Your One-Call Solution for Drywall Repair in Charleston, WV

Your One-Call Solution for Drywall Repair in Charleston, WV

You probably don't give too much thought to your home's drywall. So long as it's in decent shape, that's all that matters. But if you start noticing holes or cracks, that's all you can think about. When you start noticing problems with your drywall, it's time to call in an expert to tackle your drywall repair in Charleston, WV.

If you're looking for a reliable and reputable Charleston handyman to repair your drywall, look no further than Mr. Handyman of Kanawha Valley. We're your one-call stop for all your Charleston drywall repair needs. Whether you need some holes patched or help with a much larger project, give us a call.

All of our handyman repair services are backed with a 1 year warranty for your continued peace of mind. Whether you need help with a drywall installation project or with a drywall repair project, we can help. With us, there's nothing to worry about from start to finish.

To book a service appointment with us today, call or schedule an appointment online with us today! We look forward to serving you!

Our Experienced Charleston Drywall Repair Services

While there's no doubt that drywall damage is ugly, it can also cause or be a sign of more serious problems. You might notice your energy bills skyrocketing or poor sound separation between the rooms of your home. In the worst-case scenario, flames can spread rapidly in the chance of a house fire. This is why it's vital to get the damage taken care of quickly with one of Charleston's most reputable drywall companies.

Many factors can affect the condition of your drywall. Here at Mr. Handyman, our drywall installers can tackle repairs or installations. Whatever your needs might be, our ace handyman services are ready to tackle them head-on, guaranteeing flawless, seamless results.

Common drywall damage we repair:

  • Holes: Whether the holes are big or small, we can fix them as though they were never there to begin with. We only use high-quality materials and the proper techniques to ensure a durable finish.
  • Cracks: Repairing cracks helps maintain the structural integrity of your walls, and prevents them from spreading. Here at Mr. Handyman, we carefully and meticulously repair drywall cracks for a seamless finish.
  • Water Damage: Noticing yellow-brown stains on your walls or ceilings? That's likely caused by water damage. The first step is ensuring that the leak is fixed before the drywall is repaired. Once the leak has been handled, drywall removal can begin, and we'll patch up the holes seamlessly.
  • Nail Pops or Loose Joint Tape: Such unsightly problems are generally caused by your home shifting or settling or by an improper installation. One of our popular services is repairing these unsightly issues.

Although drywall repair might seem simple on the surface, it's actually a lot more complicated to get right. After all, you want to have a completely invisible repair once the job is done, meaning that finishing is actually the most challenging step. With our ace handyman services, you can trust that we'll take care of every step - from start to finish.

Our drywall services include:

  • Patching: For small holes (less than 4" in diameter), the best solution is generally a mesh patch that's then covered in a joint compound. For larger holes, the damaged drywall might need to be removed first, and a new piece fitted to the gap.
  • Panel Installation: Occasionally, one or multiple panels are so damaged that the repairs involve removing the affected panels and replacing them. We're able to handle the drywall install needed to solve such problems.
  • Joint Taping and Mudding: Here at Mr. Handyman, our popular services include joint taping and mudding. These are finishing processes that ensure your drywall remains durable and that the seams remain strong.
  • Painting: Given that your wall and the joint compound are unlikely to be the same color, it's vital that a new coat of paint be applied. It's also crucial that the fresh coat blends seamlessly with the existing color for an invisible result.
  • Texture Matching: Our expert professionals can match your new drywall to various textures, ensuring that the repair blends in seamlessly. Whether it's popcorn, orange peel, or knockdown, we have the knowledge and skills to recreate it.

Whatever drywall repair project you need tackled, our drywall contractors are here to help. Whether you need ceiling repair services or need a wall repaired, Mr. Handyman's skilled professionals are here to deliver, all with excellent customer service.

Schedule your service online today or give us a call to get booked. For your added peace of mind, all of our services come backed by our Neighborly Done Right Promise.

Choose Mr. Handyman for Reliable Drywall Services

When it comes to repairing your drywall, it's not just about fixing the walls. It's about fixing your home; the place where you feel safest and where all your dearest memories take place. Regardless of what you might need - be it installation or repair - our combined experience makes it so that you'll get a seamless result. Allowing you to get back to living your life worry-free.

Why trust us:

  • We offer a 1-year warranty.
  • We're backed by a great reputation.
  • Our technicians are reliable, friendly professionals.
  • We'll ensure everything is cleaned up before we leave.

Here at Mr. Handyman, we tackle more than just drywall repair. We also offer wall and ceiling repair, alongside a variety of other handyman services, including fence repair, deck repair, window replacement, trim installation, aging in place modifications, and so much more.

As professionals, we take pride in not only delivering outstanding workmanship, but doing so alongside superior customer service. We'll always go the extra mile. That's why you can always rely on us to show up on time, get the work done right and efficiently, and clean up before we leave.

FAQs About Drywall Repair in Charleston, WV

Is drywall repair worth it?

Absolutely! While some people will just try to cover up the damage with furniture or pictures, the problem of what caused them isn't really solved. There's good reason why you should get reliable services in to repair any visible drywall damage - and not just for appearance’s sake.

You and your household can benefit greatly from a more comfortable, more attractive home, all while preventing unpleasant or dangerous situations. Here are just a few advantages to repairing drywall in a timely manner from a professional service provider:

  • Reduced Energy Costs: Holes and cracks let the heat or cold air get inside your walls, drastically increasing the air volume that your HVAC system needs to cover. What this means is that your HVAC system needs to operate longer and more frequently, meaning you're going to be paying more on your energy bills. Getting your drywall repaired improves your home's energy efficiency, saving you money in the long run.
  • Improved Sound Separation: While sheetrock is not completely soundproof, it can help muffle noise in other rooms. However, if the sheetrock gets damaged, that muffling effect is reduced - meaning that you can hear everything in the home. By having professional drywall contractors in to seal up any cracks or holes, you get back that sound separation. Letting you enjoy peace and quiet once more.
  • Prevents the Spread of Fire: While not completely fireproof, drywall generally contains additives that make it fire retardant. If it's in good shape, it can stop a fire from spreading rapidly from one room to another, giving you extra time to avoid severe damage or injury.
  • Fewer Pest Infestations: Insects and rodents are opportunistic, always looking for holes they can live in rather than creating their own. Holes in your walls or ceilings are an opportunity for them to get inside the structure of your home. Drywall repair helps prevent them from that, discouraging infestations and keeping them from making their home in your insulation.
  • Uncovers the Source of Damage: If you're not sure what's causing the drywall damage - or you've got a water stain - then there's likely a problem behind it. Whether it's a leaky roof or something major, by opening the wall, your service professional can diagnose the problem before it becomes much worse.

Should I replace my drywall entirely or just have it repaired?

Although there are many cases where it's more cost-effective to replace than repair, drywall isn't one of those cases. For drywall, repair is the better choice as the process of repair and installation are similar - a large repair is much like a miniature drywall installation.

Additionally, drywall damage tends to be localized, affecting one or two panels at most. It makes much more sense from a cost perspective to have repairs done rather than replacing an entire wall.

There are few situations where an entire room, or even a house, of drywall needs to be replaced. Typically, these are only in cases of fire and flooding or another disaster of that nature. In those cases, you'll be replacing a lot more than just the drywall.

Can I DIY my drywall repair?

For those with drywall experience, then DIY repair is the way to go. But if you're asking that question, then chances are you don't have the necessary experience. If you don't know the first thing about sheetrock, then you would be better served calling in ace handyman services to tackle the job.

Drywall repair can be, in truth, very difficult and time-consuming and requires a lot more skill than people might think. That's why we're often called in to finish half-finished projects, as homeowners frequently realize they're in over their head or just don't have the time to finish.

Some common issues that you might run into while trying to DIY your drywall repair include:

  • The hole is much bigger than when they started.
  • The drywall patches or the joint tape shows through the paint.
  • Electrical wires were damaged when cutting out the damaged drywall.
  • There are visible seams and cracks from an improper installation.
  • The ceiling sags because the wrong material was used.

Our team of drywall repair experts has the experience needed to properly repair walls and ceilings the first time. With our ace handyman services, you know that you'll get a perfectly even, invisible finish. Save yourself time, stress, and hassle by calling Mr. Handyman to handle your repair project from the start.

Do you handle commercial drywall repair?

Our services aren't limited to residential homeowners! Business owners also need trustworthy, effective handyman services - like drywall repair - to maintain their commercial properties. Appearances matter in a business setting, and that's why you need seamless, invisible repairs from reliable drywall repair contractors.

With our commercial services, you can rest assured knowing that our team of experts will deliver efficient drywall repair services, leaving your property looking brand new. In addition to drywall repair, business owners can rely on us at Mr. Handyman to deliver a wide range of other commercial property services, including tile repair, furniture assembly, and so much more!

Need Drywall Repair in Charleston, WV? Call the Experts at Mr. Handyman!

If you've noticed water damage or holes and cracks, the reliable experts at Mr. Handyman are here to help! With our expert knowledge and years of experience, we can get your drywall back to looking its best. As one of our more popular services, drywall installation and repair is something we do best! Don't just take our word for it, we have verified online ratings and reviews to back it up.

Contact our customer care team today to book your service appointment at a convenient time that works for you! Our drywall projects will help you better manage your energy charges! 

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