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We know doors are not always on the top of your mind, but they are a critical component of your household. The doors in your home should function properly and look great. You can trust Mr. Handyman of Huntington and Smithtown to provide professional door installation and repair services. Contact us to get a free estimate on our door installation and repair services.

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Experts in All Types of Doors  

Mr. Handyman of Huntington and Smithtown repairs and replaces all types of doors. Whether you need sliding closet door repairs or a new storm door installation, we are here for you. We can upgrade your existing doors or repair them to look as good as new. We’re committed to ensuring your new doors are more energy efficient and sturdy. Our professional door installers can install or repair any of the following types of doors:  

  • Exterior doors 
  • Interior doors 
  • Closet doors
  • French doors
  • Screen doors
  • Sliding glass doors 
  • Storm doors 
  • Sliding barn doors 
  • Pocket doors 
  • Shed doors 

We Repair Aging Doors 

Your doors face normal wear and tear as they’re opened and closed throughout their lifespan. If you have older doors with a unique look that you don’t want to replace, we offer experienced door repair services. We will help you determine if your aging doors need repair or replacement services. We can install a new door that matches your style. Many homeowners choose new doors for their improved energy efficiency. Some of the most common reasons we repair doors include the following: 

  • Drafts
  • Soft wood
  • Broken door locks
  • Screen door repairs
  • Damaged door jambs 

Signs It’s Time for Door Repairs

Our experts will help you know when it’s time to repair your door. The most common signs you need door repair services include the following:

  • Door scrapes the floor
  • Door has squeaking hinges
  • Door includes holes or deep scratches
  • Door won’t close
  • Door is sticking
  • Door has physical damage to the frame 

Professional Door Repair & Installation Benefits 

It’s important to leave door installation and repair services to our professionals. If you install a door incorrectly, your heating and cooling costs may skyrocket. Poorly installed doors may have improper seals that leak air into your home. Storm doors that are not correctly installed will not be able to offer optimal protection for your home. Our technicians know the correct way to install and repair your doors. We are committed to ensuring your doors make your home look and feel its best.

Door Repair Costs

The cost to repair your door depends on the needed repairs and the type of door. Entry doors usually have more expensive hardware than interior doors, so they are often more expensive to repair. High-end wood and metal doors often cost more to repair due to their structure. Your costs will also depend on if you need frame repair or replacement services. We will always give you a free estimate on our door repairs.

Additional Door Services

  • Door Frames: Whether it was damaged from rot, water, dog bites, or more, our professional carpenters can replace and repair damaged door frames.
  • Door Painting: A fresh coat of paint is a great way to freshen up the doors of your home. Front door painting makes a huge change to your curb appeal without spending a lot or committing to something more permanent.
  • Door Screens: Rips happen, and when they do on a screen door, the door no longer functions the way it should. We replace torn screens so you don’t have to replace the door.
  • Door Hardware: Change the look of your doors with new hardware or install a smart door lock on your entry doors.

Contact Mr. Handyman of Huntington and Smithtown 

 Mr. Handyman of Huntington and Smithtown is a professional handyman company focused on providing an exceptional home improvement customer experience. We are licensed, insured, bonded and we always back our work with a guarantee.

Mr. Handyman of Huntington and Smithtown proudly serves the following towns on Long Island, NY: Bayport, Bay Shore, Bohemia, Brentwood, Brightwaters, Centerport, Cold Spring Harbor, Commack, Dix Hills, East Islip, East Northport, Great River, Greenlawn, Hauppauge, Holbrook, Huntington, Huntington Station, Islandia, Islip, Islip Terrace, Kings Park, Lake Grove, Lloyd Harbor, Melville, Nesconset, Northport, Oakdale, Ronkonkoma, Saint James, Sayville, Smithtown, Stony Brook, West Islip, West Sayville.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Buy a New Front Door?

Depending on your current front door’s condition, we might highly recommend getting a brand-new door. Surprisingly, adding a new door to your home can provide one of the highest returns on investment compared to other renovation projects. Contact our team to discuss your best option.

What Types of Doors Can You Install?

Mr. Handyman of Huntington and Smithtown takes pride in offering our valued customers the ability to install an impressive range of doors, from top-quality sliding patio doors to front entry doors. Our professional services can replace your old doors for new ones that can help with better performance, energy efficiency, and stunning aesthetics. Whether you prefer a modern design or a more traditional look, we can install the perfect door to suit your style and fulfill your specific needs.

Who Will Install My New Doors?

We understand your concerns about contractors outsourcing their services to inexperienced technicians. Our team consists of professionally trained and experienced home improvement employees who handle all our projects.

Do I Need Door Repairs?

Our experienced service professionals will assess your door problem to determine the extent of damage. The most significant signs you may need door repair services include:

  • Squeaking hinges on the doors
  • Door scrapes the floor
  • Door sticks
  • Holes or scratches in the door
  • Door won’t close correctly
  • Physical damage to the door frame

How Long Does It Take To Install a New Door?

The installation time for a new door can vary depending on the type of door and the skill level of the installer. On average, most standard interior and exterior doors can be installed within two to three hours. Specialized doors or projects that require additional framing or modifications may take longer.

Can I Install a New Door Myself?

It is not recommended to install a new door yourself unless you have experience and knowledge in carpentry and door installation. Improper installation can lead to issues, including poor insulation, drafts, and difficulty opening or closing the door.

How Often Should I Replace My Door?

The lifespan of a door can vary depending on the materials used and the level of maintenance. On average, most doors have a lifespan of 20-30 years. If your door is showing signs of damage or aging, including cracks, rotting wood, or difficulty opening or closing, it may be time to consider replacing it.

How Can I Maintain My Doors to Extend Their Lifespan?

Regular maintenance is key to extending the lifespan of your doors. It's crucial to keep your door free of debris, regularly inspect for any damage or wear, and address any issues promptly. It is also important to properly seal and weatherproof your doors to prevent damage from the elements.

How Much Does a New Door Cost?

The cost of installing a door depends on various factors, such as the door type, details of your property, and the necessary steps to ensure a proper installation. Additionally, the price of the door itself is crucial to consider. We take all these factors and more into account to provide you with an accurate estimate for your specific project. We strive to offer competitive prices while ensuring the best service experience for our valued customers.

Do You Offer Estimates?

We go beyond a generic overview of costs for our services. We provide precise estimates that are customized to your project's specific details. Before your scheduled appointment, we will collect information about your handyman requirements and utilize the specifics of your property, new doors, and preferences to create an estimate that perfectly aligns with your unique project.

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