Does your home feel haunted lately with cold drafts, creaky floors, and rattling sounds coming from the roof or attic? Well, we’re here to tell you that your house is not haunted but requires much-needed and overdue home repairs. Most Milford homeowners intend to keep their home in outstanding condition well past the housewarming get-together is over. But sometimes they get apathetic and simply overlook the importance of home maintenance or find themselves puzzled about where to start. That’s where a Milford handyman can come to the rescue.

Unfinished attic with exposed brick and pieces of wood lying on floor.

Mr. Handyman technician at door talking with homeowner.

The best part is that your local Milford handyman is qualified, licensed, and fully insured on many numerous home repairs and installations for everything from more straightforward, detailed tasks to extensive remodeling. At Mr. Handyman of Greater Cincinnati, we hire only certified and skilled contractors that provide courteous customer service, quality workmanship, and flexibly adjust to your convenient schedule.

Skilled Milford Handyman Services

The general rule of thumb is to invest at least 1% to 4% of your home’s property value for home maintenance to ensure your home’s upkeep is long-lasting and retains its annual listed property value. Unfortunately, some Milford homeowners dawdle so they are stuck with costly, time-consuming renovations when they plan on putting their house up for sale and interested buyers are hoping for a grand tour of your home. If you are proactive, our Milford handyman pros will be delighted to serve you by examining your home’s features and giving you a list of recommendations you should make.

Ceiling Repair

As you come out of your yoga pose and glance up at your ceiling, the last thing you want to see is an eyesore, whether it’s a discolored stain or a large crack. Our expert Milford handyman team is adept at restoring your ceiling to shipshape order regardless of whether it's a jagged crack, water damage from a leaky pipe, or ruined texturing.

Even the simpler tasks you assume you can do on your own require technique and tactic. For example, matching the correct size of a drywall patch for a medium-sized hole repair requires a steady hand so it doesn’t look tacky after it’s been placed and covered with compound. Now add the fact that it’s on the ceiling to the situation and you’ve got a tough problem for anyone without experience.

Fortunately, you can always rely on your team of experts to meet your needs for ceiling repair, as well as repairs and installation services for other related home features, like crown molding and other types of trim.

Drywall Installation And Repair

Mr. Handyman technician repairing drywall.

Your drywall is bound to deteriorate and sneak up on you eventually, from pricking pinholes for your photo frames, mounting televisions, and hanging shelves to scuffs from moving around furniture. Damaged drywall is a host for several issues as well, from less energy efficiency and skyrocketing utility bills due to a lack of insulation to severe pest infestations. Plus, it’s not something you can hide by applying an extra thick layer of paint. Similar to your ceilings, we have the proper equipment to remove the old drywall material and layer it to refinish a new one so it doesn’t look obvious.

Power Washing

Mr. Handyman technician power washing a client's deck.

Although this may seem obvious, cleansing the exterior of your home is different from taking your car to the automated car wash. Your expert Milford handyman from Mr. Handyman knows how to set the appropriate pressure levels and has the tactic of effortlessly removing built-up grime, residue, other debris off the deck, siding, and their areas through a water pulse. A thorough power washing will prevent mold, algae, and insects from budding around your house.

Apart from brightening your home to give it a fresh vibe, it can also help prepare the surfaces for further home service projects like a paint job. We don’t recommend purchasing or renting a power wash machine for a DIY hack unless you know how to apply the proper techniques as you can readily damage the external surface of your home by accidentally ripping off the siding or spraying too much water will only leak and drip through your windows into your indoors. Take it easy knowing we have the proper equipment, detergents, and degreasers to do a spick-and-span cleaning.

We Are Your Source for Magnificent Milford Handyman Services

Whether you’re in Milford or other nearby areas like Loveland, Blue Ash, and Mason, our professional team members of Mr. Handyman of Greater Cincinnati always strive to provide superior craftsmanship backed by our one-year parts and labor guarantee. We are not just another shoddy contractor but try our best to genuinely listen to our client’s concerns and offer results-oriented solutions.

Reach out to our friendly customer service representatives and learn more about our home repairs and installations. We eagerly await your response.