Ceiling Repair Services Don’t Need to Be Complicated

Repairing damage to a ceiling is no DIY task. Whether you need to install a light fixture, fix a crack, or finish the drywall on your ceiling, it’s a job for the pros. Mr. Handyman of Greater Portland offers ceiling repairs in the Portland, Maine, area. Our experienced handymen have an average of 10 years of experience. So, you can count on them to perform high-quality ceiling repairs, no matter what you need. Learn more about our ceiling repair services.

Mr. Handyman discussing ceiling repair with customer.

What Are Ceiling Repairs? 

Many different things fall under the umbrella of ceiling repair services, from fixing ceiling fans to addressing sagging sections of your ceiling. When you work with Mr. Handyman of Greater Portland, you get the luxury of a team that can handle it all. Our team of highly trained specialists can fix any problem with your ceiling or any issue that requires fixtures attached to your ceiling. If you notice cracking, watermarks, or any other damage, let us help you address it. We won’t just put a band-aid over the issue. We’ll help you find the source of the damage and offer you solutions to prevent it from happening again. Some common types of ceiling repairs we perform include: 

  • Cracks 
  • Flaking materials 
  • Ceiling fan repairs 
  • Ceiling light repairs 
  • Removing texturing 
  • Touching up texturing 
  • Water damage from leaks 
  • Sagging sections of your ceiling 

We Repair Ceiling Drywall Textures   

As part of our residential ceiling repair services, we can texture the ceiling or repair damage to your ceiling’s popcorn texture. While some homeowners prefer smooth ceilings, there are a lot of advantages to texturing. Some homeowners notice that it can slightly reduce sound. The most noticeable benefit lies in texturing’s ability to hide flaws in your ceiling. Otherwise noticeable bumps or seams can easily be hidden beneath a layer of texturing. When your ceiling’s texturing begins to flake or crack, our handymen can touch it up for you. 

Finishing Your Ceiling’s Drywall 

If you don’t like the look of a textured ceiling, Mr. Handyman of Greater Portland can help you create a smoothly finished drywall ceiling. We perform drywall finishing services for walls and ceilings alike. When the drywall is installed, it has several different sections that meet up with seams in between. The same is true on your ceiling. Our drywall finishing services include 

  • Drywall mudding 
  • Drywall sanding  
  • Taping seams and joints between panels of drywall 

How to Repair Your Ceiling Fan   

Nothing creates a breeze like a ceiling fan. When a ceiling fan breaks down, it can be a hassle to fix it on your own. Luckily, Mr. Handyman of Greater Portland is here to help. We can fix nearly any problem with your ceiling fan or the light fixture attached to it. If your ceiling fan is broken beyond the point of repair, we can even help you install a new one. We will guide you through finding a suitable replacement and perform the installation for you. With us, the process will be quick, painless, and reasonably priced.  

Can Mr. Handyman of Greater Portland Repair Ceiling Lights? 

When a standing lamp in your home breaks, it’s easy enough to replace by picking a new one up from the store. It’s a bit more complicated when your ceiling light fixtures act up. Mr. Handyman of Greater Portland repairs and installs all sorts of ceiling light fixtures. Some of the common types of light fixtures we work on include: 

  • Track lights 
  • Dome lights 
  • Pendant lights 
  • Chandelier lights 
  • Recessed lights  
  • Architectural lights 

Schedule a Residential Ceiling Repair Appointment Now! 

Don’t ignore damage to your ceiling for another moment. Mr. Handyman of Greater Portland is here to help you keep your ceilings looking perfect. We have fixed damaged ceilings for many homeowners in Portland, Biddeford, and Cape Elizabeth. We make the entire process of ceiling repairs simple. We will meet with you, diagnose the problem with your ceiling, and explain the ceiling repair costs ahead of time. Schedule your ceiling repair appointment today! 

Mr. Handyman of Greater Portland proudly serves the Biddeford, Cape Elizabeth, Chebeague Island, Cumberland Center, Cumberland Foreside, Falmouth, Gorham, Gray, Long Island, North Yarmouth, Old Orchard Beach, Peaks Island, Portland, Saco, Scarborough, South Portland, South Windham, Westbrook, Windham, and Yarmouth communities. 

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