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Before air conditioning was an option, the deck was everyone's favorite place to be during those long, hot summer days and evenings, because it was the perfect place to relax in the shade and maybe even catch a fresh, cool breeze. It may not be quite as essential as it was back then, but local residents still love sitting out on the deck to socialize with friends, grill dinner and have fun with children and dogs. But when your outdoor living space is covered in damage such as rotting deck boards, popping nails, peeling paint, and other unsightly problems that require professional Cincinnati deck repair, it ceases to be an asset to your household and becomes more of a liability instead.

Have you noticed some signs that your outdoor space needs help from a local handyman who can take care of deck repair?Cincinnati handyman professionals at Mr. Handyman of Greater Cincinnati have the experience and skill to get your deck back in excellent condition with long-lasting, safe, attractive Cincinnati deck repair strategies.

How Our Reliable Team Handles Cincinnati Deck Repair Services

When you need services such as repair, maintenance, installation or improvements, sometimes the biggest challenge can be choosing a capable, dependable and experienced individual or company who can be trusted to get the job done right the first time. That's what the team at Mr. Handyman of Greater Cincinnati is here for!

Homeowners or business owners who call us to take care of Cincinnati deck repair or other services can rely on us to arrive on time for their scheduled appointment, in uniform and driving a branded vehicle so you know exactly who you're letting on to your property. First, we'll carefully assess the condition of your structure and the nature of the damage. Then we'll consult with you, clearly explain our recommendations for how we should proceed, and answer any questions you may have so you can rest assured you're making informed decisions about your home or business property.

Rely on our experienced Cincinnati handyman team to take care of the entire Cincinnati deck repair process from start to finish, including cleaning up after ourselves before we leave. The actual deck repair work will naturally depend on the type of damage that needs to be dealt with, but the Cincinnati deck repair issues we often address include:

  • Rotten Wood: This is the most common problem we encounter with wood structures, and for good reason. Timber is vulnerable to rotting when it takes on moisture, and outdoor structures are, of course, constantly being exposed to rain, snowmelt and condensing humidity. The best way to deal with wood rot is to replace the affected boards, but small spots of rot can be scraped away and filled with epoxy.
  • Weak Railings: A wobbly, loose railing is a safety hazard that can lead to serious injury if it gives way under someone's weight as they lean against it. Sometimes a Cincinnati handyman can solve this issue by securing the railing where it came loose, but if the problem is due to wood rot, the railing should be replaced.
  • Creaky Steps: Stairs take a lot of wear and tear damage over time, and sooner or later issues such as creaking or sagging treads can appear. A sagging tread needs to be replaced, but the damage isn't likely affecting risers or other parts of your steps. Creaking is usually a sign of a gap between the riser and tread, and we'll correct that by properly securing your tread with new nails.
  • Cracked or Loose Boards: If you have boards with deep cracks, they should be replaced with new lumber. But if the cracks are smaller, shallow and mostly limited to the surface of a few boards, there's a simple solution. Your handyman can just pry them up, flip them over and nail them back down with the unblemished side facing up.
  • Sagging Structure: Have you noticed that your structure seems to be sagging noticeably downward, or sinking down on one side? This is a very serious problem that indicates structural instability. This happens when support posts are weakened, broken or sinking into the ground, and it needs to be addressed before the structure is used again.

Pick Mr. Handyman to Deliver Expert Deck Repair, Cincinnati

Are you looking for the right home repair, maintenance and improvement professionals to deliver experienced deck repair? Cincinnati property owners need look no further than the reliable carpentry team at Mr. Handyman of Greater Cincinnati for top-quality craftsmanship and customer service you can trust. Deck repair isn't all we do—locals can count on us for a wide range of other services as well, includingbathroom remodeling,kitchen remodeling and much more.

If you need services for your residential or commercial properties, or you have questions about a project that has been on your mind, get in touch with our friendly customer service staff today at (513) 657-2926 to find out more or schedule a convenient time for a service appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cincinnati Deck Repair Near Me

Homeowners typically have questions for our handyman team, and there are a few common ones that pop up often. We're always happy to chat on the phone or answer your queries in person, but you can also read our replies to a few frequently asked questions about Cincinnati deck repair below and get started on finding out more about your structure.

Why is the Wood on My Deck Turning Gray?

When the timber on your wooden deck starts looking gray and weathered, it's actually a warning sign that water damage such as wood rot is on the way. It happens when the protective sealant wears away, or was never there to start with, and moisture seeps into the wood, which is why exterior wood maintenance is so important. The next stage is when splinters start lifting up from the surface, and if you're scared to step onto your deck in bare feet, you already know all about this problem. Paint or solid stain and sealant protect wood from moisture incursion, and graying timber is a visual cue that it's unprotected from water damage issues.

The strategy your handyman will choose for this particular Cincinnati deck repair problem is usually to sand the wood, revealing smooth timber underneath, and then refinish it with painting or staining and an effective sealant to protect against further moisture incursion. If your boards are already quite damaged, replacing them with new, pressure-treated lumber is likely the best option.

How Can You Tell If You Need Cincinnati Deck Repair for Wood Rot?

Everyone has encountered rotted wood at some point in their lives. It softens and crumbles apart, which means it can cause serious Cincinnati deck repair problems by weakening the supporting structure and eventually causing it to collapse. In the advanced stages of wood rot, it's easy to spot. But not all homeowners are aware of the earlier signs of wood decay, and it's one of those things that needs to be caught and stamped out as early as possible. Here are some of the symptoms that indicate you need Cincinnati deck repair services for wood rot:

  • Discolored patches that are lighter or darker than the rest of the material, or have a white, yellow or purplish hue
  • Wood is crumbling into "sawdust" or breaking into cube-shaped pieces, which is called cubical fracture
  • Patches with a different texture that appears spongy, stringy or webbed with cracks

In very advanced stages, you may also see mushrooms sprouting out of the wood, but if it's at that point you're probably already well aware that it's rotting.

Is There an Easy Way to Clean a Deck That's Covered in Dirt and Algae?

If your deck is covered in layers of grime that have built up over time and are now firmly stuck on there, or a slick, slippery coating of algae, those aren't just unsightly cosmetic problems. They also pose a potential hazard for slipping and falling, and harbor harmful bacteria that eats away at the paint or sealant underneath, leaving the boards unprotected against moisture. But nobody wants to go out there with a scrub brush and bucket of soapy water to work their arms off trying to clean the entire structure.

There's no need to consider undertaking that unpleasant chore when we have a much faster, more effective method available. Pressure washing machines are capable of blasting away all that stubborn grime and organic growth even more effectively than scrubbing, and it's much easier on the arms. It's also a lot faster—depending on the size of your deck, we can have the entire structure done in an hour or two. Another great thing about pressure washing is that it easily removes loose paint that is peeling off, leaving behind a clean, smooth, primed surface that is ready for painting and sealing.

There's a Gap Between My House and Deck, Is That a Bad Sign?

Your deck should be pretty snugly positioned up against your house, so if there's a widening gap that wasn't there before, that's definitely a problem that indicates some major issues. It's also unsafe and could lead to a deck collapse, so it needs immediate attention from a qualified Cincinnati deck repair professional. This may be occurring because posts or other components of the supportive structure have suffered from rot and decay to the point that they can't hold up its weight any longer, but it's also possible that the installation wasn't handled correctly and the posts aren't buried deep enough in the ground or the structure wasn't securely braced against the house. Whatever's going on, it needs to be corrected before you use the structure or have a bunch of people standing on it.

Another, much less serious problem that you may notice is that the gaps between boards are widening. This typically happens because the timber is taking on water and swelling, then drying out and contracting. The next stage is wood rot, so it makes sense to call for Cincinnati deck repair service sooner rather than later in order to replace and seal the affected wood and prevent further decay.

Can Cincinnati Deck Repair Increase Property Value?

A deck doesn't count toward the overall square footage of your house, but it can still factor into the resale price when you do decide to put your home up for sale on the real estate market—especially in a neighborhood or community where comparable homes all have decks in great shape. But the other big factor to consider is that simple services such as Cincinnati deck repair can go a long way toward ensuring you aren't stuck with a property that is stagnating on the market for a long period of time. The deck could be one of the first things prospective home buyers see, and if it's in poor condition and not properly maintained, that is a huge red flag that will have them assuming the rest of the property is in rough shape as well. It could even have them turning around and heading back to their car before they even see the inside of the house. That's why exterior repair and maintenance tasks such as deck repair are so important when trying to increase property value and make a quick sale.

Trust Your Local Handyman for Experienced Cincinnati Deck Repair

Do you need deck repair near me in Cincinnati or a nearby area such as Loveland, West Chester and Montgomery? Count on the reliable, experienced team at Mr. Handyman to get your outdoor space back in excellent shape, just in time for summer. Our trustworthy handyman professionals are screened by a background check program and you can rely on them to display courteous, professional behavior at all times. Give our knowledgeable customer service representatives a call at (513) 657-2926 to book a convenient appointment time or find out more about why we're considered Cincinnati's number one choice for outstanding handyman service.

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