8 Warning Signs You Can't Go Another Season Without Deck Repair

Is there anything better than a summer barbecue out on the deck? Socializing with friends and family over the grill, watching kids and dogs rocket around the backyard, and just soaking up the sunshine are activities we look forward to year-round.

But when your deck is on its last legs (or posts) and desperately in need of repair, it can really bring all that warm weather fun grinding to a halt. Problems such as loose handrails and rotting boards aren't just cosmetic issues, they're dangerous hazards for your guests to navigate around.

Wondering if you can last another season without deck repair? This guide will cover eight warning signs that your deck or porch needs attention from Mr. Handyman of Keller, Flower Mound, and Alliance. Our deck repair professionals have extensive, hands-on experience with a wide range of repair solutions that will keep your deck safe and sound season after season.

1. Weathered, Gray, & Splintered Wood

Do you avoid walking on your deck in bare feet? If you're worried about getting a splinter from weathered, gray boards, that's a big warning sign that your structure is deteriorating and is vulnerable to further damage. It's exposed to the elements and wood rot will set in if it's not refinished and protected. Mr. Handyman can sand the boards down to a smooth surface, then reapply paint or wood stain and top it off with a coat of sealer. Not only will it be safe from moisture damage with a water repellent finish, you'll be surprised by how great it looks—and your neighbors will think you had a brand-new deck put in!

2. Rotten Timber

While lumber is an excellent building material—it's beautiful, strong, durable, and easy to work with—it does have one weakness. Wood decks are particularly susceptible to a range of moisture damage issues, especially wood rot, a form of decay caused by wood-eating fungi that require the timber to have a high moisture content in order to begin growing. Wood rot causes timber to soften and discolor, and eventually crumble apart. If you've found patches of rot on your wooden surfaces, your repair professional can remove those boards and replace them with rot-resistant, pressure-treated lumber.

3. Grimy or Slippery Surfaces

If your deck is caked with a crust of dirt and grime, or slick from layers of algae and moss growth, then you have a perfect receipt for a nasty fall waiting to happen. But it's also a problem for your decking materials, which can be damaged by a build-up of dirt or slippery substances that cause erosion issues. Pressure washing services from Mr. Handyman will get it spotlessly clean, blasting away grime and harmful bacteria quickly and efficiently.

4. Peeling Paint or Stain

Speaking of pressure washers, did you know that they're not just for cleaning? Pressure washing is the best way to prime surfaces for refinishing, because it can strip away loose, peeling paint or wood stain far faster and easier than sanding ever could, leaving behind a clean, smooth surface to work with. Your handyman can then apply a fresh coat of paint or wood stain and cover the entire deck with sealant that will prevent water damage and protect the timber from the ravages of wear and tear.

5. Wobbly Railings

Grab a hold of your railings and give them a firm shake. They shouldn't move at all, but if they do, that's another warning sign that you're in need of repair services. Handrails are often the only thing standing between us and a serious fall, but even if your porch is low to the ground, a loose railing can still cause injury if someone leans against it and it can't support their weight. Depending on the cause of the problem, we can re-secure the railing's attachment or, in the case of weakening due to wood rot, replace it entirely.

6. Crumbling Stairs

Stairs take a lot of abuse and normal wear and tear over time. Tripping and taking a tumble down the stairs is easy enough as it is, you don't need the added hazard of stairs that are falling apart. If they dip, creak, or groan when you step on them, or there are signs of rot and popping nails, they should be replaced with a new, safe structure so you can travel between the deck and the yard without concern.

7. Insect Infestations

Anyone who has dealt with carpenter ant or termite damage before knows how much destruction those little invaders are capable of. If you've found signs of their dirty work on your porch or other surfaces, the wood they've destroyed will need replacement and the surrounding area should be treated to prevent them from moving right back in after repairs are done.

8. Water Pooling Around Footings

When performing your annual maintenance schedule and checking your deck around for signs of trouble, don't forget to check hard-to-reach areas such as the underside for damage as well. Landscaping changes or just shifting soil over time can create grading and drainage issues that causes water to pool around concrete footings or erode soil away and expose deck posts, compromising the stability of the entire structure. If that's the case, you'll need the ground to be properly graded so water can drain safely away from the deck or porch.

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