Drywall Repair in Savannah, GA

While that hole in your drywall may just seem like an unsightly inconvenience, it's actually causing your home to be less energy efficient and reducing your indoor air quality. The truth about drywall damage? It isn't going anywhere until you get drywall repair in Savannah, GA. Thankfully, your Savannah handyman is just one call away.

Whatever it is, and no matter where it is, our Mr. Handyman of Greater Savannah and Hilton Head is here to seal up the cracks and have your walls looking good as new. Not only will we seal and fix up the holes in your drywall, but we'll also take proactive, preventative measures to make sure no new ones pop up and stop them from happening before they appear. We are proud to offer skilled, professional drywall repair in Savannah and to give you a safe, hassle-free experience that will have your home looking better than it ever did!

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About Our Drywall Repair Service in Savannah, GA

Drywall damage comes in many different forms. From cracks and holes to water damage and pest infestation, you may not fully know the severity of your issue until you have it inspected. That's where we come in. When you call us for drywall repair, the first part of our comprehensive service is a thorough inspection. We need to know what we're dealing with before recommending an appropriate solution. After we've zeroed in on the cause of your damage, we'll get to work right away.

We can handle a wide range of drywall projects; however, if additional issues such as pest infestation, water leaks, or foundation damage are the cause behind your damage, you will need to get those taken care of first. If any of these services fall outside of the range of our handyman capabilities, we'll refer you to a pre-vetted company you can trust.

Types of Drywall Repairs We Handle

Mr. Handyman of Greater Savannah and Hilton Head is your trusted partner for a wide range of drywall repairs and finishing services. We know that drywall damage comes in all shapes and sizes, and that's why no job is ever too big or too small for our qualified team.

Here are some of the types of drywall repairs and finishing services we can perform:

  • Patching Holes. Holes can occur from accidental impact, moving furniture, incorrect TV and picture hanging, or pest damage. The larger the hole, the less energy efficient your home will be, and the more space there is to let in pests, dust, insulation, and whatever else is lurking behind your walls. Our professionals can patch and repair holes in your drywall, leaving a smooth and seamless surface.
  • Crack Repairs. You may have a crack in your wall due to the natural expansion and contraction of your home. It may have also occurred from improper installation. Worst case scenario, you have a crack because your home's foundation is damaged. We can inspect the condition of your home to ensure there are no pressing issues before repairing cracks in your drywall, preventing them from spreading and restoring the structural integrity of your walls.
  • Corner Bead Repair. If the corner bead is damaged or dented, our technicians can repair or replace it. We'll create a sharp and polished look for your corners. This common issue often results from improper installation when not enough fasteners are used to support your drywall sheet. As your home shifts, as it naturally does, the bead will not be able to support the sheet, and you will begin to see signs of damage.
  • Water Damage Repair. Drywall is an affordable and easy-to-install walling material, but it isn't very resistant to water. If you have leaking pipes behind your walls or even excess humidity in your home, your drywall can become wet and mushy and will need to be repaired. We'll cut away the affected section and replace it with a fresh patch.
  • Texture Matching. When drywall repair is all said and done, it's important that it matches your existing walls. Our drywall experts can match various textures, such as popcorn, orange peel, or knockdown texture seamlessly. We'll blend the repaired areas with the existing texture.
  • Joint Tape and Mudding. Issues with joint taping in mudding usually result from improper installation not enough of one or the other is used. We provide professional joint taping and mudding services. This is an essential step that strengthens the seams between your drywall sheets.
  • Sanding and Finishing. After we have repaired your drywall, we want it to look as flawless as possible. We also offer sanding and finishing services. This step will make our work look like one smooth surface, leaving it ready for painting or wallpaper.
  • Priming and Painting. Once we've made the repairs, we can also take care of the priming and painting. This is the final step in the repair process that you don't want to skip out on. After we have completed the repair and sanded the surface, we can paint over the section with a matching color of paint to your existing walls. No one will ever be the wiser you had drywall damage.

Whatever type of drywall damage you're dealing with, we can help. With us, you can trust that your drywall repairs and finishing needs will be met with precision and attention to detail. We won't cut any corners.

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Mr. Handyman: Your First-Choice Drywall Repair Company in Savannah

Trusted by Savannah Homeowners, for Good Reason

Our drywall repair experts know that anything worth doing is worth doing right the first time. Our commitment to workmanship, professionalism, and high-quality customer service and our ties to the community of Savannah have earned our drywall repair handymen a reputation for being courteous, amiable, and good at what they do. The positive reviews we've earned across directories and websites are a testament to the quality of our drywall repair, as is our accreditation by the Better Business Bureau.

You don't build a house on a weak foundation, and you don't build a business on empty promises. All of our professional home handymen experts are licensed and insured to perform home drywall repair in the State of Georgia. Your home and its walls are in good hands with us. You can count on it. Other reasons locals love us?

Professional Handymen

From the minute you call our customer service team, you'll notice the difference choosing Mr. Handyman makes. We're professional in all that we do, and that includes answering all of your questions promptly, treating you with respect, and arriving on time and in uniform. We'll always clean up our mess when we're done and are happy to answer any questions about your service along the way.

Convenient One-Call Solution

Home maintenance includes a long list of tasks that need to be completed annually--if not twice per year. When you choose Mr. Handyman, you're getting a fleet of qualified service technicians who are skilled in a wide range of maintenance and improvement tasks. With us, you'll never have to call around to find multiple companies that meet your needs. We aren't just a professional drywall company; we can also remodel your home with bathtub repair and replacement, drywall installationwindow screen repair and replacement, and so much more. One call, and you can consider your to-do list complete.

Guaranteed Workmanship

Having confidence in the company you choose for drywall repair is incredibly important–especially when so much is at stake. The drywall contractor you select for the job should always be experienced, but we know that's not enough. That's why we back every one of our services with a Done Right Promise that guarantees quality workmanship. What's more, your repair will be protected for an entire year from your service date. If, on the off chance, something goes wrong with the work we perform after we've left, don't hesitate to give us a call. We'll come back and make it right at no additional cost.

Fully Licensed and Insured

Confidence in the company you choose for your drywall repair is made possible through expert handymen and guaranteed workmanship, but we know that while these two factors are incredibly important, they don't negate the possibility of accidents altogether. That's why, in addition to these qualities, we're also a fully licensed and insured company. Up to date on all of Georgia's requirements for handyman services, our staff is also backed by worker's compensation insurance.

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FAQs About Drywall Repair in Savannah, GA

How Do I Know If My Drywall Needs To Be Repaired Or Replaced?

You can determine if your drywall needs repair or replacement by examining the extent of the damage. Small holes, cracks, or minor water damage can often be repaired.

However, is your drywall damaged from extensive water leaks, large holes, or severe structural damage? If so, replacing the sheets of drywall will be best for a durable long-term solution.

We’ll take the time to thoroughly examine the issue and offer the best solutions for you.

How Long Does A Typical Drywall Repair Take To Complete?

The duration of a typical drywall repair depends on the size and complexity of the damage. Minor repairs, such as small holes or cracks, can usually be completed within a few hours. Larger repairs may take a few days to ensure proper drying and finishing for a seamless result.

We’ll be up-front with how long we expect your project to take. We’ll also be more than happy to work around your busy schedule.

Is Professional Drywall Repair Worth It?

While it's possible for savvy homeowners to repair their own drywall, we don't often recommend it. Drywall damage can occur from incidents you're aware of, such as accidental impact; however, it can also occur when you have a leak or foundation damage.

One of the most valuable benefits of professional drywall repair comes from our expert inspection. Homeowners may try to patch up damage on their own, and they may do it successfully, but they may be overlooking a more serious problem that needs to be addressed immediately. Choosing a professional for drywall repair ensures that the job is done correctly and that you have total peace of mind over the safety of your home.

How Much Does it Cost to Repair My Drywall?

Every drywall job is different, and drywall repair cost ranges from home to home. Small cracks are much easier to fix than larger sections of water damage and will take less time. It's difficult to provide exact cost estimates for drywall repair without first seeing what we're dealing with. What we can give you now is a guarantee on our workmanship and an accurate drywall repair cost estimate.

The first part of our drywall repair service begins with a thorough inspection in which we will be able to determine the exact issue with your drywall. Because the severity of issues differs from home to home, you may be dealing with a simple crack, but you may also be dealing with a 5-foot crack resulting from foundation damage. One of these issues is much more costly to repair.

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