Dayton, Ohio is known for its sports and historical roots in aviation, making it a city not only worth visiting but also worth living in. Many property owners love everything Dayton has to offer. So whether you’re shouting, ‘Go Bucks!’ at your television, getting the latest stats on the Bengals, or visiting the National Air Force Museum, the last thing on your mind is your home improvement to-do list. Whether you own a home or business, entrust the upkeep to a skilled handyman in Dayton, OH.

Instead, dedicate your free time to family and delve into Dayton's abundant history and culture! Trust Mr. Handyman of Greater Cincinnati for property maintenance, minor home repairs, and enhancement projects, ensuring a stress-free experience. Count on your Dayton handyman to save valuable time and money, allowing you to focus on what truly counts.

Delegate your task list to us, your trusted local service provider. Doing so will ensure that your home becomes a secure and more comfortable retreat for you and your loved ones, and that your business always makes the right impression. 

Your Trusted Handyman in Dayton, OH

The search for a dependable and trustworthy service professional to meet your property needs can often be overwhelming. This is precisely where the reliability of Mr. Handyman of Greater Cincinnati becomes not just advantageous but crucial.

Our licensed handyman team undergoes extensive training and thorough background checks and is fully insured, ensuring an elevated level of reliability and trustworthiness. Utilizing only top-quality installation materials, we guarantee superior craftsmanship in every aspect of our work. Punctuality and efficiency are paramount in our Dayton handyman services, and they are reinforced by our Done Right Promise, which includes a 1-year labor guarantee.

Devoted to providing excellent customer service, we take pride in delivering quality workmanship and prioritizing the satisfaction of each client. Entrust your next Dayton handyman project to Mr. Handyman of Greater Cincinnati, and you'll experience our unwavering commitment to quality, professionalism, and customer satisfaction firsthand. Your peace of mind and the successful completion of your project are our top priorities.

Whether you are in Dayton or the surrounding communities of Blue Ash, West Chester, or Mason, contact us today!

Expert Services From Your Residential Handyman in Dayton, OH

For reliable household repairs, trust Mr. Handyman of Greater Cincinnati. Our skilled team handles a range of projects, delivering efficient and personalized solutions to make your home both aesthetically pleasing and functionally sound. With competitive prices and a commitment to customer satisfaction, we are your trusted partner for all your Dayton handyman needs.

Bathroom Remodeling

At the end of a long day, do you envision your bathroom as a tranquil haven, a personal spa meticulously tailored to your needs, providing a profound sense of peace? If not, you're not alone, as many homeowners find themselves yearning for a change. Whether prompted by the necessity for modifications to accommodate an aging family member, a desire for a fresh decor aesthetic, or an inclination for a complete overhaul, our Dayton handyman team stands ready to embark on the transformation of your bathroom.

From the subtle act of swapping out vanities to the more comprehensive realm of remodeling, our services span a spectrum designed to meet your specific needs. We specialize in bringing bathroom remodeling dreams to life, offering diverse services. This includes the installation of new shower doors, the meticulous laying of tile floors, the seamless installation of toilets and vanities, as well as upgrades to faucets and fixtures. Our Dayton handyman team is not just about completing tasks; we are dedicated to crafting a space that resonates with your comfort, aesthetics, and functionality preferences.

Carpentry Services

At Mr. Handyman of Greater Cincinnati, our team comprises highly skilled craftsmen with a proven track record of successfully completing diverse projects. From repairing damaged deck steps to creating custom shelves for small businesses, our woodworking expertise leaves a lasting impression. We confidently handle various wood types, excelling in projects such as bookshelves, restoring crown molding, installing handrails for safety and aesthetics, repairing and enhancing decks, reviving mantels, constructing customized cabinets, crafting durable door frames, designing and installing stairs, and more. Trust us as your reliable handyman in Dayton for all your carpentry needs, where precision and artistry bring your visions to life.

Drywall Repair

Drywall, recognized for its lightweight, ease of installation, and fire-resistant characteristics, is a preferred construction material. Commonly referred to by the brand name Sheetrock, drywall consists of two paper boards with a gypsum lining, which imparts its non-combustible and fire-resistant properties. This combination makes drywall an efficient and widely used choice in construction.

Despite its manifold advantages, drywall is not impervious to wear and tear, and it is particularly vulnerable to issues such as cracks, holes, and water damage. Factors ranging from everyday use to lively children's activities or even leaking pipes can contribute to these problems. Among these issues, water damage requires especially prompt attention and replacement to prevent further deterioration.

The good news is that addressing drywall-related concerns, whether they be minor cracks or significant water damage, is a manageable process with the expertise of professionals. This is where Mr. Handyman of Greater Cincinnati comes into play. Our team specializes in drywall repair services, offering a comprehensive range of solutions. These include repair and painting, seam/joint taping, mudding, installation, ceiling repair and installation, and painting. With our skilled professionals at the helm, you can trust us to tackle any drywall issues efficiently and restore your walls' structural integrity and aesthetics. Whether it's a minor repair or a larger installation project, our team is equipped to handle it with precision and expertise, ensuring that your living or working space remains in top-notch condition.

Door Installation and Repair

Ensuring the optimal performance of both interior and exterior doors is vital for security, weather resilience, and energy efficiency. Indications such as difficulty in opening or closing, squeaky hinges, or latch malfunctions can be signs of underlying problems. Our expert handymen specialize in precisely identifying and resolving issues related to doors, both inside and outside your property. We offer clear assessments and truthful recommendations. In cases where repair is not viable, we'll assist you in making well-informed decisions regarding the installation of a new door. Prioritizing the optimal functionality of your doors and ensuring your peace of mind are our foremost commitments.

Deck Repair and Refinishing

As warm weather arrives, homeowners anticipate outdoor deck activities. However, a damaged deck with issues like rotting boards or wobbling handrails can spoil summer fun and pose safety risks. Recognizing signs like splintering, weathered wood, or soft timber is crucial. Our team at Mr. Handyman of Greater Cincinnati specializes in prompt deck repairs, addressing common issues specific to the area. Whether it's wood rot or structural concerns, our experts restore your deck, ensuring safety and aesthetic appeal. We also handle porch, gazebo, and outbuilding repairs for overall property integrity.

Our Comprehensive Dayton Handyman Services

Our team of seasoned handymen is dedicated to a wide range of handyman services in Dayton, OH. Some of the tasks our trustworthy team undertakes include reliable handyman services such as:

  • Window Repair
  • Ceramic Tile Repair and Installation
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Flooring Services
  • Deck Building
  • Fixture Installation
  • Light Fixture Repair
  • Ceiling Fan Repairs
  • Ceiling Painting Services
  • Fence Installs
  • Pressure Washing
  • Aging-In-Place Upgrades
  • And More!

Your Commercial Handyman in Dayton, OH

In addition to meeting residential needs, our professional handyman services are thoughtfully designed to cater to the specific requirements of commercial businesses. We understand the paramount importance of adhering to local building codes and regulations in commercial settings, where the safety and well-being of employees, customers, and the public are non-negotiable priorities. We ensure that your property remains safe and well-maintained.

The enduring relationships we've cultivated with our commercial clients, who entrust us with their needs annually, are a testament to the confidence they place in our capabilities. Whether you own a corporate office, a bustling restaurant, a high-end hotel, a financial institution, or a healthcare facility, our versatile team possesses the necessary tools and expertise to handle diverse tasks efficiently, giving each job quality of service. Recognizing the unique demands of commercial properties, we are dedicated to minimizing disruption to your work environment. Types of business we have helped include:

  • Retail and shopping malls
  • Small and large corporate offices
  • Food services
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Daycare facilities
  • Hotels and hospitality
  • Manufacturing

Our seasoned team of handymen excels at fostering direct communication with business owners or their designated managers, ensuring that essential tasks are identified and promptly addressed. We fully comprehend the critical nature of expeditiously completing commercial maintenance and repairs to maintain the seamless operation of your business. With our commitment to excellence and a keen understanding of the intricacies of commercial property management, we stand ready to be your trusted partner in ensuring your commercial spaces' longevity, safety, and efficiency.

For Reliable Repairs, Choose Our Dependable Handyman in Dayton, OH!

At Mr. Handyman of Greater Cincinnati, our improvement and repair company believes in treating our clients like family. Our Dayton handyman service goes beyond the ordinary, efficiently handling multiple projects simultaneously. You can relax, knowing that your property's ever-expanding to-do list is in capable hands. Whether you're a homeowner needing drywall patching after a plumbing job or a property manager facing a list of repairs, our skilled handymen are the perfect team for the task.

To begin, we encourage you to schedule an appointment by contacting our helpful office staff through calls or online via our website. We look forward to getting to know you and assisting with your upcoming handyman needs!