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Meet The Friendly Team at Mr. Handyman of Greater Savannah and Hilton Head

Meet our team our reliable handyman near you below. Our handyman and home repair experts proudly provide handyman services near you!

  • Farid Aziz

    Farid Aziz


    Farid Aziz, owner of Mr. Handyman of Greater Savannah, opened his location in June 11, 2018. Prior to owning his Mr. Handyman business, he served 10 years in the United States military and another 10 years as a DOD (Department of Defense Contractor). When asked what owning his own Mr. Handyman meant to him, he responded with “This opportunity give me the chance to serve the entire Savannah city and provide its residents and businesses with second to none service. I view Savannah as of the best places to live. I have lived here since 2013. I am thankful to have such great place for my family to live and I’m looking forward to being a fixture in the business community”. He’s been actively involved in giving back to local communities including making contribution to One to Another church and sports sponsorship for Island High School.

  • Robert Lee

    Robert Lee

    Service Professional

    My name is Robert Lee. I have been in construction for well over 25 years. I used to own a drywall company. I also am qualified as a shrimp boat captain. I enjoy working in the construction field and helping people with their home repair needs. In my free time, I do a lot of fishing and spend time with my grand kids.

  • Mathew McMahon

    Mathew McMahon

    Service Professional

    My name is Mathew McMahon. I have been in construction in some form or another for almost 20 years. Started really when I worked maintenance at a museum and we had to build temporary walls and platforms and pedestals for shows. Also learned basic plumbing and electrical there as well. Then moved to property maintenance and learned more exterior work like siding and roofing, doors and window repair and install. After that worked for a construction company doing renovations, bathrooms and kitchens. Basically, demo to studs then rebuild to finish work. I enjoy working with my hands and seeing a finished product, also I enjoy moving around to different sights. My spare time usually consists of working on my own house or relaxing with my dogs and girlfriend.

  • Jason Humphries

    Jason Humphries

    Service Professional

    My name is Jason Humphries. I have been working in the construction industry for the past 25 years. My expertise includes working on remodeling interior of homes and wood working. On my spare time I spend time with my wife and kids and grandkids at the beach.

  • William Burfield

    William Burfield

    Field Manager

    I have extensive experience in exterior remodeling starting in 1986. I worked with various companies up to the current position, covering various tasks working on exterior and as well as interior projects. I have obtained unlimited/class A contractor’s licenses in multiple states. My licensing covers all phases of contraction and construction management. My specialties include windows, doors and framing. I have also inspected new constructions to stay within scope of the build which involved working directly with the homeowner to achieve desired outcome for the project. On my spare time, I enjoy fishing and spend time with family.

  • Joe Lanclos

    Joe Lanclos

    Service Professional

    My name is Joe Lanclos. I have over 20 years of experience in the construction industry. Prior to joining Mr. Handyman, I was a home builder from the ground up. Also, I have been a volunteer fire fighter 18 years. I specialize in building and repairing cabinets as well as trim carpentry and finish carpentry. Additionally, I have extensive knowledge in electrical and plumbing. I enjoy working with customer on a one-to-one base. What I like about Mr. Handyman, everyday is different and I get to meet a lot of people. In my spare time, I enjoy fishing and hunting.

  • William McMichael

    William McMichael

    Service Professional

    My name is William McMichael and I go by Bill. Overall, I have 30 plus years of experience as a restoration and disaster specialist. Additionally, 15 years of my professional career in the construction industry have been as independent private contractor working for investment groups and realtors.