Keller Wood Rot Repair Services

Being a natural wood lover in a climate that is muggy can be fairly difficult for homeowners in Keller TX. While you take good care of your home’s interior, there are various other maintenance tasks on your to-do list that you have to add, and that includes repairs for wooden materials located both indoor and outdoor. Keller’s humidity levels vary between 45 and 78%, which means that you probably run a dehumidifier at home to assist your air conditioning, but even that might not be enough to save you from wood rot.

Wooden siding on a home that has deteriorated and is in need of repairs for wood rot in Keller, TX.

While all that is for your personal comfort, it’s important to note that your home’s materials are also suffering from excess moisture in the air. High moisture content doesn’t only impact wood surfaces, but it can also seep through cracks in timber and create structural damage by enabling wood rot. Treatments and repairs for those problems are available from your expert Keller handyman at Mr. Handyman of Keller, Roanoke and Alliance.

Our team of professionals has fixed rotted wood throughout the Keller area and nearby communities, helping residential and commercial property owners detect warning signs early. This way, they can promptly repair affected areas and save the entire structure rather than having you replace it. While it’s not easy to tell when you need wood rot repair or how severe existing damage is, our skilled team of professionals is happy to guide you through the warning signs and how we would go about repairing and treating them.

Wood Rot Explained

Wood rot is a more specific term for wood decay that can happen anywhere to any property owner. You will also find decaying timber in the forest where it’s seen as a part of the cycle of nature that is crucial to the habitat of wildlife. Decay has a recycling effect in nature as it enables the growth of different types of mushrooms. The timber’s leftover nutrients will filter into the soil and create more life that way.

Unfortunately, this is not how things work at home. If you have any form of dry rot, it needs immediate attention. Fungal growth signals dying organic matter and is not meant to happen in your attic, basement, or deck.

It doesn’t need much to develop; only a minimum of 20% moisture combined with an appropriate level of oxygen and temperature will suffice. Though the existing moisture level needs to be present for a decent amount of time to begin weakening the interior structure. Once it has passed the first stage, it will continue to spread by consuming the timber at the core. If any exterior wood structures are taking too long to dry, they may have internal water damage. Your Keller wood rot repair expert recommends a detailed inspection, as there is still a way to treat the damage.

Before we dive into the warning signs that you need wood rot repair, there are different types of fungi to take note of:

Dry Rot

Often referred to as brown rot, the dry rot fungus is probably the most damaging of all as it breaks down the cellulose and triggers shrinking. It can wreak severe havoc on your property or wooden structures like decks and ceiling beams. Once there, it will develop and spread rapidly from one area to another. It’s hard to detect because most of the time the surface area will look dry, and you won’t notice the damage until later.

Dry rot warning signs include:

  • Cracks breaking the surface
  • Velvety texture
  • Darkening colors
  • Shrinkage
  • Musty odors
  • Fruiting bodies of fungi
  • Wood is brittle and crumbles

White Rot

Like other types of wood rot, this one has distinct characteristics. Surfaces are marked with white spots and a spongy texture because the fungus consumes the lignin, leaving behind a white or yellow stain. It’s also a kind of rot that affects some bulb vegetables like onions and garlic. We do not recommend storing them near wooden materials.

Soft Rot

Also known as wet rot, it begins with weakening the cellulose before it moves on to the lignin. Although it may strike you as strange, soft rot is actually the least common out of the three and also the least aggressive type as it does not spread. It will still decrease structural integrity unless you call your Keller handyman in time for wood rot treatment. Often, using a fungicide and allowing the affected area to dry will fix the problem.

Areas in Your Home That Are At Risk for Wood Rot in Keller, TX

Though many homeowners may not have opted for natural wood for certain structures like floors or decks, engineered or pressure-treated wood is just as prone to fungal decay if they don’t receive the necessary maintenance. However, they are not the only structures at risk.

Trim Work

Both your interior and exterior trim is at risk, especially window and door frames. Whether it’s from regularly opening and closing, that trim will weaken and deteriorate over time. Air leaks usually signal a lack of insulation, and they are known to decrease your HVAC’s performance. Your wood rot repair technician recommends inspecting your trim work for cracks and treating it with wood filler, followed by sanding and sealing.

Exterior trim includes your soffits, fascia, and house corner boards, which are all susceptible to weather damage.


Even your favorite outdoor space can fall victim to wood rot in Keller. The repair technicians at Mr. Handyman have completed multiple deck installations and always make sure that clients are aware of the maintenance requirements. Sealants wear off over time, especially during severe weather conditions. Rotten wood boards or damaged stairs are some common issues that appear as a result. It’s important to set reminders for deck sealing every year or two, along with all the other regular work that must be completed for decks, from pressure washing to deck repairs. Also check posts, railings, and stairs for potential damage.


Cedar fences are the popular choice for real wood because it’s naturally moisture-resistant, but despite this positive trait, it’s still prone to decay when installed on unsteady soil. Most of Texas’s clay soil does not always drain well and highly affects many fence systems. Soil damage like erosion can lead to wood rot. Repairs will depend on how fast your soil recovers its equilibrium.


Your attic is an important part of your home if you have sufficient insulation, a healthy roof, and an intact exterior drainage system. Your rain gutters are attached to your fascia boards at the roofline and are designed to redirect rainwater away from your property. If your gutters were ever clogged, water would leak and spill onto your roof and cause foundational damage. At the same time, your soffits, which are responsible for reducing moisture in your attic, will be compromised. While your insulation will do its best in reducing moisture, your existing passive vents might not be sufficient in venting out excessive moisture (unless you have attic fans).

If your attic has no sufficient air flow, you’ll get damp timber if your wall studs and interior wood rafters are exposed to the source of moisture. Musty smells could indicate moisture buildup but also the growth of wood rot. Repair professionals in Keller recommend regular gutter cleaning at least twice a year to prevent potential damage to your roof and foundation.

Wood Siding

Using timber for siding has become less popular these days because of the high level of maintenance it requires to stay in shape. Weather damage to wood siding is common, whether it’s the humidity or other factors. Having wood siding in Texas may require you to keep up with sanding and painting on an annual basis. The key to efficient Keller wood rot repair is not to wait too long between your first and second coat of paint. Keller homeowners who don’t mind maintaining their timber yearly will likely be protected from extensive damage, and wood rot repair won’t be a big deal.


Water goes by the law of gravity and, therefore, basements are most susceptible to floods and water damage. If you have a home with basements, consider waterproofing it to minimize your risks of moisture damage.

Other Areas Include:

  • Crawl spaces
  • Underneath sinks
  • Utility rooms
  • Crown molding
  • Subfloors
  • Ceiling joists

Signs You Need Keller Wood Rot Repair Services

Wood rot treatments are a type of repair method that allows your Keller handyman to treat smaller, affected areas. Even if telltale signs aren’t always obvious, it helps to remain skeptical of your materials and not underestimate the moisture levels inside and outside your home.

  • Discoloration on wood
  • Wood door is warping
  • Timber is taking longer to dry
  • Squeaky stairs
  • Warping floors
  • Lumber appears dry or powdery
  • Stringy, white surface
  • Spongy texture
  • Musty odors
  • Peeling paint
  • Fruiting bodies that feel like mushrooms

Keller Wood Rot Repair FAQs

What Is The Screwdriver Test?

This test involves using a pointed tool to press into timber to check if you’re affected by rot. If the tip enters the structure without resistance, you’ll need Keller wood rot repair. Generally, you can use any pointed tool to conduct the test, but a screwdriver is a common choice.

What Are the Wood Rot Treatment Methods?

It will depend on the type of rot we deal with and how far the fungus has spread. The treatment methods are repair solutions that involve boric acid and fungicide. Our Keller wood rot repair professionals will remove any affected areas effectively before they use one of several types of wood hardener to restore your wood’s original durability.

How Do I Avoid Wood Rot in Keller TX?

The best way to maintain your timber’s integrity and restore your curb appeal is to protect it from the elements and always ensure the surface space is clean before you commence with any treatments.

  • Pressure Washing: Your local Keller wood rot repair technician’s ultimate tip is to pressure wash your exterior materials. Algae, mildew, and other pollutants that stick to timber can be harmful and wear out the sealant or paint. Pressure washing is the best way to clean the surface area for work preparation and stop microbes from settling.
  • Gutter Cleaning: Ensuring your exterior drainage is effectively removing stormwater from your property is crucial if you want to protect your roof, foundation, and timber. Exterior materials are designed to handle the elements but not without maintenance. Routine gutter cleaning in the spring and fall from your Keller handyman includes a valuable inspection service, during which we’ll check your gutters and downspouts for efficiency.
  • Ventilation Systems: Your bathroom and kitchen have vents that help remove steam, whereas your roof is equipped with a ridge vent, gable vents, and hood vents which are known to be passive vents that are part of your home. Consider installing an attic fan for active ventilation. Not only can you control the temperature and humidity levels in your attic, but an attic fan will work in conjunction with your insulation and keep your wall studs, rafters, and beams dry.
  • Alternative Materials: Maintenance is not everybody’s friend. Luckily, there are alternatives that allow us to combine natural materials with synthetics. For instance, use composite for deck building, or aluminum for exterior trim. Remember that every piece of wood you install in your home is at risk unless you remember to treat it accordingly.
  • Call Mr. Handyman: Not only are we your Keller wood rot repair specialists, but we are your local pros for preventative maintenance, which means that we care about detecting underlying issues before they spiral out of control. We believe that early inspection and minor repairs are key to maintaining healthy structures.

Do You Need Keller Wood Rot Repair Services?

The window of a home in Keller, TX with a rotted frame before and after the rot has been repaired by Mr. Handyman.

Help us help you maintain your home with the necessary maintenance and repairs. Mr. Handyman is proud to be a locally owned business that brings the required knowledge and expertise to provide important preliminary diagnostics that quickly identify underlying issues. Whether you’re in Keller or nearby communities, including Roanoke and Haslet, trust our team of experts for excellent handyman services.

Give us a call today and learn more about our Keller wood rot repairs or other handyman services, such as siding repair or kitchen remodels.

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