All of the telltale signs are there: your window is difficult to open and close, your home is drafty, and you get the occasional leak. It’s time for a repair, and while tackling a DIY fix is tempting, this is one job that duct tape and super glue just can’t fix.

Not all window related issues are felt though. Some are purely cosmetic while others wreak havoc on your energy bill. Mr. Handyman offers a selection of services to solve your most pressing needs for glass, frame, and pane window repair. Frederick, MD homeowners who need repair or replacement can solve their problem by getting in touch with their local Frederick handyman. Count on our professional team of home repair, maintenance, installation, and improvement experts to not only complete a repair, but do it in a timely, friendly, and dedicated manner.

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About Our Frederick Window Repair Services

If they suspect they need window repair, Frederick, MD homeowners can get to the root of the problem by contacting their local Mr. Handyman. Whether you’re in need of a quick-fix to solve fogginess or require an entire replacement, our skilled team will take the time to listen to your concerns or provide an in-depth consultation to assess greater issues.

Mr. Handyman offers Frederick window repair services for those in the Greater Frederick and Hagerstown area to solve issues such as sticking, exterior chips, fogging, broken panes, and more. Since windows are one of the most important parts of your home, addressing the issue shouldn’t be low on your priority list. And if you’re at all concerned about your home's curb appeal, choosing a professional for the job is key.

Getting your windows fixed in Frederick, MD is as crucial in the summer as it is in the winter. Preventing warm or cool air from escaping, this simple fix can help your home become more energy efficient and drastically improve your energy bill–not to mention safeguard your home against pests seeking shelter.

No matter the shape, size, or location of your windows, Mr. Handyman’s experienced professionals can fix them. We offer the following window repair services:

  • Broken Glass
  • Broken Frames
  • Double Pane Windows
  • Screen Repair
  • Mechanism Repair

But our services don’t stop there. We can also help with all kinds of house window restorations including insulated glass, skylights, and picture windows. From chipped paint to replacing weather stripping, no matter your issue, schedule a consultation to ensure your needs are met and the problem is properly handled.

Why Choose Mr. Handyman For Window Repair, Frederick MD?

Mr Handyman isn’t your average Joe repair service. Whether you choose us for repairing a pane, drywall repair, or wood rot repair, you’re getting a professional with at least an average of 10 years of trade experience.

Instead of a lick and a promise handyman who stomps in and out of your home and leaves a mess, Mr. Handyman experts arrive in uniform, on time, and with all of the right tools needed to get the job done. We take the hassle out of your hands from start to finish. Everything from scheduling an appointment to the repair date is easy—and dare we say it?—enjoyable.

Fully insured and skilled in our trade, we’re known for the quality of our workmanship and have been proudly serving since 1996. Expect the job done right the first time and your house left as clean as it was to begin with. In fact, we’re so confident you’ll love our service that each job is backed by our Done Right Guarantee.

FAQs About Frederick Window Repair

When Should You Call Mr. Handyman for Frederick Window Repair?

If you’re asking this question, most likely your unit is already showing signs that it needs attention. Not entirely sure if you need window repair? Frederick, MD residents should look for these signs:

  • Moisture leaks are causing damage to the interior of your home
  • You feel a draft even when the frame is closed
  • Opening and closing it is difficult
  • You can easily hear sounds going on outside
  • You’ve noticed more insects inside your home
  • There are obvious signs of damage, ie. broken glass or glass

Is it Cheaper to Repair or Replace a Window?

Whether you need to keep the chill out in the winter or prevent air conditioning from escaping in the summer, functioning windows are essential in Frederick, MD. But should you repair them or replace them? The answer to this question may come down to cost, and ultimately, what condition your window is in. Broken glass will obviously require a replacement, but a chipped window sill may not.

The best way to find out if you need window replacements or repairs is to speak to a window professional at Mr. Handyman. Depending on the situation, an in-person consultation may be required where we’ll inspect your unit on the interior and exterior of your home and recommend the best course of action.

If it turns out they’re in need of a complete replacement instead of just window repair, Frederick, MD homeowners can count on Mr. Handyman for window installation and replacement services as well as window shutter installation should they require the added protection. These can help keep the sun out during summer heat waves or offer protection from winter winds.

Looking for Frederick Window Repair Near Me? Call Mr. Handyman of Greater Frederick and Hagerstown

Oftentimes, homeowners choose to replace their windows when a quick and easy fix would have sufficed. Talking to an expert can help you choose the right option to ultimately save you time, money, and frustration.

Mr. Handyman of Greater Frederick and Hagerstown makes the repair process quick and painless, offering a spectrum of essential services executed by our friendly, professional, and highly skilled craftsmen. If you’re on the fence about whether to repair or replace your windows, or what kind of attention is needed, give our team of repair experts a call today or request service online.

Serving local residents in Greater Frederick and Hagerstown, we also serve surrounding areas including WalkersvilleMount Airy, and New Market so no matter where you’re located, we’ll help you find the right fix.

Window Replacement Frederick, MD

If the old adage is true, when one door closes, another window opens. You simply cannot live without windows as they can shed light and abundance into an otherwise decrepit interior living space. We all know the vast difference a simple window can make to an otherwise desolate dungeon of an indoor room, as apart from brightening up your surroundings, a window also allows you to waft in a light, refreshing, and cool outdoor breeze. Have you ever had the experience of residing in a dreary basement suite without properly functioning windows? If so, you already understand how bleak your daily living routines can become without that much-needed gleaming illumination from natural sunlight. That’s when Mr. Handyman comes in with expert window replacement in Frederick, MD.

Have you ever noticed damaged window panes with small cracks or trapped moisture between them? This is an unsightly eyesore and robs your home’s energy efficiency, especially if it showcases a big hairline fracture snaking across its surface. On top of risking your safety and security by inviting wandering intruders to invade your home’s premises through a broken window, you are also sacrificing your home’s energy efficiency. Did you know that a damaged window can lose up to 30% of heat loss for residential buildings? That’s a significant amount of energy loss. Plus, a broken window leads to lackluster indoor air circulation and quality, reducing your household’s thermal performance. This circumstance is exacerbated if your windows aren’t properly weatherproofed by being sealed with caulk or stripping to plug up any small holes or gaps to prevent moisture from seeping indoors and increasing humidity levels.

Eventually, this excess moisture will result in wood rot as your ceiling, walls, and flooring surfaces begin to peel and warp, thanks to mold and mildew growth. Atop of compromising on your daily comfort, including unstable room temperature due to a busted window, you’re now likely to face skyrocketing utility bills and other costly and permanent moisture damages that need to be repaired. This is where your local Frederick window replacement service could save the day.

Preserve the structural integrity of your humble abode with a window replacement in Frederick, MD. Residents will understand that it is essential for their property’s curb appeal and resale value, safety, and comfort. If anything, a standard window replacement will give you the peace of mind of optimal indoor air quality, brightness, and greater protection against potential intruders. Suppose a damaged window is making your home less habitable. In that case, asking a certified, licensed, and fully insured Frederick handyman from Mr. Handyman of Greater Frederick and Hagerstown for an expert window replacement may be time. A new window installation service will lift your spirits for a cozier home. You are missing out on the zeal of daily living by ignoring a Frederick window replacement. Remember, a new set of windows can bolster indoor lighting and breathe in fresh air, so take advantage of this opportunity!

Our Frederick Window Replacement Process

Window Type Designs

Single Hung

This is the most basic and generic type of window, and it functions through a lower sash, which is movable and an upper, fixed sash, which is not. Most Frederick houses have these installed as the entry-level choice. And so, by default, the bottom-most part of the window can slide open and close while the top half remains stationary. This window is less flexible as it only opens from the bottom, but it is much more affordable and easy to install. Plus, a single-hung window is less likely to be vulnerable to air leakages and is great for your home’s energy efficiency. This is also a better option for home security purposes, as you only need to remember to close the bottom sash so you are less likely to encounter suspicious intruders. The only drawback is the maintenance, including cleaning, may be a bit of a hassle as the topmost part of the window is not easily accessible and can be harder to scrub clean.

Double Hung

A double-hung window is the new and improved version of its single-hung version. It is composed of two operating sashes that can move up and down and open and close both from the top and bottom. This allows for great ventilation and air circulation for indoor air quality, so it works great for moisture-prone areas of the house, such as the bathroom or kitchen. This type of window is easier to clean as you can easily access each side of the window. The only drawback is that because they are more versatile in nature, they are more susceptible to air leakages. So you would need to upgrade to double or triple-pane glass windows as well for a Frederick window replacement.


A casement window operates based on hinges or pivots, which are situated at the topmost part of the vertical sash on a standard window. As a result, this type of window can easily swing in and out, so it is a great choice for a window replacement. Frederick, MD, property owners may want to install this window in larger indoor living areas, especially the living room, which would benefit from the wide expanse of this window design. If anything, a casement window allows for the most ventilation and air circulation apart from its shape and style. It’s also securely fastened and sealed at the bottom of the window’s lash, which prevents air leakages. This is not the same as its window counterparts for a window replacement. Also, a casement window is the easiest to clean as it doesn’t operate on a sliding track. The only drawback is that for a Frederick window replacement, this has a pricer expense, and it isn’t the best for home security and privacy purposes.

Bay Or Bow Windows

A bay window normally has three openings, including angled projections, whilst a bow window can have up to 5 openings. Usually, a bay window’s largest glass pane is centered in the middle, too, alongside two smaller window panes, the larger one on either of its sides creating a curvature of sorts for aesthetic design. A bay or bow window works well for areas of the home that need ample and bright sunlight, such as the kitchen, given the many angles natural sunlight can ricochet off of. If a proper installation job is performed, you will be amazed at how zestful your kitchen area is with the added dramatic flair of a bay window. But please note this is a more expensive option, and this window replacement is not the best for ventilation and air circulation.

Why Mr. Handyman Is The Favorable Choice For Window Replacement in Frederick, MD

Regardless of whether your home’s window was pelted by a mid-summer hailstorm of the neighborhood kids throwing a puck or ball during one of their sports games–one of our trustworthy handyman team members can fix it all the same through a window replacement. Frederick, MD clients all hope for a safe and comfortable living environment, but a shattered window makes it all so troublesome. By opting for a Friederick window replacement, you can expect one of our handymen to be dispatched and arrive unformed and prompt for your home remodeling service. If you are hesitant, please rest assured that we will never upsell you a product or service, as we only offer transparent, upfront pricing alongside a one-year parts and labor guarantee. As an accredited home improvement services provider, we even offer a one-year parts and labor guarantee for a window replacement in Frederick, MD. Homeowners who find their window has smashed can expect us to return and make the proper adjustments.

FAQs About Window Replacement in Frederick, MD

What Is A Window Replacement & How Does It Transform Your Home’s Aesthetic Appeal?

A ramshackle window is not always necessarily due to a cracked glass pane, but usually, this is the most commonplace reason why you would need a Frederick window replacement. Oftentimes too, it’s a more worthwhile investment to ask for a window replacement in Frederick, MD. You may discover that replacing a brand-new window is more cost-effective than receiving tedious and frequent repairs. A Frederick handyman can tackle everything from a quick-fix refurbish by tweaking a jammed window latch to sliding track from built-up residue to conducting a total overhaul through a Frederick window replacement by replacing a single-pane window glass with a more robust double-pane one. Sometimes too, if your window is broken beyond repair and is no longer salvageable due to water and moisture damage, such as leakage from a broken sash or sill, the wood rot may be too extensive, and you will need a window replacement. Frederick, MD, homeowners are better off asking for a brand-new window installation, especially if their windows were exposed to scathing weather storms, including icy hail shards, which may have fissured their windows. Suppose you are concerned about the expense of a window replacement recall. In that case, they are not a regular occurrence as the average window can outlast up for a couple of decades if you are keen on its proper upkeep, including routine maintenance through an annual professional inspection and cleaning of any accumulated residue. So if you’re extra vigilant about maintenance, you will rarely, if ever, require consistent Frederick window replacements. Overall, a window’s longevity depends on specific factors such as the quality of the installation job, durability, type of window design and material, and course, local weather conditions. 

If you’ve noticed your windows have deteriorated, they will demonstrate these telltale signs:

  • Hairline cracks and fractures in glass panes
  • Scratches, dents or gouges
  • Small holes and leakages
  • Crumbling texture
  • Foggy window panes due to excessive condensation
  • Stuck window latch due to debris
  • Punctured mesh screen
  • Cold drafts
  • Noise pollution due to lack of soundproofing
  • Decay on window frames, including black mold and mildew due to moisture damage
  • Soaring monthly utility bills, including increased electricity consumption due to more dependence on lighting fixtures

By conserving your window’s good condition, you decrease the chances of having a wedged window that just won’t open or close properly. If your house doesn’t have an AC system at all, this is only made worse amid a heavy wave in Frederick. Let’s face it–all of us want the convenience amenity of adequate cooling without having to snoop around at the local strip mall or leisure center during a blistering hot and sunny day. And there’s only so much your oscillating desk fans can do too! Our skilled handyman will hook you up with a professional window replacement. Frederick, MD, will wonder why they didn’t ask sooner rather than later!

What To Consider When Swapping Windows?

There are numerous factors to take into consideration for a standard window replacement, as the total cost depends on specific aspects:

  • Window frame material
  • Type of window design
  • Type of glass pane
  • Making space for a brand-new window replacement in the drywall or using the space of an old one
  • Size of new window
  • Scaffolding
  • Weatherstripping
  • Any previous surface-level damages

What Time Of Year Is Best For Window Replacements in Frederick, MD?

Normally, fall is the ideal time of the year for a Frederick window replacement, as you can maximize your household’s energy efficiency. In doing so, you achieve the most savings possible from inflated utility bills as you head into the colder winter months, which suck up the most energy from electricity and natural gas consumption.

How Do You Tell If A Window Is Installed Correctly?

If a window has been appropriately installed, it will open and close smoothly and will not stick in any way whatsoever. If your window tends to stick, and you have to use an unnecessary amount of force to move it up and down, or it doesn’t reach the frame completely every time you try to close it–this is an issue that requires a window replacement. Frederick, MD, residents must note that this tends to occur if the sash is not properly aligned or you have the wrong-sized window.

Mr. Handyman Will Gleam Bright Light Into Your Interior Living Spaces With a Frederick Window Replacement!

Now that your windows have been out of commission for a while now, you probably miss that dazzling natural sunlight that glistens up your otherwise barren indoors. Apart from Frederick, we also serve nearby areas in Hancock, Maugansville, or Thurmont, so reach out to one of our attentive customer service representatives on standby. If you want to explore the possibilities of other exterior residential and commercial home renovation services, from soffits and fascia repair to siding installation and fence replacement, be sure to ask, as we sincerely await your call!

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