Tools that would be used by a handyman in Loveland, OH placed on a wooden surface before use, including a hammer, nail, tape measure, and level.

Finding a Loveland handyman who understands the unique characteristics of the city requires finding reliable handyman services provided by a locally owned and operated business. Just like its name, Loveland is a unique city like no other. As a historical town, it features stunning brick buildings that are decorated beautifully around holidays, nationally renowned bike trails and even a medieval-style castle built in the 1920s. Though Cincinnati is only a short drive away, few residents find a reason to leave the heavily treed sidewalks, quaint shops, and diverse eateries.

Loveland exudes an old-world charm with a distinctly American twist thanks to the city’s dedication to preserving historic properties and homeowners’ deep sense of pride in their homes. Residents use Loveland Handyman services to keep their property's curb appeal in line with the rest of the city, as well as to boost their property value. At the time of writing, it’s undoubtedly a seller’s market with an increase in property value of about 12.8 percent year-over-year. Professional Loveland handyman services such as bathroom remodeling, deck building, and flooring installation can offer a high return on investment (ROI), boosting property value even more.

At Mr. Handyman of Greater Cincinnati, we understand the unique characteristics of Loveland and know how to preserve your historic home's character. Whether you’re in search of repair services to restore vintage elements of your home to their former glory, or you live in a modern home and require cutting-edge installations, our experienced Loveland handyman team has the knowledge and training to meet and exceed your expectations.

To discuss your Loveland handyman needs, give us a call. Want more information on what we can do for you before getting in touch? Continue reading below about some of our most frequently requested services by Loveland residents just like you.

Serving Loveland And Surrounding Areas

Whether you live within Loveland’s city limits or are in one of the other surrounding areas of Cincinnati, such as West ChesterMason, or Blue Ash, you know just how much work homeownership can be. First-time home buyers think that the hardest part of becoming homeowners is the buying process, and certainly, it can be when the market is hot. But the real work starts when you move into your home and realize how difficult it is to stay on top of all of the repairs and maintenance.

Our Loveland handyman team provides homeowners and business owners in Loveland and beyond with a wide range of services, including outdoor repair services, indoor repair services, maintenance services, and larger projects such as whole house improvement projects. Whether you need minor home repairs or a total bathroom remodel, our skilled Loveland handyman professionals put an equal amount of passion into each customer’s service appointment.

Our Top Loveland Handyman Services

Of all the local services we offer, drywall repair and installation (including ceiling repair), flooring installation, and a variety of custom carpentry projects are some of our most popular. Our Loveland handyman professionals are highly skilled in both general contracting jobs and highly detailed carpentry, truly making them jacks of all trades.


Ceilings and walls are responsible for hiding ugly wiring and joists, as well as providing additional structural support to your home. This makes keeping your walls in great condition of the utmost importance, but drywall is usually the first thing in your home to get damaged. Whether you require minor repairs for nail holes and doorknob holes or more major repairs to large cracks and significant water damage, a qualified handyman in Loveland, OH can get your walls and ceilings looking like new again.

Both ceilings and walls are primarily made up of Sheetrock, also known more generally as drywall. The two main components of Sheetrock are a gypsum rock panel with a paper backing on either side. Joint compound or drywall mud and spackle are filler products containing gypsum that can be used to build up damaged areas. Depending on the extent of your damage, our Loveland handyman team will either fill in the damage with joint compound, spackle, and mesh tape or use our drywall patching technique to replace an area of damaged drywall with a new piece of drywall.

If you need total drywall replacement, we can help with that, too. In the image below, our client needed several panels of Sheetrock removed and installed. On the left, you can see that we’ve nailed a couple of panels of Sheetrock to the wooden ceiling beams. Part of the wall behind the kitchen cabinets still needs new drywall, as does part of the ceiling. On the right, you can see the finished result. After nailing new Sheetrock to all exposed areas, we made cutouts for the recessed lighting, placed joint tape over the seams between each panel and coated the seams with multiple layers of mud. We also covered the nail holes with mud and sanded them to create a smooth, perfectly flush surface. The ceiling and walls are now ready to be painted!

A kitchen ceiling with several large sections missing and the same ceiling after it has been repaired and refinished by Mr. Handyman.


If there’s one way to update your home, it’s with a flooring installation. While some types of flooring are timeless, others can show their age—think orange shag carpet. Though we also offer flooring repair, many of our customers hire our Loveland handyman professionals to do a total flooring replacement.

We can install and repair three types of flooring:

  • Laminate flooring
  • Vinyl flooring
  • Tile flooring

Laminate and vinyl flooring are popular alternatives to hardwood these days, thanks to significant improvements in 3D printing technology and a lower material cost. Laminate and vinyl are also easier to maintain than hardwood, and they aren’t subject to expanding and shrinking with temperature and humidity fluctuations. Vinyl flooring in particular is completely waterproof.

In the image below, you can see the final result of a flooring installation service we did. Our client purchased stunning luxury vinyl plank flooring for their kitchen that closely resembles real wood. Before installing the planks, we had to remove the old flooring and dispose of it. The condition of the subfloor and underlayment is usually a mystery until we can see it firsthand, and in this case, it showed signs of sagging. Correcting any issues with the underlayment is the most important part of the process, as without doing so, our client could end up with flooring that buckles and moves.

A kitchen with wood flooring that has been installed with the help of Mr. Handyman’s services.

Once the underlayment was level, we got to work installing the vinyl planks, making sure to neatly fit them around the island and walls. To finish, we reinstalled new baseboards and added a transition strip between the kitchen and hallway.

For bathroom flooring installations, our Loveland handyman experts are often asked to install floor tiles. Our customers order their tiles, which often come with spacers, and we bring the supplies for the underlayment and mortar. Similar to vinyl and laminate flooring, perfecting the underlayment is key to ensuring that tiles lay flat. Once the tiles have been laid and the underlayment has cured, we’ll apply grout and, if necessary, a grout sealer.

If you love your current tile, laminate, or vinyl flooring but it’s seen better days, we can also do repairs. Depending on the type of flooring, cracks, and chips may be able to be filled, or if you have extra tiles or planks lying around (or you’re able to find and purchase a replacement), we can remove old, damaged pieces and install new ones.


Though more durable materials like vinyl are beginning to replace wood in modern homes, wood is still widely used for interior and exterior products by homeowners in Loveland. Our Loveland handyman experts are regularly called to complete custom carpentry projects, as well as to repair exterior wood that has been damaged by water and is infected with wood rot.

Some of the carpentry projects our expert Loveland handyman can build include:

  • Cabinetry
  • Mantels
  • Shelving
  • Bookcases
  • Decks
  • Porches
  • Fences
  • Handrails
  • Stairs
  • Moulding and trim
  • Window frames and door frames
  • And more!

If you’re a Loveland resident living in an older home, chances are you’ve found yourself in need of wood rot repair services at one time or another. As beautiful as wood is, it can quickly succumb to wood rot if not properly maintained. As discussed in our deck repair tips, wood must be stained and sealed or painted every few years to protect it from being exposed to moisture. If a sealant isn’t regularly applied or paint begins to chip, water will quickly find its way into wood fibres, creating the perfect conditions for wood rot to develop and spread.

Once rot takes hold, the wood will lose its structural integrity and begin to crumble. This can be a safety concern, as in the case of a rotted deck, but it can also be distressing when this happens to an ornamental accent on a historic home, such as original wood pillars that begin to crumble. Our talented Loveland handyman team can remove the area with wood rot and fill this area with wood putty or wood filler. If the area is very large, we’ll remove the affected wood and replace it with new treated wood or PVC for added durability.

The exterior side of a bay window that has received repairs from Mr. Handyman for wood root.

In the above image, our customer’s front bay window had succumbed to wood rot. Its proximity to the ground and a front garden bed that was regularly watered had allowed moisture to penetrate the wood. Instead of replacing the rotted wood with new wood, we opted to replace it with PVC panels, which will not rot no matter how much water it is exposed to. Our customer opted to paint the new panels and wood on their own after we completed the installation.

We’re Not Like Other Loveland Handyman Companies

Your home is a significant investment, which is why it’s so important to find a licensed handyman in Loveland, OH that you can trust. An independent handyman may be reputable, but unless they’re insured, you won’t have peace of mind in knowing your home is protected no matter the outcome of the service. As an experienced handyman company that’s been serving the Loveland area for 20 years, we stand out from other service providers due to our high standards for customer service and commitment to quality workmanship. All of our professional handymen have gone through a criminal background check to ensure that you’ll feel comfortable having them in your home.

Unlike your average handyman in Loveland, OH, we’re also able to do some basic plumbing and electrical work, such as repairing light fixtures, installing ceiling fans, and fixing leaky faucets. When you hire a handyman in Loveland, OH from our team for a major remodelling project, you'll cut down on the number of contractors you need, as our handyman team can do almost every stage of the project.

The Search For A ‘Loveland Handyman Near Me’ Is Over

If you’ve been tirelessly searching for a ‘Loveland handyman near me,’ we’re confident your search will stop after you experience the difference that working with Mr. Handyman of Greater Cincinnati can make. The right handyman in Loveland, OH will understand just how important you and your home are to the city’s overall character and charm and will reflect this understanding in their work. Over the years, we’ve helped countless Loveland homeowners and business owners do just that.

It can be daunting to trust someone new with your home, which is why we offer free, no-obligation estimates and a quality workmanship guarantee. One of our service technicians will happily drop by to discuss your project and take a look at your home firsthand before you commit to working with us; on the off chance that you’re not 100 percent satisfied with the workmanship you received, simply give us a call and we’ll come back to make it right. Customer satisfaction is very important to our team.

Join the community of homeowners who trust us with their home service needs and discover why we have a reputation for providing superior customer service. To find out more about some of our other services or to find out how we can help you with your interior and exterior home repair, maintenance, and installation needs, we encourage you to give us a call.