. With their pressure washing services, they can make quick work of prep on your deck surface while ensuring your home is kept safe. In addition, hiring a professional will save you time and, ultimately, money if you think about the supplies, equipment, and skills needed to do the job right for your specific deck type.

What Are The Benefits Of Deck Staining in Colorado Springs?

Staining comes with many benefits for Colorado Springs deck owners. These include advantages such as protection against moisture damage and, therefore, wood rot and mold growth. Stain serves to protect your wood deck from all elements, not just water. UV rays can damage wood and cause it to fade and weaken with time. Eventually, this could lead to unpleasant-looking wood, that’s also a safety hazard due to splintering. The simple act of applying stain can help prevent all of these issues, but you need to make sure you’re staining your deck regularly to continue reaping these benefits.

How Much Does a Deck Staining Service in Colorado Springs Cost?

Since we care about providing our clients with detailed cost estimates, our procedure involves an inspection. Before a structure receives staining, it must be inspected, cleaned, and, if necessary, repaired. Often, damages are not easily detected until you hire a specialist to investigate it. Feel free to give our office a call, and we may be able to give you a price range.

Can I Change The Color Of My Deck With Deck Staining?

Yes, and this can be considered part of a deck restoration service. You can change the color of your deck with a new deck stain of your choice. To ensure the desired color is reached, Mr. Handyman of Colorado Springs will prepare the surface of your deck with pressure washing or sanding to completely remove the old stain. Once the deck materials underneath are revealed, they can apply a new color of stain to change the aesthetic appearance. There are many different shades of stain to choose from to find the right look for your home.

How Can I Maintain My Deck After Staining?

A well-maintained deck involves taking all aspects of deck care into consideration. After your outdoor area has been prepared and stained by a professional, it’s important to maintain it throughout the year so that it continues to stay in great condition. General maintenance tips include cleaning every square foot of your deck as needed to remove dirt, debris, and rust. Mr. Handyman of Colorado Springs offers all types of maintenance for your deck to make this very easy. Call on their experienced team for deck maintenance or to apply any necessary touch-ups. Deck beyond repair? They can help you replace it.

Looking For Professional Deck Staining in Colorado Springs? Call the Experts at Mr. Handyman Today!

Your deck is one of your favorite places to relax in the summer. But just like how you can be affected by the sun’s rays, so can your deck, not to mention wet weather and frequent footsteps and furniture moves. Is your deck looking out of sorts? Get deck staining in Colorado Springs and keep it safe throughout the year. This one service will protect your deck from the elements to make sure it lasts as long as possible before it needs to be replaced. Choosing a professional for the job means that your deck will be properly prepared for the application, which will see that it looks flawless and provides proper protection.

If it’s been a while since you had your deck stained, give Mr. Handyman of Colorado Springs a call. They offer a wide range of home improvement services to transform your outdoor space, including trim repair, door installation, and exterior painting. Don’t delay your deck staining. Colorado Springs is in safe hands; call today!

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