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As the frontline protective mechanism for your home, the cladding or siding shields the outside of your home by adding an extra layer of solid protection, warding off scathing local weather conditions from heavy rainfall, blistering blizzards, and icy hailstorms. It also armors your house’s wallboards against any physical impact from sports equipment such as flyaway baseballs, soccer balls, or hockey pucks. Regardless, your existing siding is not unable to withstand chaos and can still be destroyed. Although it’s rare for the siding to be ripped apart all at once unless you encounter a nasty hailstorm in the thick of summer, siding tends to slowly deteriorate over time rather than all at once. Lately, if you’ve noticed hairline cracks and fractures, small holes and leakages, these are all a cause for concern. Although you can get a quick fix by plugging up minor damages, sometimes the cladding is way too tattered beyond repair and it’s a more worthwhile investment to get a siding replacement. Frederick, MD residents must not become complacent if their cladding is no longer deemed safe and secure by asking a certified, licensed, and fully insured Frederick handyman from Mr. Handyman of Greater Frederick and Hagerstown for a professional siding replacement. Contact us today to learn more about our popular handyman service.

Our Expert Frederick Siding Replacement Services

As a locally owned and operated business, Mr. Handyman of Greater Frederick and Hagerstown boasts an outstanding track record and has been serving Frederick and the surrounding areas of Boonsboro, Emmitsburg, and Rocky Ridge for the past two decades. Frederick clientele will discover that our expert and experienced team members have the skillset and technical expertise to handle any feat for a siding replacement or repair, no matter the feat. We always advocate for our customers by actively listening to their concerns and by conjuring up long-lasting and authentic solutions for a Frederick siding replacement. Frederick, MD residents who are indecisive can go ahead and book a no-obligation consultation in which we can customize a solution for your siding replacement based on your personal preferences, budget, and durability of the siding material. Remember that our transparent, upfront pricing and one-year parts and labor guarantee ensure that your siding replacement will pay for itself in the long run. If your siding happens to fissure for any reason, we will return and make the necessary repairs.

Our Professional Siding Replacement, Frederick MD

Types Of Siding Materials We Handle

Although Frederick homeowners incorrectly assume they can only opt for wood or plastic, you’d be surprised at the diverse palette of materials available on the market. Get creative and explore what would be the most suitable material for your new siding installation in Frederick by taking into consideration the following: 

Natural Wood: One of the most organic options for natural wood includes a wide variety to choose, from cedar, cypress, redwood, spruce, fir, oak, pine, and more. Wood is nice for its rustic appeal and is ideal for those who desire durable materials that are biodegradable and environmentally-friendly. But like any natural product, it has its downsides as it’s higher maintenance and needs to be regularly stained or painted to prevent wood rot, is flammable, and is still vulnerable to water and moisture damage, including mold and mildew. If you fail to maintain natural wood it will fall apart quickly and you’ll notice discoloration, peeling, warped, and cracked surfaces as it becomes an all-you-can-eat buffet for termites and other pests. 

Vinyl (PVC): Vinyl is a plastic-based material that is durable, affordable, and good for insulation purposes. Best of all it’s a more hands-off material in terms of routine maintenance. Plus it does not discolor and fade away, is resistant to pests, and is not easily flammable. It also has more flexibility for customization purposes for a Frederick siding replacement. But recall that it still has its downsides as it’s not completely foolproof and cannot withstand too many heavy amounts of pressure as it will buckle and fracture. It’s also not eco-friendly as discarded siding panels which end up tossed into landfills are not biodegradable so if you are into conscious consumerism we would avoid this option. 

Fiber Cement: This is a super durable material as it can handle fluctuating temperatures and is not flammable, can withstand varying pressures from incoming weather conditions including wind, hail, or rain, and wards off any pest invasion being more robust and non-porous in texture. However, it is the pricier option as it’s difficult to install, it’s not environmentally friendly, and is still susceptible to moisture damage, for example, its paint can peel away, and its surfaces crumble after exposure to excessive water damage.

Brick Veneer: This is the upgraded version of just old-school solid brick siding and is held together by concrete, steel, or wood, which melds the pieces of brick together and serves as extra support. Unlike its older counterpart, it’s more durable, lightweight, and affordable as it has much less maintenance. It’s better for insulation purposes being more energy efficient and still retains the classic appearance of traditional brick siding whilst keeping its familiar qualities such as being incredibly fire-resistant. 

Natural Stone: If you are looking for a siding replacement, Frederick, MD homeowners for your quaint cottage in the mountains, then it doesn’t get better than natural stone. It’s durable, long-lasting and can handle fluctuating temperatures, and mostly withstand varying pressures. But above all, it raises the curb appeal of your home thanks to its charming appeal. Plus you also reduce your eco-footprint as this too is an organic and sustainable material. The only downside is that because it’s such a detail-oriented process for a Frederick siding replacement it’s difficult to install the stone pieces, and it’s still vulnerable to cracking under too much pressure. 

Aluminum And Other Metals: Aluminum is of course durable, can handle fluctuating temperatures and withstand heavy pressure, and is low-key maintenance mostly. Plus, a metal siding replacement in Frederick MD works wonders for boosting your home’s energy efficiency and improving indoor air circulation given its lightweight material. It is however more expensive compared to its siding counterparts and is not indestructible and still susceptible to dents, gashes, holes, and even discolored rust and corrosion if you don’t regularly clean its surface. 

Stucco: This is not purely made of cement unlike its fiber cement counterpart but is based on a blend of Portland cement, lime, sand, and water. Plus it’s composed of other added substances to strengthen the material and make it more robust against harsh local weather conditions. As a slightly improved and durable version then, it’s fire-resistant and can ward off any mold and mildew easily. But the only thing to keep in mind is that its texture is more brittle, so if your home’s foundation happens to naturally settle over the years it can expose your siding to cracks and fractures. So if your Frederick property happens to be situated in a more moisture-prone geographic location with a high clay content within the soil, we don’t recommend stucco siding. 

Why We Are The Best Choice For Frederick Siding Replacement

If anything, siding replacement, Frederick, MD homeowners must note, is usually a one-time investment so you rather as well receive the best quality by hiring an accredited services provider. Our trustworthy team members will restore your siding replacement to shipshape condition so much so that you’ll be the envy of your neighbors. Protect your home sweet home from harsh local climate, insect infestation, rodents, or random incoming objects. Our technicians will show up suited and booted for your Frederick siding replacement and even accommodate any last-minute emergencies so you don’t have to suffer living in an eyesore.

Frequently Asked Questions About Siding Replacement | Frederick, MD

What Is Residential Siding, And Why Is It A Necessity?

Just as we wear protective gear for playing sporting games, the same concept applies to protecting your house from local weather conditions. As a barrier, siding is mandatory rather than optional for your home’s exterior as apart from fending off colder climates it also guards your home and plays a role in your house’s security and also bolsters your indoor HVAC system and insulation by improving energy efficiency. Although a siding replacement, Frederick, MD homeowners will discover can outlast you many decades it also depends on if you participate in its proper upkeep through routine maintenance. For example, by signing up for an annual professional inspection and a power washing service to clear off any accumulated debris which would otherwise result in costly and permanent moisture damage from mold and mildew growth. Frederick homeowners who become complacent about preventative maintenance will sooner or later require a siding replacement. Frederick, MD property owners who are keen on maintaining their cladding will rarely if ever need a siding replacement. But if you find that your cladding looks drab from severe damage, including fractures and gaps, it’s best not to procrastinate on a Frederick siding replacement. Plus an expert siding replacement in Frederick MD can boost your property and resale value by up to 80% so you will recover the expenses of its installation. Besides boasting your curb and aesthetic appeal, safeguarding your home, and improving your energy usage a siding replacement, Frederick, MD clients must understand is not something you should forgo. It’s never good to downright ignore the need for a siding replacement, Frederick, MD homeowners must understand as by doing so they are bargaining away the structural integrity of their home as they risk permanent water damage to their home’s foundation. Sooner or later you will notice the excessive moisture and humidity from any seeping precipitation will result in streaks on the siding itself, but also for indoor living spaces including warped flooring surfaces, water, and discolored stains on the ceiling and peeling wallboards. Now on top of a Frederick siding replacement you might also need wood rot repair.

What Are Three Things To Consider When Choosing A Type Of Siding Material?

When selecting what type of siding material is most suitable for your house it’s best to take into consideration three key factors. That is appearance, durability, and upfront cost, including labor and materials. For example, vinyl siding is more inexpensive but can’t handle too much heavy physical impact, wood is attractive but can be damaged by excessive sun exposure and result in its fading appearance and metal-based material is more hands-off and durable but suffers from potential rust and corrosion if not maintained.

Is It OK To Put New Siding Over Old Siding?

Typically, you can use your old siding as a platform for a brand-new Frederick siding replacement, Frederick, MD property owners must note if your old siding doesn’t have any damaged areas, including any hairline cracks, fractures, warped or peeling surfaces, or rot. In other words, it has to be mostly intact from major imperfections; otherwise, we suggest removing the old siding before proceeding with a new siding replacement to ensure it remains long-lasting.

How Long Does It Take To Put New Siding On A House?

Each house is different so it depends on several factors, from the square footage of the property, to the extent of the damage to the type of siding material you opted for. It can take a few standard business days or up to a couple of weeks for a siding replacement, Frederick, MD residents should note this also includes any unexpected repairs that crop up and if enough siding panels are available or need to be specially ordered which can more or less delay the completion of your Frederick siding replacement.

Mr. Handyman Will Clock Your Home Against Physical Impact with Siding Replacement in Frederick MD!

It’s intimidating to set your eyes upon a battered house, so don’t procrastinate on a siding replacement the sooner, the better! Feel free to reach out to one of our courteous customer contact representatives to schedule an appointment or to learn more about our other residential and commercial home remodeling services from deck installation to window repair and power washing. We sincerely appreciate your business and look forward to assisting you, whether you’re in Frederick, Adamstown, or Big Pool.

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